Need Sagg advice please!!

  • Can someone tell me why the run hot then are aloof? I thought air and fire was great?!?!

  • Well anybody know anything about saggs? LOL

  • May be putting my hoof in it but it probably relates to a perceived loss of freedom on your Sagi's part . Any stifling of the fire will do it. You may be a Libra but do you have water in your chart? The attraction was probably immediate and fanned by Libra's air but maybe your water energy put out the fire? Clinging is a no-no. Intensity can sometimes be off-putting. Frank Sinatra was a Sag and his song, "Nice and Easy Does It" relates to that. Someone well-versed in Astrology and given both your birth dates could help you out, I'm sure. Anybody?

  • yes scorp in venus mars and uranus what should i do? .....told him a week ago that i can see this could get serious and asked him if he wanted to call it off or see where it goes ....after what looked like trying to read what i wanted, he said call it off then changed his mind quickly.....

  • I am a scorpio woman who has been seeing a sagg for nearly 4 yrs in a long distance relationship and its' not so much that they loose inspiration or (fire). In fact they have so much of it that they just get tired sometimes and mellow out which looks like they have lost interest but not so! Sagg men are absolutley totallly consumed by their interest in things that they are restless and busy with all of it most of the time! This is what makes them tick and I have learned to aprreciate that instead of feeling disheartened and he has warmed up to me with that approach to this situation instead of attitudes, resentments and hard feelings which was our first year to get to know one another. They are keen to resentment if we cling too much to their time! It has been hard and slow for me to get this with him but it has worked great now! He actually will miss me if I get too busy for very long now!

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