What Did You Come Here to Learn?

  • Hi Captain, would love to know what my purpose here is. Feel I have lost my way right now. I am 6 October 1963. Thank you.:-(

  • Hi Captain. I am born 24. august 1978. What am I here for?

    Thank you for your offer.

  • Hello Captain. My Birthday is Feb. 9, 1964, and I'm very curious about my friend too. His Birthday is Feb 22, 1958. Thank you.

  • Many thanks, Captain, for taking the time to do my reading! I've been mulling it over since I first read it last night.....it just doesn't "speak to me" right now, so I think I'll be doing some deep-down soul searching over the coming week. Looks like I might not have the personal clarity that I always think I have, LOL. Wow, that could be part of my lesson too.

    Greatly appreciative,


  • Thank you Captain. I do feel that I am here to be a student of life, human nature and to cause no harm. This forum is a start of a different stage of life for me. I appreciate your help and kindess. If I can return the favor, please email me at

    Peace and Light, Deb

  • Hello Captain My DOB is 03-12 49

  • Hi Captain, you responded to "What are my issues" previously, my dob is July 1, 1961, why am I here?

  • Thank you Captain, you know me well. Bless you.

    Thanks, Toni

  • Hello TheCaptain,

    Its me again,my birthdate is 5th july 1977.thanks so much!

  • ...oh and also for my friend pleeaaasseee:-) his birthdate is 22nd nov.1982.thank you.

  • Lovingsilverwings, you are here to learn to curb your rebellious impulses and steady your energies. Imbued with a passionate brand of creative thinking, you must learn how to harness it to maximum effect. Wrapped up in broad philosophies and big ideas, you must move toward a greater focus on the details since your ultimate success lies in how you evaluate and present information. Gifted with a restless, active mind, you can burn out easily, not accomplishing what you set out to do. You must embrace the present rather than chasing after the past or what might have been. An expansive individual, you will learn to harmonise your energies and, in so doing, will have much to teach the world about compromise. Your core lesson is to slow down and steady your energies. Your goal is to cultivate the patience to work with the information before you, using your gifts of inspiration, expressiveness, and versatility.

  • KLBM, you are here to lay claim to an area of expertise and make it your own. Although money and ambition are attractive, your orientation is not necessarily materialistic. Rather, your aim is to develop a talent or skill to a level of mastery. This requires you to renounce or sacrifice other desires or interests in order to give all your energy to your prime focus. You are an unusual blend of idealist and realist, reserve and extroversion, and the serious and the comic - you are able to focus on your goal with savage intensity and anyone who gets in your way may be trampled underfoot. Once you perfect yourself in your chosen skill or master a particular talent, you face an even more difficult task, since true mastery requires manifesting a unique vision or using your talent in a unique way. Thus you face the challenge of bringing your vision or idea into solid reality. Your core lesson is finding and studying with a mentor. Your goal is mastering a craft or art, using your gifts of diligence, persistence, and persuasion.

  • AuntBuck, you are destined to find a way to emerge from the shell you hide in and to express the more feminine side of your nature by becoming more compassionate, nurturing, and loving. Prone to emotional dormancy, you must learn how to reach out to others, thereby allowing yourself to share your unique brand of magic. Goal and career-oriented, you are called to let relationships be the centre of your life. You will learn lessons on love and loving, and as you learn, you will open to the enchantment of everyday life. As your emotional life opens and flows, you will blossom into a person who gives light and divine guidance to others. Your core lesson is to move into the light of a relationship from the shadows of a solitary life. Your goal is to reach out of yourself and touch those around you, using your gifts of psychic ability, generosity, and inspiration.

  • Monisha5, your calling in this life is to find someone or something to which to devote your life. Sacrifice and struggle are no strangers to you, since the devotion required of this path is uncompromising. You tend to be somewhat enigmatic and solitary, and are fond of puzzling over conundrums or philosophies at length. Often this is just a way of sorting through what matters to you. Soulful, with an unusual personality, you may have to search far and wide for the object of your devotion before you find it. Your journey begins with a spiritual search, often prompted by the feeling that something is missing in your life. Your devotion to your cause can bring you public acclaim for your singleminded attention and courage, even though you may have suffered social rejection at some earlier point. Your core lesson is to be able to hear what your heart is telling you. Your goal is to find a person, cause, principle, or deity to which you can unreservedly devote yourself, using your gifts of discrimination, sensitivity, and humour.

