• Shorty,

    I just caught on your conversation with Katie. Why would you walk away from it all now? What happened? Sorry I have been running in and out of the thread that I might have missed some parts. The curse we Scorpio has is that when we are independent and able to articulate and survive situationsand therefore people say that we are strong. Yes we do have survival instinct yet that doesn’t mean that we are secure of every step that we make in our lives. It all depends on your upbringing like LibrasLair pointed out. I am sure that my upbringing helped me along my life and still does. Yet I do get myself in situations that I don’t always know the answer to.


    Stop it These things can’t get stuck in your head. It has to be something you profoundly believe in. And then it’s a natural process.

    Awww thanks for the appreciations. I honestly didn’t think I had much of a voice since I always was a bathroom singer and you know how much noise you can make

  • Stranger,

    Glad to hear that you’re okay. That is important. LMAO @ pe.nis envy... gosh we could say Tarzan envy?!?! LMAO.

    Girl it’s not only you who have that problem of men not knowing what to do with you. And no it’s not manipulation. If you start thinking so then you’re going the wrong way. Men have the need somewhere to be needed, to be the macho once in a while and to have your undivided attention. If you look closely so do we yet the opposite way. We want to be needed, be their queen in front of everybody and have their undivided attention.

    You should read up Shorty description written to Kel about what a Scorpio really wants. Perhaps that can give you some more insight

    And it’s great that you letting things go for now. And yep...stay in the moment. 😉 It helped didn’t it?

    Singing is my leisure thing now. And yes Teach said I had a big voice. It needs fine tuning and work. Noooooo I can’t get that high. Actually that is what we are going to be working on next week. I am not that confident as yet.

    Nope haven’t heard from Libra guy but that is okay. It is his rhythm so I just will go with the motion for now and I do text him just to keep him updated of what we discussed last Friday. No date set yet for another appointment. I was hoping this week but he didn’t reply on time so I fill in my agenda with other appointments and activities.

  • Moonbeauty,

    No prob. girl about Libra guy. It’s not pressing so it’s no prob. A great deal is of his issues has nothing to do with me. And he needs to work through them. You see men has the tendency to just live and live and live and then suddenly things of the past that they nicely tucked away says hello...I am here and you need to deal with me now because I waited so long. And in that phase he is in. And being the typical Libra/Scorp cups he too can put out the stinger and get pretty moody. I know about it and thank goodness he doesn’t drop them on me.

    He is basically cleaning up his mess and it might take a time. We don’t have a timetable like your Scorp has set himself which is ridiculous to be honest. You don’t clean up 17 years of somewhat unhappy memories/reflections in 6 months. He needs to wake up and smell the coffee and what you told him was the strongest coffee he had for a while. LOL.

    He is healing from failed relationships, lies, recklessness in his younger years. You see the man has lived to the max. And the last couple of years have finally found out who he is and what he wants with his life for the coming period. And he detached himself from all that was not good for him. Yet the past has a way of catching up. I showed up in his life and in all fairness I am a hand full so he doesn’t know if it’s a yay or a nay with me. I know he likes me and I know he craves me yet if it is wise to move that way the way he is we both don’t know.

    I don’t know everything of his past. So I am trying not to pressure him yet I can’t let my own desires out of the equation. So he knows where I stand. It is possible that I get to hear things that I don’t like...I don’t know.

    Are you still potty training? lol

    LMAO@ your toy box. Excuseeee me lady....LMAO!!!!!!!!!

    You got a hard time understanding and believing? His motives are simple. Just as my Libra guy. They are finding themselves again yet we crossed their path. We might embody what they really want but they see it as being tied down on a short leash again. They think that every single woman out there is like what they left behind or have encountered during their lives. Now there is an age difference between your guy and mine. Yours is in his early 40’s and mine in his late 50’s so the baggage level difference is huge.

    You and I are at a crossroad where we can easily move on and leave things behind yet that is a female trade. When we say it’s over and mean it’s over. Men say it’s over and then tuck stuff away and just go, go, go. When issues catch up with them they want to go through it fast and if doesn’t they become ugly. And you have different grades of ugly. There is where we woman runs into the ones that treat us like dogs. And if you’re not a woman that is strong in her personality and shoes they walk all over you or try to break your spirit because they can’t have their way.

    Your Scorp is doing exactly what Shorty wrote in her last post today. He likes you a great deal and brags to let you know that you rejected him and he can survive without you. Look at what he picked up. To spite you and probably his ex wife he picked up designer!! Yet it is not what he wants because the girl can only warm up that seat for another 60 days. He doesn’t appreciate living alone and that’s the functionality of this girl. Not because she is in his bed he is “sleeping” with her. With that I mean his heart.

