Love and heartbreak?

  • i am a leo 46 and am involved with a taures 66. We just got back from his home in montserrat with a live volcano bye the way! He treats me like a queen and we have been together for only 7 months and are talking about marriage. I was married for 22 years, been divorced for 8. I was a nurse and x-ray tech for ten years. I have three beautiful children, 2 just graduated from college, the last graduates from private school in may. I have had no luck with men since my divorce. All of them have physically abused me and i am so afraid to take the chance again. I know he would never hurt me yet we don't live together except when we where in the brittish west indies. I currently live with a man that I have been taking care of since his wife passed away 3 years ago. He is 73 and is in love with me although we don't sleep together, he is also an alcoholic but takes care of me also as I retired 2 years ago. What to do?

  • Sounds like you love the Taurus and just feel sorry for the alcoholic.

  • hey captain, you did a reading for me once before but i cant find it now. it was incredibilly accurate except that i felt you were describing me slightly in his analysis, especially the stuff about being an empath. please can you give me some advice!

    anyway now, he and I are not really tallking... again, should i just leave our past behind and never talk to him again? there is just this massive communication breakdown between us because all he has ever done is... let me down... yet, it feels so unfinished. i allow him into my life over and over where-as if it was anyone else i would forget about them in an instant.

    the details are

    me: 2nd april 1981, 11:23am glasgow, uk

    his: 27th june 1979, belfast, uk

    thanks for all your help.

  • oh thanks, couldn't see it anywhere! what are your gut feelings about me trying to forget about him for good? i no-longer trust my own judgement when it comes to him, i just feel lost,

    the career advice helped alot by the way, made me feel like i just need to keep working harder to get where i wana go.

    : )

  • My gut feeling is that this is not your soulmate, Irishgirl. That person I feel is an older man whom you will meet while just out walking. You will bump into him and feel as if you and he already know each other.

  • hi captain, thanks for replying! there is a libra guy i like but he is younger than me and doesnt seem interested anymore and it's making me even more insecure.

    my ex is still driving me mad, i find it hard to stop thinking about our past. also i never walk anywhere lol, as i have one of those familuar faces and people often think i look like someone they know and i get so embarrassed by things like that in public, even my mum does it to me saying u look exactly like her, but i can never see it myself.

    do you think i might find my soulmate soon or will it be a while?

    thanks again

  • So you are going to let your fear of what other people do or say stop you from meeting your soulmate? Then it's going to be a long while beofre you meet him.

  • hello, The Captain!

    when do you think i'll meet my soulmate? i taroted and over and overit told me that in the future, i'll meet this AMAZING, just absolutely fantastic person that is perfect for me. how long do you think i have until i meet this special someone?

    thank you so very much!! 🙂


    by the way, i was born april 3rd, 1996, artesia, CA, 92591. 😄

    [if that helps]

  • why will it be a long while before i meet him? i have always felt shy when people mistake me for someone else as it's embarrassing. i dont feel that i'm afraid of what other people say or do, more a fear of how i come across, as i dont have alot of confidence. no one can feel super confident all the time! especially not when u heart has been broken.

  • hit that nail on the head! thanks for the reality check!

  • Can everyone please start your own thread if you want a reading as the messages may get mixed up in this thread?

  • so what do you think the outcome will be? He is a VERY strong man but would never hurt me physically, But he is the one in controll, and always caters to me. Very much the gentleman, Always watches over me and truly loves me . Yet we just came back from montserrat had the time of my life! I am just afraid to get heart broke once again. We are going back in about amonth or so for another 10 day's. I can't stand my life being where I am! I only know his phone # not even an address as he rented out his house for the season. States he is only still here because of me!! Do I take my chances and go for it? The only thing I have to loose is my heart once again. Can't take much more of that!

  • Do you need to know the outcome? It almost sounds like you are already planning your escape route should things turn bad. Like you are expecting it to go bad. Why don't you just lose all negative expectations and enjoy the relationship for what it is and forever how long it lasts? Quality is always better than quantity. The real reason people get hurt in love is because they put certain expectations on the other person instead of just relaxing and having fun.

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