• More worn out, jaded and cynical than when she left but with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

    I am not psychic and I don't have any gifts so please don't waste your time asking me for a reading to provide something that I clearly can not, but I can help with some common sense and practical advice.

    Will be nice to chit chat to people again.

  • LOL Hi Wenchie

  • Hi Happydoc 🙂

  • it's early I'm guessing you are at a different time zone than the Pacific one?? LOL

  • Hi ! Didn't see this and went back to earlier conversation ..... ; (

    Welcome, to you, New Wenchie!

  • Welcome Back Wenchie!!

  • Happydoc, I'm in Australia.

    Laie4, not really a new and improved wenchie, just a wenchie is here, more disillusioned than anything else. No gifts to offer, but maybe there's people needing help other than readings.

  • Thanks CWB, I appreciate the welcome!

  • WOW I've always wanted to visit Australia, that's great...

    I'm from Mexico but not currently living there... why are you "disillusioned than anything else"?? dont feel like that... I feel like that too... but it's better if we smile 🙂 dont you think??

    Everyone here, I'm curious as how we got here... maybe you already shared that before... it's ok if you dont want to tell me...

    I got here trough Chopra book I ran into them when I was 20 yr old... cant remember which one exactly, but I do remember his Dad's book the first one I read... took me through a crazy road of self-discovery.... everybody says I'm a little crazy but it's their way of saying I'm a little different which is true... but I dont care 🙂

  • That's funny, I have always wanted to go to Mexico........Mexico, Italy, Egypt and Greek Islands.

    My stepmum was always into the spiritual and I worked for a couple that ran a business from home that opened up my eyes some more. I've always felt different and felt like people don't understand me, but I'm so used to it that I don't particularly care anymore. Only one person actually knows me for me, really knows me inside and he changed my life in so many ways. He was my old boss and we had an emotional affair (he was married). Poor guy, he chose to stay in his unhappy marriage, but we all make our choices don't we. We are hardly in contact anymore so that's a shame.

  • Hi HappyDoc!

    Much better name! lol !

    How did I get here? You don't ask an easy question, but I'll shoot for a short answer : ) Started on this at 12, that magical age of a "sponge" ....when I discovered religion, astrology and science only circled around my questions And sent me more questions! Along the way, I tossed in psychology, metaphysics, theology, more science and out came Spirituality! Only one book brought you here?

    How did I get to this site? Read things here like ten years ago, but ... life got in the way, I guess. Curious to learn what other people have to share. Timing is everything! LOL ! And you?

  • Glad to see you back, Wenchie!

  • It's ok, I completely understand... but it's better "to have love and lost that never have loved"... I tried to remind myself of that... so I can learn to let go and let things unravel by themselves...

    I also was in love with a married man and we had an affair as well but I knew he wanted different things (not to marry and have more kids) so I put distance between us and even though he'll always be someone special for me and we'll probably be friends I don't have that crazy love passion for him anymore...

    I met someone else that has turned my life upside down... in good and bad way I suppose...

    All the messages I've got from people about my situation are contradictory to each other so I'll decide when the situation arises... I've accepted to be in limbo for now, of course I struggle, yesterday night I was crying... but I have to keep going...

    Hang in there... things do happen for a reason and even though it might sound like lame advice... we never know what life is going to bring us or teach us...

  • Hi Laie4 wow 12 is young!!

    well not only one book, afterwards there were others... that one was the starting point... and Anthony De Mello "without baggage" or something like that... I remember I read one sentence in there and I felt a whole weight lifted from me...

    which one has been your favorite favorite book??

  • Hi Wenchie,

    Common sense is so rare anymore that you should change your user name to "jewel".

    Welcome back all though I didn't have the pleasure of introduction before. Could have

    used your input awhile back. Yes, we all make choices.

  • This post is deleted!

  • HAPPYDoc --- Favorite is WAY too hard! Everything has made a difference .... I don't have my books handy, but what popped to mind ...Some author wrote on the life and works of Carl Jung and archetypes ... and one entitled, Seat of the Soul by another author. These 2 I remember pushing me to examine, at 30, a lifetime of seeking and trying to make things gel.

    Wenchie, Good common sense, as archersbow pointed out, is needed here.

    Have a good day all !

  • Welcome back wnechie! HUGS

  • ** Laie4 - I've also read so many books but a couple that come to mind, perhaps because I really enjoyed them was two books, one written by the Dalai Lama called (I think) The Third Eye and I can't even remember which Dalai Lama it was and the second book believe it or not was written from the perspective of his cat. My sister also gave me a book years ago called Conversations With God. There are so many good books out there that open up your eyes. I currently have a book I was given a couple of months ago that I haven't started yet and the only reason that I can think of is that it hasn't been the right time and that is "Soul Wisdom."

