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  • Hi all,

    Can we have a discussion or if anyone would share their experience on this matter;

    "Listen to your instinct"

    How can we know if our instinct is telling us something?

    I am still very unsure on this matter. I was told many times that I should take my instinct more seriously and try not to fight it.

    Am I making sense? Sorry if I am not.

  • emergence>>How can we know if our instinct is telling us something?

    Sandran712>>It is a little hard for me.Since my intuition tells it for me.But,I will guess let's say it's like the "8" ball that tells you to do this or that.well...pretend that the "8" ball is your thinking.Ask yourself if I should do this or that.If you do not get a strong feeling to do something.You usually hold off doing anything until you feel the same intuition feeling again.If it repeats the pattern to stay away.Then you back off.Alot of times on these boards threads whatnot...alot of people will ignore it.I never do.And if I happen to be wrong to back off when I shouldn't have.I call that a lesson learned.But..most times if you feel someone is cheating... a good majority of that is true and always protect yourself

  • Hi Sandran712,

    Thanks for sharing. I really hope more people will come forward and share their experience with us too.

    I was told many times that I am a very intuitive person but I am not using my abilities, or should I say, I doubt it in most times. How can I explain this; well, say when I am asking myself a question, I will get an instant feeling what the answer is or what the outcome will be. Instead on focusing on it, my mind began to wonder and start searching for reasons. In the end, I am left with doubtfulness and regret later on because my instinct was right in the first place.

    Another example, if I meet someone, my instinct will tell me something about that person and most of the time, if I think back a year or 2 later, I am amazed to know that what I thought of that person when we first met was right after all, I was just being stubborn and ignorant.

    Since a year ago, I spend more time on spirituality. I am really interested to learn about trusting my instinct. to trust myself and to make use of this ability as a guidance in life. I am sure it might help me in making better decision and stop putting myself into one dissapointment after another.

  • HI SANDRAN, how do you differenciate between instinct and maybe wishful thinking? i have good instincts most times but sometimes i get confused about what i want and my instincts, in otherwords, i will find my thoughts keep going to an issue that might be nagging at me and its hard to decern between what i want to happen and take this as a sign that it is my instincts telling me , then i think NO this is only wishful thinking in so then trying to be honest with my self i just get stuck and dont know what it is.alll the while driving my self nuts trying to figure it out!.........then a

  • stclaire>>HI SANDRAN, how do you differenciate between instinct and maybe wishful thinking?

    Sandran712>>I have to assume Instinct is something you feel Or a fear that it will happen.And Wishful thinking is a feeling at random.We hope this or that will happen and hope that it does or doesn't .I really don't go into deep thoughts like this because my intuition/instincts doesn't hit you right away.A feeling comes over you and sometimes it stays with you like a toothache..The nagging thoughts are the ones I worry over.

  • Emergence>>Since a year ago, I spend more time on spirituality

    Sandran712>>I don't get all holy or anything.I noticed that my intuition is sometimes stronger when I go to church.

  • emergence

    I left an answer in your other thread

  • Leoscorpion - Thanks!, I saw that. Typing a note for the compatibility reading now 🙂

  • you're welcome

    was going to leave a reply here but I guess I switch back and forth end up leaving it there LOL

    anyway let me know if you need any tips for meditation

    like you I am into spirituality, not religion

  • leoscorpion>>spirituality, not religion

    Sandran712>>What's the difference between Spirituality and Religion?

  • Hi Leoscorpion,

    No problem, confusion can happen sometimes especially when you have too many threads to reply 🙂

    You are reading my mind again! Yes, I would appreciate some help/tips on meditation. I watched a few videos on YouTube and listen to Podcast on meditation since 2 months ago. I would like to be able to concentrate and relax my mind (which seems so hard, blame it on my hyperactive brain).

    Also, you did great on the relationship's reading, I envy you for hitting the spot right on. May I ask if you can do a general reading which says something about my career, life etc? To be honest, life is hitting me hard since November, career, financial, family and my relationship was the only positive thing that kept me sane. When the broke up happened and when my little brother died a month ago, I am thinking that how far more am I being test right now. Thankfully, my believe in spirituality is keeping me strong until today. ( i know, I know, I should ask this in the other thread LOL)

    I want to thank you again for being here and for your guidance.

  • Sandran712,

    I know the question is for Leoscorpion but if I you want to read my view between spirituality and religion, I will post it in my other thread 🙂

  • Sandran712,

    Sorry, I meant to say, I will post it in this thread.

    (Arrgh...I need to get my eyes checked)


  • Hi Emergence!

    ( I was just going to post this, but by the time I finger pecked my way about the keyboard, I now think you are looking for other answers. Going to post anyway!

    : > )

    In reading, a thought quickly came to mind …. Do you feel/mean instinct or intuition?

    As a child, "messages" where always received, but I didn't have the ability, maturity, or the words to understand them.

    Instinct : instinct is a reaction to some outer stimuli, and something biologically leftover --- more an in-bred, ancestral response.

    Intuition : Something that is "felt" or "seen" without concrete reasoning. Is that what you are Really asking?

