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  • LibrasLair-I agree with you about there's more about someone tha their sunsigns, planets, aspects, rising signs, and of course life experiences all count. When I was studying astrology I thouht my brother (Libra) must have had scorpio rising but when I did his chart he had 4 planets in scorpio!

    Kel>>ROFLMAO!!!! I love it, this is totally something I would do. It means "That's so awesome, I dont actually have words to put to it!"

    Lua>> really? That's something you would do? They were the animated dancing smileys, lol! i thought it was cute! You always make my day, Kel..your confirmation always makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing with my cancer boy.

    So scorp is concerned about his appearance and doesn't want to see you because of this? Last time I saw cancer I was worried because I had gained 10 lbs (and I'm 4'10 so it shows) and my doctor had declared me officially 12-15 lbs overweight but Mr cancer didn't even he said anyway...maybe he was just being sweet. So is Scorp seeing someone else?

    I'm glad you had a nice time with Sag. I just got an e-mail from my sag friend who was on vacation here and went back to the US, he saids "How's life on the island without me?" Lol, they can be a bit arrogant, I know he's joking. He was cute and fun, but not Cancer 😞

    What's up with Libra? Still going out with Leo?

  • Hi everybody. I see your all already up to 3 pages wow.

    Please forgive me if I'm not going to read them all... I just wanted to quick update.

    It was bad... all bad. On a scale of 1 to 10? an 80.

    First, I looked good. I was getting eyed up the whole way up to his office-- which he met me in the lobby(I'll explain in a minute). He never said I look nice or commented on anything actually. My business is all bad too. I have a hard decision to make.

    When we met he said "lets go to Starbucks" and we did. He told me how bad my situation was his advice and my two choices. We were done in 15 minutes. He spent the whole time texting and emailing on his phone. He told me very quickly about his kids and his seperation. The he said "so are we done here?"

    I responded yes and he walked me to my car where he then said "let me know your decision".

    I was distroyed. So of course here is the Cancer in me-- I called him up 5 minutes later and told him to f-it. I'm done, throwing in the towel. I also told him that tonight was for two reasons. First, my money and second, to see if he was still interested in me-- which he's not so thank you very much--- the ride has been fun---- but I'm ready to get off now. He said I'll call you back in 5 minutes.

    He called back in 40 minutes and said that when he told me a long time ago he met somebody---- that he really had. He said he's living with her now. I told him ok, if he likes her better than hey, good for her I'm done.

    He got angry and said "well, I like you better but your not available. You have 3 kids and work full time. She's single and works from home, she's a fashon designer" He also said "I want a woman who will put me first"

    I responded that yes, I do have three children and work full time this is true. And with me, no he can never come before them. I told him ok, if this is what he wants I cant do it, I can only give what I can and it will obviously not be enough. I wished him well.

    He came back with this "I have been in a marriage for 17 long years. I was married at 23 years old. I've never had a chance to date and have fun. She got the kids so what am I supposed to do all day and night waiting for you? Thats not fair to me." I agreed and bid him well.

    He came back with "I dont know what to do about her, ahe wants a future and I dont I just wanna have fun right now" I told him that was normal for her to want that and that things will work out well as they always do.

    He came back with "I'm very loyal actually, if I ever met the right woman-- I feel like a scumbag cheating all the time, so I dont want to cheat again" I told him not to worry, that I think I'm worth a man who wants me.... just me. I'll not be cheating either.

    He came back with "My 3 month deal is up with her soon-- I told her she's on a 3 month probation and she has 60 days left and is starting to get too sticky, I'm actually a hot property now and getting hot women is like shooting fish in a barrel" I told him he's nuts.

    He said he's not ment to be the surburban dad type. He's ment for bigger things and is doing them as we speak, and he needs a woman who will "fit" him and the life style he wants.

    The convo ended well, but I am crushed. He said he wish he met me first. He was very nasty at points telling me he does not know what he wants, his marriage back, her, to be single and date-- BUT he did not say me.

    He told me not to make any rash decisions about the money, he wants me to hold out and see what happens with the other case.

    I told him I'll get back to him. He said call me... I think--- i dunno--- I may be free in, oh say, 60 days. I told him I have a lot to think about... and hung up.

    My Scorp is fighting himself right now. He's chasing a dream that me and my 3 kids don't fit into. He was honest and it hurt. He said he wants a single girl in high heels and short skirts. Let's just say I'm--- not quite that thin yet. I'm 5'5 and 138 pounds. I dont wear high heels to work, I wear boots and sneakers. I dont cry ewwww at a fire and I dont run from a fight. I am not a playboy bunny.


