Breakup help, Please

  • My boyfriend of 7 years recently left me for someone else, We had a very close relationship and 4 days before meeting this woman he had a HUGE argument with his father and told him he must accept the fact i am in his life forever or he will not speak to him. one month later he left me! there have been lots of lies (i found he did cheat on me though he denies this) he has wanted to keep me in his life even though he plans to be with her and is in constant contact with her (she lives in another country) . She is coming to live here in a month ! i believe she has pushed for this relationship as a ticket out of south africa she has no money and he does and has been paying for everything. I was told by a tarot reader that this woman was working black magic i dont really believe that can work but ....

    Can anyone see our situation ?

    will he want me back i believe we were/are very very connected and can be again I think before he left and still now he is in a depression and this relationship is just covering the feeling. will he get help ?

    Would appreciate all the insight i can get xx Thanks xx

  • spalma

    this man is pretty bad news. his father is a very harsh and bigoted person. why do you want to be with this man is my first question to you. yes he will want you back but please leave it at that . all i see is pain and confusion, he is a serial cheater. he will always be a cheater. walk away. send this woman from south africa a thank you note and runnnnnnnn good news there is a wonderful love for you i see you getting married within three years nice dress lady. a wonderful life is in store for you, should you choose... blessings

  • Dear Spalma,

    I'm with twinsoul. I haven't done an angel reading for you to see what your angels are saying, but I KNOW in just your descriptions of what all happened, that they would talk to you about loving yourself first before you can begin to find the everlasting love you seek. If a relationship is meant to be, it's meant to be. When all is smooth sailing ahead, it's because both of you are in "sync" with the universe and it's meant to be. When things our out of sync, that isn't the case.

    I urge you to call Archangel Michael right now to your side and tell him you need his strength, and courage, and confidence to work on your own self-respect. Who you are talking about in your email is NOT the real you. YOU are underneath all of this emotional upheaval, and the YOU I'm talking about in your Divine Spirit. You have one, and to hear what it wants, you have to stop all the noise in your head and begin to "listen" for direction. This is your intuition that will speak -- which is also known as your angels. You deserve to be loved, you deserve to be treated with respect, and yes, you deserve to demand that respect. It all starts with you. And Michael can help you if you just ask him to come in to your life and assist you.

    I have your angel reading request but you didn't ask about your relationship in it. I have several others to do before I get to yours...but you can start now by asking your angels for guidance and help.

    Angel blessings to you,


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