Question for Virgo females

  • My roommate is Virgo female and I am a Taurus male. I have very strong feelings for her. She is from a conservative family and country where relationships are usually marriage oriented. I would not think a second marrying her but right now I am just a Phd student with nothing and I am afraid that she won't take my feelings seriously.

    I am also afraid that if I tell her how I feel and she does not feel the same way I will probably have to leave the apartment and I can't even imagine not being able to see her everyday.

    Right now I am:

    I am very kind to her, I always tell her how special she is and I have not met many women with her qualifications. I am a lazy Taurus but I try to be organized, keep the place clean, shave everyday etc.

    What I want to learn virgo females are: What else should I do or should not do and what do you think about the whole situation? I appreciate everyone's comments including who dated Virgo females.

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