    I'm cute, funny, smart (even though I cant spell a lick) and sexy. I dont need him to tell me this or the guys at work, I meet enough men out.

    F-HIM! If he thinks that I am not in his league he is sadly mistaken. Last I checked? Ummm Actually minus this whole money mess I'm in, I'm actually in charge.

    Weak and cry? Nooooo. Shell and ponder what to do next? yes.

    I need a break all. give me a day or two.

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  • F THAT $%^&&^&^&^^&**^&&^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That got me heated lol

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  • Moonbeauty-what a!! Sorry but I think you deserve much better! What's this he puts women on probation? What as a.s.s!! What exactly is the money situation? Sorry i haven't had time to read all your posts so I don't know what the money thing is..

    kel>>DA.MN STRAIGHT!!!! Don't, for one second, let this egotistical, self-centered prck affect your self-esteem, because clearly it's HE who has the problems. He's the one out fcking around, playing head games for the ego boost. He's the one who can't handle sharing the spot light with your children (oooh waaaaahhh!!!! poor baby isn't the center of the world!!! waaa!!! cry me a f*cking river).

    just wanted to re-post what kel posted above, I agree with that!

    Moonbeauty, please forget about this man and get yourself someone who would love you and thinks about more of how he can fit into your world, with your children, etc..sounds like he's going through a mid-life crisis or a second adolescence..wahhh i want hot chicks in heels, etc etc..

  • awwww thatnks kel and lua. I am so heartbroken. I must have had my head up my @$$ to think that there was something there.

    WTF? And I knew it. I felt it. I knew he was seeing somebody. I just said it to flowsco and my bgf. I knew it. It was the twinkle. it's never wrong.

    I think this scorp was married young and has been tied down for some time and is confused on what he wants. I think it's normal.

    I know it's bad to admit but seeing him tonight I saw something I wanted. A life. A very nice one. With him. The problem is he's not wanting me... I think. And WTF was that bs that he may be single in 60 days? Is he on drugs???? Think I'd wait 60 days for him to make up his mind? That man must be crazy!

    Flowsco, Keldjoran- what to do? Stay away for now? Tell him to do whatever he wants? I dunno. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Please I'll take all and any advice. EVERYBODY feel free to butt in!

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  • hey guys! i see the thread got heated up.

    moonbeauty: i know im gonna be again the too diplomatic one. i dont know your scorp, only know what you told about him here, but i would say that one thing is good, he told you how he stands.

    is he a coward? yes he is, he rather chooses girls that put him in the centre of attention and have no life on their own.

    BUT he did not hunt you down, promised you stuff and cheated you, telling he is free and you two are good to go. if he did not respect you at all, he could have used the situation and try to get you again, while he has a girl at home too... but he didnt. i believe that is good.

    of course you are heartbroken. but why? cause you fell for a man who is not mature enough for you. you hoped that he would change and that you are enough for him to change. the problem is not in you... you are a great woman, morover i believe you have to be intimidating too.

    you have kids, while you have a career too... you manage your life good and that is scary for a man.

    of course it is easier for him to get a girl like he was talking about. it has nothing to do with looks. it's more about a woman who is dependent on him, HE FEELS NEEDED and adored and nurtured. while you are a woman who is not fallen and helpless. he sees the strenght in you and that you are not a girl who goes for 3 months probation...

    i mean sorry to be blunt but is that girl a w.hore? i only heard of 3 months probation time in connection with work... that is such an immature act... really... think about it, do you really ache for a man like him? a man who gives probation time to women? how egoistic that is??? and maybe i will be free in 60 days? who wants some damaged goods? really...

    i mean you know you can say in yourself, i give this relationship a probation time... but not speak it out actually... im sure this girl is that type that i just call... you can lean it into the corner like an umbrella whenever you want and take it out when it is raining and you need it...

    if your scorp needs a woman like that, then sorry but HE IS OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE!

    actually if i go deeper into my thoughts about this, and about him, i must say i pitty him... no matter how successful is and how much money he has... i pitty people who are sooo afraid of commitment and rather choose easy ways.

    moon, i'd say draw back a bit and think... think over everything that happened, what was really good in him and what is you dont really like about him. put away that you are so attracted to him, but think about him as a person, how he sees the world, what his aspirations are, what he is willing to do for his own life and for others... think! cause i am sure he is not away for good. i am sure he is going to come back. hence the hint: "i might be free again in 60 days".

