Advice with us leos

  • well, first i'd just like to thank u for spending time to read this it might be dumb idk.. ok but here it goes. well im a leo born on 8-15-1987, and i feel that these last couple of years have introduced major changes in everything in my life. its like i relived through like a past life or something weird like, sometimes i have deja vu. in about three years my life has completely transformed. but i feel that there is something else going on because i think its only effecting those born under the LEO horoscope, because i sometimes feel like this is going towards my destiny, but idk for sure yet. i feel lost because i pray, and i still feel stuck though in ife, with everything from relationships to career, to home life. is it just me or is all leos? can someone just shine some light on what is going on with us leos? and what the future has in store for us because the last three years was really something else for me.sorry if its long but i had to get this out of my mind. any body out there understand whats goin on?

  • I dont think its jus leo...i believe its all of us...i was born april seems,im doing the exact same things ur talkin bout....i think its jus life. Shitty huh? Maybe we jus have to keep learning how 2 adapt eah and every time...hope all goes well 4 u!!

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