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  • Hello, and thank you for posting on the forums. Just a reminder about the rules regarding readings since there have been a number of recent violations:

    We appreciate contributions of all kinds to our online community, but must restrict the use of the forums to posts of a non-commercial nature. Please refrain from providing links to personal or business web sites, providing personal or business contact information, or offering your reading services in the forums. Friendly advice and compassion is encouraged -- but trying to make money off the forum community is not.

    All topics and posts that violate the rules will be removed.

    For your reference, please refer to

    Thank you,

    Forum Admin

  • Dear Admin,

    Thank you for starting this thread. And thank you for reminding us about the forum rule. I definitely appreciate it as I do not want to be banned or see any of the people I call friends here to be banned from this forum either, for doing something that is not allowed or against the forum rule.( non intentional of course).

    I do have one question though; about offering reading services in the forums. Just need to be clear on this one, no one is allowed to offer readings in this forum, even if it is for free ( without any payment?). I believe there are many others who would like to get a clear answer on this as well. I do not give any readings because I am not gifted nor I have a brain for it but I certainly would like to know because it might involved people that I care about and people whom have been helping me to be the person I am today, with their advice and guidance. For free.

    Your reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for starting this thread.

    P/S - This is the best forum I have ever been to, the love and compassion are tremendous!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hello Admin,

    Thanks so much for informing and Updating Us with the updated notices

    on the site. I want to personally Thank You For allowing this site to be here,

    allowing it to have develope as it has. With The Site I've gained alot of

    things I had'nt had before, Made positive changes, helped others and Even

    made new friends here. I would hate to see anyone banned but I understand

    your reasons, There has been me and a few significant others who have

    even participated in a forum to aware others of negativity and how to handle


    However,I can advocate for I hav'ent witnessed anyone on the site charging people for readings

    and everyone here giving insight are pretty compassionate and helping towards


    Thankyou so much for the Update, Blessings and Peace to You.

  • HELLO ADMIN. thanks for looking out for the venders that appear here from time to time. there was on here this weekend, im assuming that is what you are referring to? I have never seen anyone here who has ever charged anyone for the help and time they have given to all of us here.For the most part all of us here are very considerate and helpful to others always , and do havea lot to give as far as guidence and very useful information, however what is the solution to the counterpart of that? when some here are totally disrespected and and the subject of negativity? thanks much for reading this! have a good day!

  • Hello All,

    We're also very proud of this wonderful, warm-hearted community filled with intuitive individuals. Yes, the majority of the people who post are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts and to spread good karma.

    But occasionally we do run across commercial posts from vendors, spammers and people who are trying to drum up their own personal business.

    As to what qualifies as a reading: any personalized Tarot, Astrology, Numerology or I Ching reading. Everyone is strongly encouraged to share thoughts, feelings insight and advice. You can also offer info on Tarot cards, Astrology signs, planets, etc in general. You can even comment on each other's birth charts and readings you have received in the past but would like further insight on. But we can’t advocate personalized readings that are generated within the forums.

    There are plenty of tools available on that offer this information; tools that we know are accurate. All of the readings and reports are written by experts who have studied their respective divination fields for decades and are well respected within the community as experts. We're proud to stand behind these readings and reports as some of the most authentic, high quality available.

    We don’t want to discourage talented people here in the forums from tapping into their own intuition to help others and offer insights – that's what divination is all about. But we can't personally endorse their readings like we can the people who create our authentic divination rituals.

    Since the issue of what qualifies as a reading can be open to interpretation, we aren’t likely to crack down on well-meaning individuals who offer free readings because they aren't aware of our policy.

    But we are on the lookout for people who try to charge for their advice and/or link to their personal websites which charge for their services.

    Don’t worry, if we do feel like someone is consistently violating the rules, we will send them a private message warning them. We very rarely ban anyone (except for spammers -- who just keep coming back as fast as we can ban them!).


    Forum Admin

  • So you're fine with charging for your own readings - you just don't like anyone not connected with you to do it?

  • thats what o got as the message here to captain.

  • Hello All,

    Just to clarify: we're not okay with people in the forums charging for readings, we don't post links to our own paid readings in the forums either. We make sure that if we do post a link to something within the site that it's free. The forums are a place to share advice and communicate, not for commerce. So we prefer to keep personalized readings out of the forums, even our own.

    In general, we can't endorse anyone else's readings because we don't know what their education/credentials are like. We do know that our experts are all credible resources because we have researched them thoroughly and they are well respected within the community.

    Hope that clears up the confusion,

    Forum Admin

  • hi all

    I have read the forum rules.

    Plainly they state:

    1. we must be respectful to one another at all times, even if we disagree.

    2. we must never use pornography or profane language, oops sorry.

    3. we must never charge anyone for our services rendered on this forum

    4. we must not advertise our businesses on this forum

    5. we must use this forum as its provider intended, to share our ideas and knowledge

    in a loving and caring fashion

    6. the forum takes no responsibility for any advice given or taken on these forum pages

    7. does not endorse any of our advice to each other as they don't know who we are.



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  • after you have said that you wish them well in all their endeavors. ignore their further requests.

  • Laithano,

    those Bonnie and Clyde or whoever they are does not deserve your time or worries. Don't let them get into you okay? As Twinsoul have said, wish them well and ignore their request..

    We are here for you 🙂

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