    ** Sacogirl & Soapmaker - thank you for the welcome back.

    ** Happydoc - That guy I loved him deeply and intensely at the time, but yes I moved on, it was really hard, but I did. He purely came into my life to teach me things about myself, in him knowing all of me, I learnt about myself. He also showed me how a man should treat a woman and how I deserved to be treated. He was a catalyst for me to help me make the decision to leave the marriage I needed to leave. I see now what his purpose was in my life and how it was not meant to be long term but of course at the time it broke my heart. His guilt over spending time with me and the feelings he had for me won out and he is still in his unhappy marriage. I know that soon it will be his time to leave but have fulfilled the purpose in each others lives and although I will always have him in my heart and we will have a strong bond, it will only be friendship.

    I too met another man that has turned my life upside down and I have been told over and over again that we will end up together, I keep having readings waiting to hear the negative side because I am too used to have things not working out that it seems like I'll never have what I want. (I'm the opposite to most people here, have trouble accepting the good things!) Anyway, I've got other stuff to work on in myself and what will be with him will be, it's been going on for so long with him this on and off thing that I've made up my mind to tell myself to move on and think of it as over so that I won't be disappointed. I hope that you're situation works out for you, I really do.

    ** Archersbow - Thank you and nice to meet you! I do tend to suffer from foot in mouth, so I will endeavour to try to keep that under control.

    The thing is when I left my ex I didn't think every area of my life would completely fall apart and here I am over 2.5 years later still trying to put it back together and gettiing pretty tired and fed up with not knowing which bit to start with first and feeling like I'll never be happy and wishing I'd never started it all in the first place because now it all just seems too bloody hard and the more I look at myself and learn about myself the more I realise there is to work on. I just want to give up and go back to being clueless and not expecting much. And that is some brutal honesty for you but I'm sure there are others that have felt the same way at some point.

  • Oh Wenchie Wenchie how I've missed you, Libra and all the ladies! How have you been? We had a terrible and destructive ice storm in late January that brought down miles and miles of power poles, lines and trees and left us without power for a week at home and longer in surrounding communities. You take for granted and just don't realize how much you depend on electricity until you don't have it! Lol! We have spent this whole month cleaning up from all the fallen tree limbs but I was fortunate that none of mine fell on my house or car. All the food in my icebox spoiled and my trees look so bare but that's all the damage we had. Others weren't as fortunate and had lots of damage but everyone in our small community has pitched in to help one another with repairs and clean up. I am ready for winter to be over and hopefully my trees that did survive will come back in the spring. Seems like this has been a very strange winter all over the world. We typically only see a dusting of snow in a winter but we've had a record amount of snow fall this winter. Very strange winter indeed!

    Speaking of strange, I had a very strange thing happen to me yesterday while shopping at the mall with my son. We stopped at the food court and when my son went to the restroom this woman approached my table and told me she had a message for me. This is what she said, "Your light is shining brighter and brighter, they are waiting for you and the time is drawing near for you to be a messenger. Seek out the higher enlightened ones for they will teach you to hear and the messages can be delivered through you.They want you to know they have always been with you and protected you. As a babe across the ocean in an ancient land they were there on the porch to protect you and the one who is like a brother from those who came to harm you. They opened the door for you to escape the fire in the event that to this day causes you much physical pain " She started to walk away and I was in a state of surprise so I said wait, what are you talking about? She turned and said, "The message has been delivered. You have doubts but you know what I speak." My son came back to the table and asked who was the lady I was talking too and when I turned she was gone in the crowd. I have no idea who this woman is nor have I seen her before. When I was a baby in Greece, I was on the porch in my playpen with my cousin who lived with us at the time and is like a brother while my mom was hanging out the laundry. Mom said our family dog who never hurt anyone was spooked by some gypsies that entered the yard and attacked them. The event that causes me much physical pain to this day was a car accident and the car caught fire. The injury was to my neck & back and I was not burned nor do I have any scars but the driver side door was jammed prior to the accident and I had not had it repaired. When they did the investigation they determined it was still jammed and never did figure out how I got it opened to escape. That was over 25 years ago and in another state so this woman had no way of knowing that and also other then my Dad my family lives in another state so this woman could not have met anyone in my family to tell her the story of the dog attacking the gypsies. Coincidenece? It's too strange! Do you know anyone that could interpret this strange occurance?

    Take care my dear. Look forward to catching up with everyone!

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