• Lua - I'm here, but I am unbelievably busy at work...we have a huge thing coming up and we're all getting prepared. I barely had time to post but I thought about you and your situation on the way to work so I'm replying. you just need to relax. He's just trying to get his bearings straight. I know you're freaking out but this isn't good because he'll know you are and back up even more. look at my situation. I freaked out and he walked away from me. PLEASE calm down and BREATH! I will reply more later....hearts

  • Lua>> dont make fast decisions. dont know otherwise what to say. it looks c*rappy like now. i mean this what he did was not nice at all. and not even explaining why... im sorry.

    but still dont draw conclusions too fast. you are in a bad mood for days, dont let it overshadow your judgement.

    wait what Kel has to tell...

  • I mean I originally planned this trip so I can see him, and he knew I wanted to see him, then he doesn't even tell me he going there?

  • Lua>> i know you are upset and you are right for being upset. but we always say we shouldnt let anyone influence our mood that much.

    i read this morning all what you wrote about your earlier life and how you were similar to me. and that i should have positive thoughts. and i know now you ask.. how can you have posititve thoughts with him pulling this act... but still... you can get upset, but cant let yourself get ruined...

    i really have no idea at all why he did this thing now to you... im telling lets see what Kel says, if he has any guesses, and some suggestion how to react/act on it...

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  • hey Kel! getting better today? how do you feel with sickness?

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  • good Kel, im really happy you are better and with the day off... perfect day! enjoy it!!!! 🙂

  • Lua- Where is everyone? I really need to talk to someone. Why did he do this to me?

    Lua, I am sorry, when I posted I didnt read above. I apologze. I think kel is right. I think you need to speak with him on the phone and get some answers.

    Please dont be mad at what I am about to type as I may be very wrong. It's just in the list I gave SV a while back.... he seems to be doing some of the things. I forgot what page it's on.

    If he is anything like me.... You wont get him on the phone. I kinda dont like how this is going.

    If I wanted to detach from somebody I would avoid "the talk" as much as possible. I would leave messages when I know their not home, I would make plans I dont keep, I would make them want to leave me. I would not want to be the bad one.

    I dont know ask kel, but I prefer when a relationship kinda fades away rather than an actual "end" if you know what I mean. MY Cancer friend is the exact same way. WE BOTH AGREE WE HATE THE BREAKING UP. We both avoid it like the plague.

    I think the last thing with HK airlines might have been a bigger blow than you thought. See, to me, Cancers, especially male ones, from what I can tell need the whole "feeling wanted/needed/important/somebody is there" thing. Not to say that you wernt.... I am not saying that... I just mean a long distance relationship with all signes... I would think Cancer woud be one of the most difficult.

    Me? I could never do it. I crave my man too much. I dont mean crave like for $e%... I mean crave like for love, compaionship, touches, a life in a sense.

    Kel? Do you understand what I am trying to say? If you do can you help me explain it? I dont think he was trying to hurt her with the manila trip... I think he was trying to "prepare" her to get used to not being with him.... or maybe trying to make it known "he's not happy" without actually doing it.

    I dont know. Kel?

  • Oh, but lua he could also be trying to figure out how you feel about him. Maybe he wants more and does not know how to ask you for it. Cancers are tough because we do everything from side to side... never straight forward...

    We drive people nuts.

    Kel, OMG! I have to comment on your scorp brb.

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  • This is annoying.... my post never popped up! Can we do ASCLAC part 2???

    Kel- OMG! when you said "it's a date you cant come" I amlost fell off my chair!!!!!!! Oh, no.

    Oh and the x-box? you are right on point. Thats like when a man buys you a lace teddy for your birthday.... it's not a girfy for you... IT'S A GIFT FOR HIM! stupid fish!

    He is soooooo dangling that carrort. NOW it's all "oh, you wanna see my dad? he's making a CD... I'll make you a copy" OMG! NO I Cant!

    He will pull away now I bet... to see if you come-a-runnin.... Kel- do not do it! He WILL come and find you. This whole fish thing bugs me to no end. Can we fry him up for lunch or something???

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  • So what prompted that whole convo anyway?

    Oh, and ok i'm getting hit I know it! I cant help but think he likes you... a lot. NOBODY puts this much time and effort into keeping ANYBODY around... unless they want them.

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  • Kel, sagg question... OMG! Sorry katie Hi! I agree with a new start... mine did not post either.

    How is your crab acting?

    Ok so the sagg came over for the first time last night because my kids were asleep and I couldnt get out (no sitter). So anyway he came over and we were drinking wine and he got sleepy (he was up early in the am for work) and we were swapping stories about the guys at work.... so then he told me a story about one of the guys.. BUT it was a secret so we did a "pinky swear" and as he was telling me the story we still held pinkies (it was cute) and he was looking in my eyes and I could have bet my life he was going to kiss me...

    BUT INSTEAD HE LET GO OF MY PNKIE, JUMPED UP SAID IT WAS LATE AND LEFT! JUST LIKE THAT!!!! No kiss, hardly a goodbye.... nothing! I dont get it! All night long there was this thick $e%ual tention you could cut with a knife!

    Now we made plans 2 days ago for easter night (I wont have the kids) but when he jumped out and left he said "OK, So I'll see you Monday at work".

    Now I'm confused. It was like he wanted ME to make the first move... which as you know... us cancers are not good at. I mean make the first move and we'll get all sorts of naked! BUT make the first move.... we never know how the other person feels.

    What to do?

  • ok let me go read again brb!

  • Moon and kel- that thought crossed my mind, that maybe he did this to hurt me so he could me so upset so I would break it off with him. But if this were the case why would he ask me to come to HK in May? As me to make arragnements for him to go diving here when he comes in June? talk about all kinds of things we would do together, tell me to bring hiking shoes so we can go hiking. etc?? .when I talked to him last time he was not distant at all.

    If I were thinking about breaking it off with someone I would not make near future plans like that or even mention it. He asked me for exact dates I will be in HK so he can ask for the days off in advanced.

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