Beginner Angel Therapy eadings

  • tikirose -- I don't normally ask for readings straight up, because I fear what the answer may be. I also didn't like it when people used to bombard me with what I felt were senseless questions, because they weren't making their own decisions anymore. They were relying on my "readings" as fact and what to do next.

    So, in my fear but somewhat newfound courage I ask: What is it that I cannot see or that I can, that is preventing me from furthering my opportunities in my possible career(s)? I always seem to get stumped just before success. I have lately been able to "taste" it, but see it. Like it is right around the corner.

    Thank you tikirose for your time and generous offer. May God Bless you. šŸ™‚

  • Tikirose--I would love you to do a reading for me-- I'm needing to know what's going to happen for me with finding a job? Also will there be a chance of reconciliation with my parents--if so, how and when? long story, don't want to bore anyone with it. Thank you Tikirose for sharing your gift with us.

  • Thank You Tikierose you hit the nail on the head i have had a rude awakeening today so i am having a lot to take in and process but your reading was right on Delbert

  • Thank you for your kindness ....what do you see in me and my husband or soon to be ex???

  • Am I meant to go into the nursing profession? And what will happen in my love life? Can you help me with this? Thanks!

  • Ajahny,

    I don't know u but see u post alot. I just wanted to say hi and how are things, are they going ok? I really hope things are resolved in the manner that you wish. I know how much it sucks and that yucky gnawing edgy feeling when u want that resolution so much. And if they don't work out how you wish, or you don't know how u want it to work and are confused, then I hope they work out so that you have serenity and opens new doors and blessings that you never dreamed of.

    From: Some stranger named ckdgh703

  • Hi Tikirose, could you please pull a card for me too?,thank-you, love&light šŸ™‚

  • Hello Tikirose,

    I would be so grateful for an Angel Reading, I would love to know what they want to tell me about my DOB: 2nd December 1951

    much love and joy to you


  • hello Tikirose, I am at a point in my life that if something doesn't change soon im going to be unhappy for the rest of my life. I have had nothing but huge disappointments in my life thus far, yet I have a very logical and positive out look on life (deep down), I try to do all that I can, like by being honest, forthright, and always willing to compromise in all situations ....but it always turns out that I end up sacrificing, loosing ground, and going without. I hope maybe you can help me to better understand what my angel wants or needs for me to be more fit to receive there protection or guidance. thank you in advance my b-d. is January 22nd, 1982

  • tikirose -- Are you okay? Haven't heard from you on this thread for awhile, and was wondering if you were okay?

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