Help! Libra won't get out of my head

  • I keep thinking about a special Libra male lately. I dated this guy almost 3 years ago but I found out that he was married and cut it off immediately but lately I have been thinking out him a lot. He came to visit me at my job out of the blue with flowers and a card but I quickly dismissed him because he was still married and I am not a home wrecker. We have a common friend who called and told me his mother died last month and I sent him a text sending him my condolences but nothing more but now this guy keeps poping up in my head. I have thought of him from time to time in the past but now the thoughts are more intense! What is this connection that I have with this Libra man. I am a very attractive woman who dates a lot but I can stop thinking of this guy. I know he is off limits so I would never do anything stupid like have an affair but I would love to know what is it about Libra men. He has never come at me inappropriately but he always finds a way to keep in touch with me and he states that he thinks of me all the time. May I also state that he is younger than me, I am 32 (almost 33) and he is 27. When he looks at me, I can tell in his eyes that he would die for me but I am not his wife. What is it between Libra men and Taurus women? There is another Libra man in my life that does the same thing.

  • Hi baby bull, I can undertand why you were attracted at first to your Libra man: taurus and libra share the same planet call Venus. However, the similarity stop right there. You are a earth sign and your libra man is a air sign. Your energies doesnt mix well together. You should try to give other earth sign men a chance like a Capricorn( Dec 22-Jan 18) or Virgo( Aug 22- Sep 22). Good luck

  • Hi angelbull, I am a Libra women who was involved with a Taurus. I being an air sign and Taurus being bull, requires some understanding on both individuals. Once that happens, a deep love develops and continues as long as both remember who the other is and what their sign stands for. A Taurus/Libra combination will have many romantic moments and nights. Having been with a Taurus for 3yrs, I can a test that it was the only person I have truly fell in love with and known true love. There was never a boring moment. We loved the same things, food, art, music, nature, spur of the moment outings, spur of the moment road trips or just staying in and enjoying the comfort of each other and home.

    Funny you should mention that this Libra man pops into your head, as this taurus person keeps popping into my thoughts as well:) Sure would be awesome to find out why. I have chalked it up to be two souls truly complimenting each other! Truly this is what my taurus partner did for me, for lack of a better word, "complete" me:)

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