• no, he is not doing better moonbeauty, he is doing different.

    i say there is no problem with him wanting that... freedom, free chicks etc. i still say it is a big thing that he admitted it. he should go his own way...

    but otherwise, i think you see it really wrong (lack of self-confidence=my own experience) that he is not wanting you cause he thinks he can do better... i think he is crazy for you, he is just not willing/scared or whatever to go into something like that... a busy woman with kids... but come on... what is all this talk? he wants to make you feel bad... if he had no feelings why would he want that? he is screaming away: I FEEL GOOD, IM THE BEST, IM UNFORGETABLE IN BED ETC.

    i still say a man who is completely okay with himself and who does not have feelings for you, does not have to scream away all this he did...

    moonbeauty, if i feel great and im happy, i dont have to tell that, i can stay silent and everyone will notice it...

    GUYS HELP ME HERE!!! am i on wrong track telling all this?

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  • Back. Going to read up.

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  • Go Moonbeauty!! No boo-boo.

    You sound like me when you really piss me off. Okay let’s see. He didn’t call and he might not call for the coming days. Maybe an email when it all sinks in. I am quite sure what you said to him was an eye opener as well!!!

    When you were talking did he try to say anything? If yes what did he say?

    What I also want to know during the meeting the information he gave you is that something that you can swing on your own without him? Even the option he gave you?

    We got to look at that so you don’t need to close shop. The option he gave you does he has control of the process? With that I mean do whoever has to contact him for any part of it?

    My concern is your business now. Scorp is something for later.

    And girlie, you did well. I know it hurts and all sorts of emotions are going through you now but you got to keep focussed.

    WTF?? Did he actually say that he was the best?? ROTFLMAO!! He is full of sheis. That girl that is still waiting is a dumbo!! I would have gotten myself a Tarzan just to erase his @$$. Jeez men!!

    You can be good but the best??? No!

    I see what you see also when you talk about him being free etc. And it was to be expected. This is what I was talking about. And I agree with Katie he is doing different and scared.

  • *** = p.iss

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  • Kel,

    I have so much mixed feelings now concerning my fellow male Scorpios that I might not give a complete well thought answer without being resentful. So just for this time I am not going to say anything about your Scorp. Wouldn’t be fair to you and your feelings right now. I have read your response to Shorty and Lua. I will reply. I promise.

  • Advanced class was amazing. Not everybody of the class was there today but that was good for me because I was a nervous wreck. The teach was great she totally did her best to calm me down and then I had my solo infront of strangers. I haven't done that in ages. After my turn she said I did great and she actually managed to make me shy. That is something little people are able to manage to do.

    I have a great deal to learn and I am so looking forward to that. We practiced on Whitney Houston song "Greatest love of all"

    This week is a busy one for me. I got this girl I am prepping for a seminar on Thursday and I have taken up a swimming exercise class. Been to that this morning - "Aquasculpture". I felt muscles I forgot I had. LOL.

    Oh...nearly forgot Teach asked us if we wanted to sing in an elderly home as back up for another pupil of hers somewhere in March. I am surprised she has that much confidence in us to do that.

    Because I know my voice was all over the place...LOL.

    I am very tired. I will check in the morning.

    Play nice

  • Hi Shorty it's nice to meet you also. Although I'm not new to the forum at all. Been here for a year. Bopping in now just to check on Flow. Making sure she isn't stirring things up on here like she does for me on my personal e-mail. She is ornery ya know!

