Anyone want to do a compatibility reading on this combo?

  • I just would like to put this one out there to see what different people pick up about it:

    Male: BD 11/16/1965 (Scorpio initials RR)

    Female: BD 10/20/1989 or 1990 (not sure about year initials EH).

    This could has known each other for about 4 years. Lived together for a couple but I don't think its going anywhere. The male seems to be a very hard worker. Very intelligent. Very deep thinker. Very much wants to have time to himself and has his "secrets". I get the feeling that she is very

    possessive and this does not bode well with him.

    I'm getting a distinct feeling 2 inches below my sternum that this relationship is on its end game won't last through the end of the year.

    Anyone else want to try a feel for me? Thanks! TD

  • The attraction for the male is that he has someone who looks up to him and who he can control. She in turn sees him as a substitute father. The split will come when either he realises he is more her daddy than her lover or she will grow out of his controlling ways.

  • Oops -dates wrong - meant 1980 or 1981 not 1989 0r 1990 (about a 10 year difference there) But probably the same results - (now turnig deeply red in embarraseement - didn't mean to imply that the guy was a cradle robber - almost nearly seems so huh)

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