Captains advice for Wenchie's muck!

  • Wenchie, often just acknowledging a fear or old hurt and bringing it out into the open by talking about it can be the breakthrough to healing. Too often people think they just have to bear their pain but releasing an old wound or secret drains it of its power.

  • So by saying it out aloud and acknowledging it, but also telling myself that I no longer think that way will help me get past it?

    Thanks so much Captain.

    And that will help me open up and be more connected to the guides and angels and my higher self?

  • Hi Wenchie i hope your having a good day i would explain some more but i am haveing to deal with my own beliefs tonight i have never dealt with anyone so cold calcuelated and vindictive in my life as what i am haveing to except today from the women i loved so much and belived in and really beleved that God brought us togather and after today i have had to except i was wrong for 9 years i fought for what i beleaved was right and to find out how this women really is its like i never knew who i was married to for 21 years i feel so stuped i guess i have been living in fear and fear of faceing the truth because i would of had to make a decision and one i did not want to make i say this reluctantaly i feel like a 6 year old child that his mother takes him into the woods to the most scarest place and tells him she dont want him any more and she hates him and leaves him there right now i do not feel good about my self right now i have been living in fear and makeing decisions on even giving advice to people on and i do not know sh its a rude awakeining i wil try to contact you tomorrow.DC

  • Delbert, I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. I can feel your pain and confusion from your post. It's never easy to lose someone you love I know and keeping faith that it's all for a good reason, a higher purpose and better things coming along can be hard, but we have to trust don't we?

    Did you see what The Captain wrote for you on the previous page??? I have pasted it below for you. Seems like it is the cycle of the moment, hang in there Delbert, it will get better. Maybe all this stuff is happening so we can align with where and who we need to be with for the "next phase" in 2012. It feels like there is a whole lot of stuff happening which is happening for a reason for us to be ready for that time. And don't let someone else's opinions define you ok. Talk to you tomorrow. 🙂

    ******* Delbertc, don't worry about the people who are being taken from your life at the moment - this is happening all over the world. The 'wrong' people are leaving our lives to make room for the 'right' people to come in. Bless those who are leaving for what they taught you and feel excited about the new folk coming in. The door of opportunity is a swing door - nothing ever goes out without something better and more suitable for the new person you are coming back in to replace it. ********

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