  • Captain, thank you for the information revealed.

    Yes, i do have a restless, active mind. I have learnt to pace myself so as not to burn out. I do not think I am an impulsive person, as I think- rationalize my moves before acting.

    At this time I am in a very slow mode as I have been physically healing (retired medically). There are many areas I feel I would like to venture into. I am now at a stage of life for some new ventures where i may be of assistance. Not sure what it is!!!!!


  • Pilot007, you have come to secure your sense of self and learn to stand firm in who you are. You must learn to be more grounded, operate from a core of strength, deal resolutely with your emotions, and toughen your ego in order to be fully in charge of your life. Coming from a place of deep empathy and sensitivity, you may find yourself buffeted by the winds of feeling, your own as well as those of others. So impressionable and psychic are you that, like a mirror or pond, you reflect the feelings of those close to you. Moreover, since you don't have a clear understanding of who you are to begin with, it's easy for you to confuse your own feelings or personality traits with those of others. Chameleon-like, you adapt your personality to that of those you spend time with, appeasing your deep desire to please and your corresponding fear of rejection. Your core lession is to establish psychological and psychic boundaries, and your goal is to create a firm internal structure and identity using your gifts of empathy, and compassion, and financial astuteness.

  • Thebilly86, are you 12th July or 7th December?

  • HAPPYDoc's friend, you have spiritual faculties that allow you to look into the hearts and minds of others. Not only are you highly empathic, but your intuitive and even psychic abilities are very well developed. You are destined not only to be in touch with unseen realms but to express your visionary views. However, the fact that your intuition is so highly developed could also cause you to withdraw from the world into a sort of religious or protective retreat. But it is your task to participate fully in the world through the complete and positive articulation of your gifts. You are called to be a prophet of sorts, although the most successful prophets are perhaps those who do not make elaborate calculations or inspired guesses but rather create the future through their own actions, thus ensuring the success of their prophecies. Your core lesson is to take the unseen forces of spirit and give them creative form or manifestation. Your goal is to fully and in detail express your experience of spirit/the Divine, using your gifts of prophecy, charisma, and affection.

  • Guided1, you are here to learn how to face any challenge or problem without backing down. To accomplish this task, you must develop the ability to set your resolve and make a commitment. You are multi-faceted, and on the surface life seems to come easily to you, as if you were born under a lucky star. You are often not aware of how easy certain skills or talents are for you compared to other people. However, you tend to lack resolve and prefer to take the path of least resistence. Moreover, as you often lack the determination to see a job through to the end, the quality of your work may suffer, making it difficult for you to advance in your chosen career. You may pay too much attention to what others think, preventing you from cultivating your own beliefs. Without a more fully developed value system, you may lack a sense of self. Your core lesson is to stand up for what you believe in or for those you love. Your goal is to take up any challenge and not back down, using your gifts of toughness, an action orientation, and skilfulness.

  • Wenchie, you are here to develop consideration for the feelings, viewpoints, and lifestyles of others. This type of understanding or sensitivity is more than a onetime ability to have empathy for another - what is important is continuity, that is the development of an ongoing capacity to think of others from moment to moment. First, you must become open to, and accepting of, views or feelings other than your own. Second, you must consider these views or feelings in your dealings with people, whether you agree with or understand them or not. This process requires a certain detachment. Moreover, developing the art of reflection will help you to see your own actions and their effects on others more objectively, thus enabling you to think before you act more and more frequently over time. Your core lesson is to release your ego's need to judge - cultivating a more open and accepting point of view towards others is the first step towards compassion and understanding. Your goal is to develop an ongoing, thoughtful consideration of others using your gifts of heroism, affection, and inventiveness.

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