Why have me and virgo ex not spoke for a month?

  • We broke up a couple of times, and then had a final fall out 3 weeks later he text me asking me how I was after saying he was going to leave me alone before, I was in a bad mood that day and really ill..so this is how the conversation went..

    Him: wats up?

    Me: what do you want now

    Him: oh thats not nice how are u?

    Me: what happened to leaving me alone

    Him: i see how it is then, oh sorry

    Me: good u better be because u chat so much sh*t

    He didn't text back, so the next day I text him apologising and he said he deserved it and i said "K. speak to u soon." and he never replied back to me :

    It's been a month now, and I was really sorry for what I did, I was in such a bad mood that day and how he just popped back into my life again just got me mad I guess...he hasn't removed me off facebook yet which I am shocked about but I just want him back, I don't know if I should leave it or not.

    Advice please.


  • Call him and apologize and say whats happened that day. Tell him the truth because not many men are mind readers. if he no pick up leave a voice mail. dont txt.

    best of luck

  • I don't know... why did you break up in the first place. Is this the first time you've treated him like this? If not it could (in his mind) be the last. If you are broken up there is no need to beg or apologize.

  • once we virgos make up our minds that its done..... its done.... usually no going back,,,,, SO if you think you can save it you bess get on it 🙂

  • Child don't wast ur time virgo & pisces are 2 opposite signs in every kind of way, he really doesn't know or feel anything you feel my dear. listen if u really love him i know they are verry sweet person specially in bed, if you really love him ignore him for your own good bc he gonna keep doing the same thing over & over, they don't have no feeling, they verry good @ that hurting others, save yourself, when he wants 2c u, go ahead, when he doesn't want 2 forget about him then u'll see.

  • In end its not the star sign per se u live with its the personality which is far more than jyst his sign, and is there at all such a thing as starsigns that do not fit at all? when i hear of break ups and indifferences i hear not starsign incaompatabilities but of personality that clashes. Traits n behavior patterns that are not respect accepted or liked even. so to say this n that sign is like oil n milk is kinda lame sorry but thats what i think n ive done this for 11 years now.

  • I understand cwb, you know I respect you but I have to disagree. They were already broken up for a time (weeks) when they got into the argument, now they haven't even spoken for another month.... sometimes broke up means just that.

  • Yes sexygem but that on n off all the time aint starsigns per se, thats personality and behavioral acts that clashes. I was at first not sure wether to help or not, and as this progressed i asked myself i wonder how old they are because to me it sounds like mid teens to early 20ties. A phase where they oughta be focussed on education rather than relationships.

    Yeah i reckon ive become THAT old LOLOLOLOLOL

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