Explanation Please about moon,sun and Rising Sun signs

  • Can anyone please explain these to me. I have started trying to research all this on myself and this is what mine are I think...

    Sun Sign-Libra

    Moon Sign-Pisces

    Rising sun- Capricorn

    DOB is October 22, 1969.

    Would like some help to understand exactly what all this means. Had a summary of birth chart also and really don't understand it either..What does all of it mean? Some help would be appreciated. Thanks to anyone and everyone

  • im trying to understand it too but i will give it my best shop to help u understand 🙂

    your moon sign represents your personality you maybe a sensative compassionate libra

    your rising sign is how the world see's you, what people see when you walk into a roon for example

    and sun sign well thats just you

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