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  • shorty-LOL, yeah Brazilians are yummy but i like hanging out just to be able to speak Portuguese..hope I hear from my Brazilian pilot soon..I am addicted and need to keep busy so I don't get obsessed about checking my e-mail...

  • hehe katie yeah quaak quaak quaaakkkkkkk! ha like a doctor our very own to soothe our furrowed brows and listen to our beating hearts. fluffing up our feathers and watching us generally frolic and flap about.. quakkk asclac clac!!!!

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  • Stranger: you are in a really good mood today. glad to see that. you cheer me up. LOL

    Shorty: happy you are feeling better. yes, one day up, the other down.... how did i say? 'ROLLERCOASTER'. what was your answer? 'WHOHAAAAAAA, WOHOOOOOOOOOO'


    i feel strange lately too. i want my crab, but on the other hand, somehow he messed me up. i was already feeling quite good alone. and now he came last week, boom we met like 4 times. since saturday nothing. and i feel restless... and not because i havent seen him, cause i hate when i know that somethin is hanging in the air. LOL stupid. sometimes i treat excitement really positively... and sometimes i just feel excitement (even if it is positive - e.g. meeting him) is just too much for me, takes out a lot of energy...

    i might see him today, dont know yet. 🙂 and weekend is approaching. wonder what that brings...

  • shorty, hello ! glad u are feeling better. ah the restless feelings of change.. things will settle again. yeh maybe there is something in the stars.. i can feel change too but i dont know what it is..

    try not to worry too much about your crab. are you eating good food at the moment?

  • shorty&stranger: LOLOLOL about the duck stuff. so what? when we write this thread full, we'll call the next one: QUAACK, QUAACK SAID THE DUCK hahahahahahahhahahaha

  • shorty- eggs are good. they make me feel comforted somehow..

  • shorty: as i always say, i envy you too (you and stranger). so yes, please do go to the beach (for me too). so that you get more relaxed and can give over some peace to me too... who unluckily has no beach near...

    though yesterday afternoon i felt really good. the scent of spring arrived. it is still cold, but you know winter has a certain smell, and spring too... birds are singing already and the city was full of light, sunshine... i was so happy to walk around, so peaceful (even if the city itself is busy).

  • katie!!! yesss hahahaha!! love it!!:) could get verrry interesting doncha think??

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  • Stranger: yes, definitely. then people would really come and ask... 'what do you guys mean by that?' hahahahahahahaha

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  • shorty: maybe he recognized the signs in himself of his patterns... or it could have been the moon

    katie: what do you mean with this?

    maybe it is the moon... dont know... and that he was/is ill... god mennn (sorry Kel), they become like little babies when they have a cold. im sure he is not more ill than i am (i have a cold too), but i work and go out... he is at home... suffering LOL

  • teeheeee!!! then we could just reply with quack! and see what happens..;)

    shorty, yummo! im guessing a pizzette is a little pizza. i LOVE ricotta. the other day i cooked a neopolitan cake with my dad with ricotta and orange flower essence ,,mm-mmm!!

    what time is it there now? oh yeah beach sounds divine!!

  • otherwise he is keepin up the daily 3-4 e-mails... and he REALLY waits for my mails... so funny how you can indirectly deduct their moves...

    two days ago at night i answered his last mail and went to sleep. im used to having a response in my mailbox when i get up. and there was nothing. strange i thought... then around 9:30 am i got a mail from him... but it totally sounded like he wrote it still the night before...

    and i wrote him back telling that i think i didnt get his mail when he wrote it but like half day later... so i asked when did you write it... and he said, i wrote it at night right after you wrote me... I WAS WONDERING WHY YOU WOULDNT ANSWER... LOLOL so im kind of always trying to delay my answers, and let him be a bit eager and wait...

  • stranger: teeheeee!!! then we could just reply with quack! and see what happens..;)

    katie: hahahahahahhahaha lololol

  • katie i hear you with the menn stuff.. at the end of the day they all just want u to be their mother!! pathetic sometimes arent they. hay i dare you to pop into his place wearing a s.exy nurses outfit!!!. do a little checkup;)

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