    moon, people go through a lot of c-rap, people suffer, people behave egoistic, maybe just because they are confused and lost, maybe because they are merely egoistic, people also CAN change.

    i could not full-heartedly tell you anything about what you should do. i would give it time. i know my case is not the same, but remember? when my crab pulled away without explanation for 3 months... i told so many times: NO WAY I WILL FORGIVE HIM. and he came back and so i did forgive him at the end... i dont trust him just yet, but i gave it another chance...

    we dont know why people do certain things, why they behave how they behave in certain situations and what they really hold in their hearts... i think only time decided whether they change for good or not and how far you are willing to go for someone.

    i'd say under the actual terms, appreciate that even if he is a coward, he told you honestly what he is up to now, and give it time... he saw you. even if he didnt comment on you, im sure it stuck into his mind. and he WILL think about you, wonder about you.

    you know they say: IF THERE IS WILL THERE'S ALWAYS A WAY. it all depends on him and of course after all on you, how you treat the situation.

    sorry if i babbled too much again. 🙂

  • ps. to Moonbeauty: i know that you are hurt and confused, but PLEASE dont let your emotional part affect the business side. dont throw in the towel only because you are sad or disappointed. give it some days to calm down and then think about the business part and only give up if there is no hope (im telling it without knowing at all what is the 'problem' you are actually having).

  • Kel:

    "dont you think Kel, that he wanted to see whether i really leave my old life behind, burn all the bridges and start new? "

    Yea I'm sure he did, it's important to know how strong our partner is, but also he is probably a little bit afraid that you'd leave him behind

    Katie: Kel, why would he be afraid i leave him behind? i never gave any sign of that... you mean that i might just used him to gain enough strenght to get out of the relationship and now that i am free i'm gonna go and hunt guys? i would never do that !!!

    btw. i think he really thinks that i am beautiful and look really great. and he is not the pretty type. i must add that i NEVER got crazy about pretty boys. i like rather rough MAN, long hair, beard etc. not the all shaved cuties. they are too less males for me. so i do LOVE how he looks, but he is the total opposite of a Brad Pitt or whatever cutie.

    i always always went much more for inner aspects than outer. merely outer aspects do not attract me ever.

    but i can imagine that if someone looks at us, if he looks at me he thinks that i am out of his league. (which i dont think, cause i dont believe i look that amazing as he says)

    and i guess that can make him wonder all the time, like he is not rich, he is not that super body and super look, so wtf i want from him... you know at the beginning i told you that he said these things to me: 'i dont deserve you. you deserve much more.' i do believe he really meant those things. and i think it will take a really long time until he really believes that i am actually AFTER HIM. how amazing he is and i dont care about anyone else, only him and that he is perfect for me as he is (with all his little imperfections).

    ok, something a bit sadder too. yesterday i realized that i dont trust him at all. he did not write me the whole day long (and he usually does as soon as he gets up). and now dont misunderstand me... it was not that he didnt write, why not? (normally if my trust issues are at good place, i dont care if he does not write for 2-3 days) my feeling was: why doesnt he write me? WHERE IS HE? AND WITH WHOM? and then it dawned on me... i dont trust him and it made me sad. cause it was the 1st of the month, so probably he was running around checking whether his money (fee) arrived, and maybe working also (he works from home) and he could have done millions of things... but my first thought was he is surely with another girl...

    then at night (i was already sleeping) he sent me a textmsg. telling that he is sorry he could not write me, but he had no time and good night and he is gonna write... and i should think, great, i am in his mind, he texted me just to tell sorry... but then again came the thought, yes, surely his other date went to the bathroom and then he had a moment to text me to make sure i dont think anything bad... i know im insane... but this realization, that i dont know what i need in order to be able to trust him again, scares me now... and the whole time long im writing pros and cons in my head... insane...

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  • Thanks shorty! my only question is: how does someone arrive to the point to believe in himself/herself? i have moments, when i believe im good and attractive, but then i just get back to my 'not believing in myself' part...

    and it is so strange... when im with him and how he looks at me and how he says that im beautiufl i really do feel like that. and then i go home and think and ask myself... what does he see in me? stupid i know.

    and yes, i basically dont trust him because of his withdrawal... and i WANT to trust, i just dont know how.

    good night shorty!

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  • thanks a lot shorty... i think im havinga day, when i just wanna go home from work and hide in my noncrab shell. and think and get better... it just hit me last night when i realized how much i dont trust him...

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