What do these cards mean?

  • I am relatively new to reading tarot. I am using the John Holland oracle deck and started to feel like all my readings were the same and like I wasn't "getting" it, so I took a break. I pulled them out again and tried a reading about a relationship I am in and was going to do a six card spread I'd found online, but as I pulled the first four cards, felt like it wasn't making sense (really just wasn't understanding it, not that I just didn't like the cards) and stopped to re-try using a basic 3 card past, present, future spread. I reshuffled completey, cut the deck, fanned the cards out, closed my eyes and began drawing cards. To my complete shock, I drew the exact same 3 cards in the exact same order as I had started the previous reading! Well, obviously my faith is restored in the tarot and I now see that apparently these are the cards meant for this situation, except for the life of me I'm just not making any sense of it! The cards were Solitude (past), Financial and Material Changes (present) and Material Harvest (future). I find it very hard to read for myself and am not able to make sense of this! Anyone familiar with the deck or intuitive that can interpret this for me? Would really appreciate it. I am BRAND new at this so I can offer to do a reading in return, but have no idea how good I am at it!

  • Just a quick thought ... I don't know this deck ....Sometimes you don't get what you want, you get what you need ... Stay open to the message. Looks good to me : )

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