This is Wild ...:O)

  • Is this just a fluke or what ,... when a person makes two purchases at two different stores and their total comes up exactly the same right down to the penny . Then they realize soon after it happened exactly 1hour after and even right down to the exact minutes and seconds .It was a grocery store , so you can imagine how hard that would be to do . Unless you had a calculator in hand , Which I don't use . I still have the receipts to prove it lol . Then when I was reading my Daily horoscope today . It had mentioned the time 11.37am . and for what ever reason looked at my clock and it was the same time . Cool . I wonder what they next Exact will be . I love when that happens. When I show it to someone ,,,they said ..oh you are creepy ..there you go again lol ...I Just thought I would share that fun stuff .

  • I also take this as a sign of (Good Luck ) :O)

  • i would play that number(lottery)

  • Well , I never thought of that :O) ..Great suggestion . Thankssssssss ^A^

  • SURE TRY IT, and if you win remember who suggested it!! a small donation will do!!!!!!!! lol goood luck!

  • Will do ...LOL ...:O).... that was cute ..^A^

  • DOVES,i for got to add this play once a week , or at least 2times a month,box and straight. for a few dollars a month it wouldnt cost much! just done get carried away and lose your butt of course, geezz i wish a number would show it self to me ! maybe ill use yours! again good luck.I my self have never had it happen playing a number consistantly but i know people who have and sooner or later thet tell me it playes for them!

  • Adds up to '3' . Good number. Go for it, Doves. Personally I think you'll make your own luck with your beautiful spirit...

  • Dove46,

    You might find this strange but I need to tell you this. Since a month ago, I have been seeing car registration numbers which started or ended with 37. Be it at the parking lots or on the road, each time I have my eyes on a particular car, it will have the number 37 on it. I am not joking. I even told one of my family members about this about 3 days ago. I keep on asking myself why am I always seeing this particular number - 37?

    You should take the advice and play that number. Who knows, this can be your winning number 🙂 1137 isn't it? Well, if this helps, 11 is my day of birth.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

  • Hey Everyone ...t

    Thank you for all the great tips ! Much appreciate it ..I will you know how I make out with the numbers ... All my lotto slips have vertical lines with squares or circles surrounding the numbers a person picks in them . This is fun :O)


  • Hmmmmmm..If any of your folks have any insight on this , it would be great:O) .

    Should I play these numbers in a draw of 7 numbers and also in draw for 6 numbers Or .. play them in two different draws that ask for 6 numbers each . I hope that wasn't confusing lol..

    Just trying make the best choices lol ..: I still feel good about my numbers . :O)

    Have an Awesome day !

    Take Care and God Bless ^A^


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