Was my virgo ex just trying to be friends?

  • We broke up a couple of times, and then had a final fall out 3 weeks later he text me asking me how I was after saying he was going to leave me alone before, I was in a bad mood that day and really ill..so this is how the conversation went..

    Him: wats up?

    Me: what do you want now

    Him: oh thats not nice how are u?

    Me: what happened to leaving me alone

    Him: i see how it is then, oh sorry

    Me: good u better be because u chat so much sh*t

    He didn't text back, so the next day I text him apologising and he said he deserved it and i said "K. speak to u soon." and he never replied back to me :

    It's been a month now, and I was really sorry for what I did, I was in such a bad mood that day and how he just popped back into my life again just got me mad I guess...he hasn't removed me off facebook yet which I am shocked about but I just want him back, I don't know if I should leave it or not.

    Advice please.


  • My dear try not 2 show him 2 much attention bc pisces & virgo are 2 opposites signs anyways but virgo's so hard on themself once it comes to relationship. I don't think they even know what they really want. Right now i'm dating one also, he call when he wants, come 2 see me when he wants, but never once i can't asked him or tell him i want to spend time/him he claim that i trying 2 control him. Is been 2 week since he having call or stop by saying that he so bz as much i know i'm in love/him believe me i'm working on myself 2 let him go because love is not only one way.

  • SpiceyPisces: I too have had a very recent and similar experience with a Virgo. What do you want now would be my exact response to him no matter what his chosen form of communication was. This whole thing has left me feeling sort of empty.

    In your experience with a Virgo, did he expect that you sit down and shut up when he was griping at you about his own ill mannered and disrespectful behavior?, did he try and act like you were just too stupid to realize that contact with his so called x's was more than ..."well...we're just friends", when you know that really, really, if he didn't really let go at good-bye with them, that the so-called goodbye was not really good-bye, but "where can I cash in next?" and then when he wants to come back because afterall, that situation evidentally fell through, it's "I know I owe you, but....?" I'm gonna pay you back, but to your recollection anything you have done 4 him is well, unconditional...Or how about, sure...we're gonna accomplish all of these things, but almost in the next sentence it's, "U can't count on me for a damn thing! and u know it!" ?

    I am beginning to believe that I should just sign in here uner spare me the wishywashy!!

  • Oh, and by the way, I am a scorpio. Just in case that makes any difference.

  • I dated a guy I think a Pieces and I am a Virgo very much the same way would only call me when he wanted a "friends with benefits" relationship which I got wise early on to that dispicable behavior. I turned the situation completely around because I am dating other men and he has text me repeatedly to meet up with him, which I completely ignored and he ultimately wants to know why I am so "cold" to him now. I think the guy spicey Pisces was looking for a woman for now and not long-term. Sounds like the jerk I cut loose. You were abrupt with him but if he was really "into you" he would of understood that you were in a bad mood and to contact you at a better time. He probably went to the next woman on his list. Cut the zero loose and find yourself a hero. Don't beat yourself up over this guy.

  • Oh no way am I beating myself up over him. It's like skating....ya know?

  • And good for you...dumping a moron like that.......

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