• Chansey, this has good prospects for the long term. This relationship can flourish in the areas of marriage or work. Its keynote is the search for opportunity and growth, and then the use of them in the most enterprising way. As a unit, you two can prove successful in any area that interests you. Together you are faithful and hard-working, and your relationship avoids failure. But there is a downside to this, since an unwillingness to admit defeat can make an enterprise go on longer than it sometimes should.

    You two are a match for each other in strength of character. You are both measured individuals who can go far in establishing successful endeavours. Ego conflicts can be expected to arise in a love affair and romance, but the security of marriage can be extremely stablising for you both. Each partner has the ability to stick with it in difficult times, and the relationship itself provides enough variety, and enough concern for family, to make it all worthwhile. You will make reassuring parents for your children who will feel protected and cared for.

    ADVICE: Rivalry is counterproductive so line up on the same side. Follow your dreams and pursue a search for excellence. Give up on unworkable tasks

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