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  • hello people. the new thread hey. for some reason the name reminds me of a duck.


    sorry you are hurting so much. i know that feeling and its b.loody horrible. ok so right now i think you need to go and get a massage. i wish i was there to give u lots of hugs. you are feeling rejection. but you know what? he is the one who is rejected right now, and in actual fact he is sparing you of the pain of his rejection by rejecting you. aaurrrgh!!! so mad isnt it??

    you know he is good in bed. he is not so sure he is. hence all the blah blah about him saying he's the best blah blah. he is not a happy in himself so he is clinging to whatever he can that he thinks will make him happy, yes and boost his ego. 17 years is along time to be married. scorps are c.rap and moving on if they have been hurt and if they love someone. you could be waiting a very long time. dont wait for the happiness that u want and deserve in your life. i think your email to him was good - honest was for you that email too moonbeauty. YOU are sticking to what you believe and what you want for yourself in your life. there is absolutely no reason why you cant have that. what do you think? it might not be with him, but it doesnt matter because you KNOW what you want. remember that. all you have to do know is believe at a very deep level that u can have it. this scorp man is in muck and fear right now. remove yourself.

    ok, now i want you to write a list of all the things that make you happy in your life, that make you feel complete. be really honest. you dont have to share it here. its for you. xx

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  • mestiza- Hi sorry I missed it and thank you.

    Keld- your scorp, I dont know what to say. In your situation I'd still take it one day at a time and see what happens. As you can see I'm going to apply for an opening as an emotional m@$ochist.

    Katie- I agree with shorty, you two soubd as though you do have the same insecurities.

    Flow- I could never belt out a tune in front of strangers... no matter how old they were.

    Shorty- good luck job hunting.

    Lua- Ugh I gotta catch up again

    me- I am deep in my shell. I dont think i've said two words all day today.

    Ok now please I am not looking for an ego boost, just some input.

    So you all think the reason he was tooting his horn and acting all "I'm the man" and "every woman loves me I have tons to pick from" is really because he is feeling insecure?

    no offense I'm smiling when I type this but...


    So he is telling me how great he is so either 1. I believe it or 2. so he will believe it?

    OK now one more time, ARE YOU ALL CRAZY????

    I dont know why he was mean. I dont know why he couldn't pay me a compliment, unless he felt I didn't deserve one. I dont know why he said he may be free in 60 days. I don't know why he told me how easy it is to get women... BUT

    what I do know is I believe him. If you saw his face you'd believe him too.

    The only motive I can figure is he is proud of his fashion designer model girlfriend and life and wants to brag a little becasue maybe things are finally good for him and unfortunately he has nobody to brag too. To show off how good things are and I was somebody he could do that with. Show off a little.

    You all say insecure, I say he's happy and wanted to boast about it.

    Men can be stupid sometimes... no offense Kel YOUR FANTASTIC!

    I just dont understand when I told him I was still interested in him why he didnt just say something like "I cant have a relationship with you because of work" or "I need my space for a while" or the famous "let's just be friends" anything.

    I'm sorry to be a post hog and I promise I'll be over this soon but if you all could give my just a bit more input it would help me a lot.

    Again I'm not compliment shopping, just trying to figure out this mans motive.

    Flow- dont get your stick out but... what are the chances he decides it's me he wants? I know, I know everybody bad guy, toxic man... but I just gotta know. I cant turn it on and off like a faucet.

  • Shorty I am on the cusp so what can I tell ya. I have some traits that are the same.

  • First- flowsco that song is VERY hard to sing. I had a friend of mine sing it in high school and she cracked-- not saying that you will --lol-- just pointing out that I think it's tough too. She cracked at the part where Whitney sings in the final "The gratest love of ALL ("all" was the crack) do you know the part I mean?

    BUT she never had a singing lession and to be truthful her voice was awful. She wanted to be in the play Bye Bye Birdie because she like a guy. That was her audition. She didnt make it. We were not suprised. BUT, BUT, BUT she did get the guy.

    Everybody laughed at her and she was teased relentlesly and the guy stood up and told everybody to shut up-- that at least she put herself out there and tried. They dated all junior and senior year-- then went to prom--- then to college where they of course, broke up.

    My point? Witney's songs can bring love to you wether you can sing them or not!

    (oh, but she's awful now. Poor Mrs. Crack Momma, threw away her voice for a man).


    Keldjoran I must have posted the same time as you because I just loggeg on and read it, stranger you too.

    Thank you to both of you. Keldjoran- I hope your right. I feel awful... read on please...

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