• Oh, by the way everybody sorry I was all wraped in my own issue lately. I'm starting to emerge.. so soon too.

    This scorp thing is a killer in the emotions department but you all have made this so much more easy. It just dawned on me about the law of attraction.

    I know this sounds silly but I think I've attracted you and this site. When I first hooked up with this guy I was so lost for months. It was a total fluke I found it. I am such a blessed person I just forget that at times as I caught up in my own issues.

    Thank you all so much for the help.

    Oh and shorty I just reread and I am confused.... i think.... maybe, I thought you went on your interview and were called back for a second, not a totally different interview.

  • shorty, thanks for the cup analogy. yes i agree burdens are halved when shared- thats why i love living in a community frame of mind where people help each other. and this forum is very much like that.

    so , how come you have two interviews? two different jobs? how did the first one go??

  • Morning,

    Getting ready for a long day. Got a seminar today. Just a quick response to Moonbeauty.

    At this point I have no idea what your Scorp is going to do. There is a great deal he needs to process and the stinger just might be up in the air. I am not sure.

    Glad to be off help in clearing things up for you and yes my memory is something that keeps me a float sometimes. Lol

    As for the friend approach with Libra uhmm I don’t know it’s complicated. In a way I am clear to him what I want on the other hand I don’t want to bother him. So one day I am yay... and plan & plot and the other I am nah leave this man alone otherwise I am going to say something I will regret.

    Like now I am annoyed for not having an appointment even though I know he is not doing it intentionally. Ugh.

    I am not going to think about this today and enjoy my day.

    Later everyone. Have a nice day!

  • Thank you stranger. I hope your right and it's just a fling. Believe it or not, I still want this Scorp. Yup! I am insane. But most of all I hope he helps me. I told him I believe in him. I really do believe in him. I told him I understand I have a lot for him to take on and deal with right now, and that I understand. The truth is I do have a lot of baggage for a newly seperated man. Frightend? this man is running for the hills.

    I hope he comes back.

    Can I ask you? do your posts pop up late? sometimes mine take almost 15 minutes to pop. Strange.

  • Thanks flow, have a great day I'm off to bed (yawn) 0430 is in 2.5 hous and I am very tired.

    Night all.

  • moonbeauty,

    no your not insane.just a crazy obsessed woman hehehe!! jst kidding.

    i hope he comes back for your sake too.. as a man who knows he wants you. meanwhile enjoy your freedom and keep your options open i say. plenty of other scorps out there!! dont give him the impression your waiting around for him.or if you are better write some good poetry on the subject!!!

    .."to be cheese or not to be cheese that is the question,

    whether it is mouldier over time,

    whether you will ever be mine.." (etc etc)

    i dont know why your post pop up late late . mine seem to go thru straightaway.

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  • Hi everyone, I've been busy the last 2 days, so much to catch up here .One good thing about being busy is that it keeps my mind off of Mr. Brazil..Speaking of Brazil there's a few Brazilian guys in town and I'll probably be hanging out with them for the weekend.

    I haven't heard from him since the dancing smileys 3 days ago but he send me a couple of cute videos. I'll go catch up and see what's going on with everyone else.

  • Anyone want too tell me what ASCLAC stand for? just wondering

  • hi! it's kind of jokin around: Anonym Scorpio Cancer Libra Addicts Club. 🙂

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  • This post is deleted!

  • anonymous scorpio cancer libra addicts club.

    and it sounds like a duck..

  • shorty: katie- no you don't whine and dealing with others problems is kind of what is the word... ummm oh yeah therapeutic to me. it helps me see that others are in either a similar boat or worse and I should not feel sorry for me. so no you are not whining just it is sweet to see young love and yes you are gaining insight and are helpful as well 🙂

    katie: i really hope sometimes i can add some good ideas/opinion too. i'd feel terrible to come here and ask for help and not be able to give any.

    how are you today btw?

    Hi Lua! nice to see you back too.!

  • Stranger: LOLOLOL you and your duck! but since you told it, i think too it is like quack quack


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