Advice with us leos

  • well, first i'd just like to thank u for spending time to read this it might be dumb idk.. ok but here it goes. well im a leo born on 8-15-1987, and i feel that these last couple of years have introduced major changes in everything in my life. its like i relived through like a past life or something weird like, sometimes i have deja vu. in about three years my life has completely transformed. but i feel that there is something else going on because i think its only effecting those born under the LEO horoscope, because i sometimes feel like this is going towards my destiny, but idk for sure yet. i feel lost because i pray, and i still feel stuck though in ife, with everything from relationships to career, to home life. is it just me or is all leos? can someone just shine some light on what is going on with us leos? and what the future has in store for us because the last three years was really something else for me.sorry if its long but i had to get this out of my mind. any body out there understand whats goin on?

  • Hi LeoCancer,

    I sure don't have any answers, but I too am a Leo... (Sun, Moon, and Rising oh..and and I can absolutely relate to what you are saying. The last three or four years have been very turbulent, filled with upheaval, and even some trauma. I'm inclined to think it is "just me".. or brought about by the choices I've made, but maybe you're on to something! This is an interesting topic to explore and it would be great if some others had something to add, too! I hope things look up for you 🙂


  • I am a leo too! Born on the 10th, What you are feeling is your destiny and spirituality, I am 46 and just have had the awakening that GOD gave to us! The only advice I can give you is to listen to your soul and heart. As you know we are the kings or queens of the zodiac!!! We are all here for a purpose but you have to find your self serenity to truly achive what you were put on earth for!! Once you do some soul searching and get in touch with YOU only then will the answers come to you!! We are very strong and gifted people and we have a mission in life, as does everyone but we are stronger. Don't fight it , just feel it!!

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