Listen to your to...

  • Leoscorpion>>This is my answer to your question. Whether you agree or not to it, I will leave it to you

    Sandran712>>When I studied Astrology in high school.I don't remember studying this part.I should just pass on this part.It sounds confusing.So I guess this is a neutral subject for me.But, thanks for explaining it to me.

  • gemTwin52>> spiritual person finds his own way, travels it alone and reaches there in a state of euphoria

    Sandran712>>I've never acted this way.So like I told Leoscorpion.It's confusing.I 'd probably get lost if I followed my own way..LOL

  • Sandran

    to everyone there is a path. some may share the same path, but it is the path we choose. the path we are drawn to and later we will understand.

    I did not find what I seek, in my old religion. but my mother does, and a few others I know. Spirituality is a broad concept, it will be impossible to systemize it. Understandable if you are confused, plus I have been in your shoes I know exactly how you feel reading this.

    some people believe what they see, some believe what they experience, some believe practically anything and easily manipulated or swayed, some believe what the heart or the psyche says.

    believe what you want to believe. if you are meant to walk the same path I walk in, the time will come when you will be shown the way.

    astrology is an occult. many religions do not embrace occult, because it is a divination tool, an attempt to predict human personality and the future. religions would say that only god knows the future. what religions do not understand, is that occult is a study. Like any studies, the result ranges from 95% accuracy to lower. A true occult practitioner will not claim 100% accuracy, of course then, there are always those who are self righteous on both sides of the coin.

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