    My ex (Scorp) went and got himself a girl that looks a great deal like me. And she did her best to be me in the beginning. She knew me before they met. She gave him everything that he wanted then. Yet he realized that his heart wasn’t there when he noticed that she wasn’t me. And boy did I notice that.

    Kel just explained it a bit compacter I hope that makes sense to you better.

    In short what he (Scorp) is saying is: I don’t like the fact that you kicked me to the curb for being wrong in lying to you that I was still married and that I commented on your figure. And I really like you and everything about you but you showed me the last couple of months that you don’t have time for me. And so I found myself a substitute that will do anything I want for the coming period when I snap my finger. So ha ...I am (not) doing fine. You hurt my feelings so I am going to do that now to you in your face.

    But his mind he was thinking: I wished I could just stay here with you and discuss other matters and I would put more effort in taking care of you and your business. But you're not going to let me because I work for you and that is all you needs me for.

    Girl as I said you haven’t heard the last of this. And I am not disregarding the last interaction you both had.

    Can you do me a big favour and concentrate on your business? I know you’re in a pickle and you GOT to get your business hat back on!!

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  • Kel! you did fine with telling him all what was on your heart/mind! now he really has your cards side up on the table. and ice-b*itch crown??? LOLOLOL

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  • Kel! i am the too nice of the too nicest. yes i DEFINITELY need an ice b*itch crown!!! 🙂

  • Hmmm it seems that this moon had some secret ingredient that I didn't know about. Good going Keldjoran. Really.

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  • good luck shorty on that interview! 🙂

  • Good luck Shorty!!!

  • hay flowsco,

    yeh it does feel bettet to justbe able to let stuff go an just trust in the bigger picture..that whatever happens i will be ok. yeh actually i hesiatated before i wrote manipulation, cos yes it is actually a pure thing that i am doing and i realise that- and i like how u made me think that it is an equal thing-we both like to feel needed. i just have to remember that im not going to lose my strength or individuality by letting him take the fact i feel stronger because i am feeling cared for in return and that is what i have been wanting. he is listening to what i tell him. what i want. anyway, again i am not saying everything is fine not getting complacent. he hasnt actually said to me that we are back together again, and neither have i, altho i di explain to him that the text where i said i was moving on was written in anger. i said i dont want to be with anyone else.kind of wish i didnt say that because all he said he was sorry about the things that he said -i said what things?(im going back two days sorry) he said about me moving on..

    i do have to stay in the moment with EVERY PIECEof information i am given..meaning not jumping the gun. ahh i dunno, maybe its ok that i said i didnt want to be with anyone else. he just didnt say that he also didnt want to be with anyone else. thats prob why i felt a bit insecure.

    its ok. whatever , its funny to think that we actually have known each other and been tohethr for a long time, and we have these -starting over times- like its all new again- maybe its the scorpio regeneration thing- the death birth rebirth cycle..ha i just thought then redeath-sorry it is late and my mind is a little bit ducky!

    when i had singing lessons years ago one og the excercises was to put your tongue at back of thoat and makr the ngh -ah sound-the ah being the sound when u release the tongue from the vocal cavity.i found doing this at higher pitches helped me to get really opens the throat. dont think i could get that highanymore tho, think as you get older voice deepens etc. i could never get that high anyway. kudos to you for singing infront of group. you know i stopped my lessons cos we had to all do a solo performance in a pub and i chickened out- i have a real problem with nerves and stage fright. wish i had done it tho..and to this day i am still fantasising about getting up there one day and singing with my guitar. wish i could get over my fear..but i do know that it does change for me-its that ego thing- have to be really careful i dont give myself away when i sing cos i can feel very ungrounded otherwise..maybe that just a self belief thing. its a good metaphor for r.ship and loving sumeone- to share and remain centered at the same time in equal breaths.

  • kel,

    wow thats great about the dream- well not a nice dream to have at all and i can relate cos i have had MANY whereby mine was with other women, i truly felt like i was going crazy i would wake up crying it was so awful i dont want to have those dreams anymore.its been a good six months since ive had them. great for you meaning you told him about it- you were honest with him and open- dreams are personal- even though he made that comment it has gone into him he'd be thinking about it. how could u not? i think he like any man would want to feel trusted.

    yes im learning lot about men.

  • good luck shorty!!

  • wow thank you everybody. Flowsco I appreciate the 2 year old thing. Keldjoran- your so helpful.