    Now that I've matured and gained life experience I've learned that there's a difference between a gut (instinct ) reaction and messages (intuition). Not a huge difference in some cases, but its there! LOL !

    An instinctual example: You pick up an object. Your emotional response is … Eww, I don't like this orange color, something about it makes me cringe!

    An intuitional example: You pick up an object. You" see" a dark haired woman.

    Living has taught me to heed a warning born of instinct and act ! Often, Intuition comes unbidden. I filtered it through judgement to find a "use full " place for it. It is sometimes viewed in hindsight when you can't figure out what to do with the knowledge.

    For me and probably many people, trusting instinctual responses strengthens intuition.

  • If I may Sandran.

    Both spirituality and religion aim to take an individual towards the ultimate goal of life. A religion does so by spoon feeding the individual. Religion gives the person set guidelines and asks him/her to follow. Often, religious beliefs instill fear of God in you and make you do things without questioning them. Spirituality is worship of self as it believes God resides in you and no where outside. The reasons to do so, often remain unexplained. On the other hand, spirituality is an individual experience of the encompassing effect. A spiritual person finds his own way, travels it alone and reaches there in a state of euphoria. Following a religion is doing a duty, whereas being spiritual is being who you are.

  • Sandran

    Religion is a system of belief, spirituality is a belief.

    Religions have books, hierarchies. Spirituality doesn’t.

    To a religious person, anyone that doesn’t worship the same god or deity, is either not saved, needs saving, or a sinner even. To a spiritual person, it doesn’t matter what god someone worships, since we all are spirits, coming to the physical world to learn. if we are wrong, we will then learn that mistake, we don't need to be judged by anyone.

    To a religious person, any spirit aside from god’s and the angels are bad. A spiritual person respects all spirits, because we are after all spirits. The only difference is that we are in our physical bodies while the others are not.

    I was once a religious and I have exactly the same question as you do : what is the difference? I don’t respect Gauthama and Confuscious. But once I left my religion and embrace spirituality, I respect all spirits, enlightened or not. To the spiritual, Jesus, Gauthama and Confuscious are Ascendant Masters, the enlightened ones. But as you can see, each of them is god to different religion. means if you worship Jesus, then he is the only way to salvation, everyone else is the wrong way.

    This is possible because a religious person has to choose to walk in the light or in the darkness, otherwise you will be worshipping two masters. Whereas a spiritual person walks in between, respecting all and worshipping none. Because respecting is not worshipping. By respecting all spirits, we treat them as equal and so they don’t see us a threat.

    To a religious person, the world of the living and the dead is separated. But a spiritual person, will not find it hard to live with spirits in the same house. Some spirits may be aggressive, but whether you are religious or not, will not change that. It's just how they are.

    It is possible that religious people are also spiritual, one example of this is Pope John (the one before Benedict, can’t remember his exact name) and Father John Berry (he has an article about living in harmony with nature somewhere. You can google it).

    You can see the difference, religious person, half religious half spiritual person, and a pure spiritual person. I went through the first 2 stages, and working on getting to the 3rd, which is my path. I am told that without religion, someone will not know god. But I'd say that it depends on which god is it that religions know? Do they know a god of love, or god of war? Do they worship a god that kills, or a god that creates? Do they worship a god that only forgives those who worship him/her? Or do they worship a god that loves every creation equally, and therefore forgives everyone? Because a loving god will not order a killing, will it?

    This is my answer to your question. Whether you agree or not to it, I will leave it to you.

  • leoscorpian--

    Right on...Each of us is on a spiritual path and finds truth in our own way. I respect anyone

    who's beliefs are sincere and that are convicted from the heart--which is the ultimate "judge".

  • Laie4 -

    Thank you for your explanation between instinct and intuition! A very easy, yet understandable one.

    I have been told many times that I am a very intuitive person and I should take this ability very seriously and work on it. Since a year ago, I am spending more time on spirituality, to get in touch with my inner self, to get to know myself better.

    Since my childhood, I 'see and felt' event before it happen. Not all the time but mostly. It will come without me thinking about it specifically. Sometimes, when I questioned myself about a certain subject, the answer came instantly to my mind. How can I explain this's like me watching a movie, like a screen being played right in front of my eyes. I tried to block them out as much as I can because I thought it was me imagining things. It scares me sometimes too. It is great to see and felt the good things but the bad ones....uuughh. Now that I am older, I am taking it more seriously and hopefully I can put this ability to good use one day.

    GemTwin52 and Leoscorpion -

    I totally agree on the explanation between spirituality and religion. These 2 are totally different from one another. Not many people realise that though. I am glad you both can provide such a great explanation in here. I do not have to add more 🙂

  • Emergence, Glad it made sense and it helped a little. I try to keep it short because I don't type.

    Everyone thinks they're imagining things at first; repeated happenings show you that you're not. Many things can scare people and thats a whole discussion all by itself! LOL ! Some people find something ( ie., crystals, angels, sheilds) to keep scary things at bay by turning a perceived negative into a positive. Best wishes! Laie

  • archersbow

    exactly. the psyche can speak through many ways, including through the heart.


    I was going to wait until you post yours, but like everything else today, it seems I rush in LOL

    I'm glad though that you are OK with it 🙂

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