    I am going to comment but I have to finish homework first. Give me a bit.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • shorty- 2nd interview? Sounds like it went well. I hope you get it! Thank you for your scorp advice. I did a combo of what you said and what keldjoran said. I schmoozzzzzed, but still pointed out that he was a bit mean and should be a gentleman and help me. We'll see what happens.

    Kel- OMG My scorp would have said the EXACT same thing. Right down to the "whatever"! Trust is huge.

    I cannot believe you blocked him. Is it like a block that he cant send you messages? Will the site tell him he has been blocked? If it is then he'll be thinking. I bet you'll take up most of his gray matter for sure.

    As for libra... so he's getting tired of Leo (flow called that) and so now... is he... looking for you? for scorp?

    and whatever happened to Mr. pisces?

    Stranger- awww thanks. And just off the subject... you didnt think the ASCLAC was for the duck in the commerical that quacks "aflac" instead of "quack?"

    Flowsco- Girl where do I begin? First off your Libra has past issues catching up to him? Hold on, he's in for a ride until he can figure them out. I think your wise to let him do this alone. Let him figure out where he stands first and then see if he wants you... and if you want him.

    I could not agree more when you said that your guy is like mine in that we met them and they are scared to death we will turn out like the past women they have known. I also agree they want to move at thier own speed.

    I think it's good your Libra does not want to hurt you. Shows he's thinking about you. I know you said your not going to pry (good idea) and let him open up on his own, but what about a "friends approach" Something like "Hi Libra Guy, listen wanna see this movie (movie name) with me? Just as friends, It's not a date you buy your ticket i'll buy mine (you two can share the popcorn) I wanna see it and nobody wants to go and I don't want to be the "Lone Movie Loser"...

    Would he go? Maybe the secret is to get a friendship going and then see where that leads. This way he gets no pressure and yet your not a couple BUT you stay in his field of vision so to speak and he gets to know you better and gets to see how fun you are. Maybe by the time he notices 3 months have past and your all fun in the sun.

    It's funny we live soooooo far from each other and still have similiar problems with our men. Strange. Oh I want to give you huge props on your memory. It's great!

    Hi Katie!

    Ok me- ok so now this is what I have for the week:

    Monday: meeting went bad and the last phone call he said "I'll call you back when my kids are asleep" -- he never called.

    Tuesday afternoon: sent him off an email asking him to still help me and good luck with all his new found freedom and fourtune. NO RESPONSE

    Tuesday late night: sent him off an email with my new lawsuit (I LOVE GETTING SUID! YAY!) and asked him for help. NO RESPONSE

    Wednesday late night: sent him off a nice emotionally manipulating email that has both an equil amount of guilt and heartbreak topped off with some fresh schmoozzzing to ease the request for some free help. NO RESPONSE YET AND YES I AM DYING!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, I believe the thing to do is to stand back and wait. NO MORE CONTACT FROM ME.

    Ok, now do you all think he is making me wait on purpose??? Or could it be he wants me to go away and leave him and Miss Probation alone? I have about 2 weeks before the judge will release "the big dog!"

    Please all keep your fingers crossed. I really need him to help me.


    Keld- you really blocked him???? How will he get in touch with you..... will he call??? Yes, i know you want a break from him, but I did say I can be an emotional ma$ochist.....

    Cancer trait?

  • hi moonbeauty, how are you feeling today? have you had any more insights? made some decisions? how are you feeling about him now after all thats been said?? i wish he hadnt been such an a.sshole to you. man if i had a big broom..! im glad you said what you said in that email back to him. f.uck him. who knows whats going on in his head now. you have to just try and forget about it now, you have said what u needed to say to him. can't really do more than that hey. i know from personal experience you can make yourself physically ill from worry about a situation thats out of your control. do whatever you have to do to get yourself strong now. i really dont fully know his motivations, so its really hard to comment and give you advice. but like i said before i think he is acting from a place of fear and rejection. i would say bimbo designer chick is being used to lick his wounds right now and boost his ego and yeh i dont think it will last either. you are so much better than that.

  • sorry m.b just saw your last post snuck in before mine! no i havent seen the duck commercial- sounds gd tho! i like ducks they are groovy baby.

    yep he's ignoring you. why? i dont know cos he cant deal with it. can't you get someone else to help you with the business stuff- borrow some money if you can and do it like that. i don't know. by the way NO U ARE NOT DYING!!! you know that if he responds to your last emails he will theoretically be responding to all your emails including your long first response to him. so its a bit mucky cos it has gone from intense emotion to just business and money. take all the business and money stuff out of it - how would you be feeling about him?

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