What Did You Come Here to Learn?

  • MercurysBlueFox, your psychic powers didn't fade - you suppressed them because they made you afraid. But being psychic and sensing things is our original true nature and not anything to be feared. You can use your ability as much as you like and you already know how to turn it down when it gets too much for you.

  • Its true that I got very scared for a while,we lived in a house that had me on edge constantly. I was ignoring the feelings however and they got worse, so I acknowledged them and the fact that the house may of had spirits and then the feelings disappeared but I then had this strange friendship with whatever was there, mostly by a loneliness on my behalf and a strange sense of intimidation from whatever was there.

    And the next house came with its own problems! I kept thinking that it was the houses we were moving to but soon realised maybe it was me.

    I try to control the fear whenever I get it but obviously need to work harder, if you say there is nothing to fear then I believe you.

    Sorry! I tend to Ramble, I should make a separate thread for my ramblings!

  • Thank You Captain for everything I appreciate all your help,and thank you once again.

  • Thank you again Captain, 12/25/79 🙂

  • Soulfirepoet, you are among the most deeply sensitive of people in the world. This might be difficult to discern however, for you cover up your soft underbelly with a hard shell of cool objectivism and ostensible rationality. You are called to become more balanced, mature, and psychologically whole as you integrate your inner and outer realities. Self-protective in the extreme, you probably have experienced betrayal of your trust. So you must rebuild trust in yourself to be more discerning and a better judge of character. You will learn how to evaluate others so that you know whom to trust and why. Only then will you be able to show others what you are truly made of. Your core lesson is to trust your own judgment. Your goal is to reveal your sensitive core to others and to stop seeing yourself as a victim, using your gifts of compassion, observation, and an orientation towards service.

  • Captain Please would you mind for me as well? Aug 1, 65. Thank you for your time and guidance.

  • Feangelikah, you have come into this lifetime to define what freedom means to you personally. You will come to understand that freedom is a state of mind - thus, you may find yourself in situations where you feel limited in some way in order for you to discover the nature of true liberation. You can be very stubborn and can become combative when you feel others encroaching on your rights. Your intuition is your greatest strength - however, you might confuse what it is telling you due to your fear of restriction. Often you can feel like everything and everyone around you is holding you back or keeping you down. But usually the limitations you perceive exist only in your very active imagination. You must become more objective in order to learn how your thoughts affect your reality and to able to transform how you think from negative to positive. Your core lesson is to learn to perceive limitations as the illusions they are. Your goal is to become adept at thinking positively, using your gifts of quick-mindedness, intuition, and charisma.

  • Thank You Captain. I truly appreciate this stepping stone into my journey. I am currently working on fear and "my limitation" issues. Thanks love I feel I am at least on the right path. And thankful that I am on a mission at all to find my right path. This is just the beginning. I think I am off to read Anam Cara for a bit and try to sleep tonight. Thanks again Captain and Angels on your pillows tonight.

  • Hello again Captain... I got your amazingly insightful answer about Compatibility, so it is time to ask about my personal purpose 🙂 Thank you again, a lot!

    25 Dec 1974


  • Dear The Captain,

    We have spoken before and I would like to have your input. My birthday is 7/06/1957 and my husband is 5/01/1937. We are expecting a babie(s) this Spring.

    Can't wait to hear from you,


  • Rooster5 - You are here to explore the deeper aspects of yourself and others fearlessly and fully. Because you are naturally attracted to social involvements and causes, you must periodically withdraw from the world in order to touch base with your unconscious, reflect on its workings, and use what you learn in the development of a greater understanding of your fellow human beings. Only then will you be able to renew your societal contacts in a more meaningful fashion. Born with a naturally helpful nature, you too often neglect yourself and your own personal development. At some point you must learn to put yourself first and use your energy in the service of your own spiritual growth. Introspection can be an extremely painful and difficult process for you but it is only after you learn how to do battle with your inner demons that you can unlock the true source of spiritual power within yourself. Your core lesson is to broaden your sometimes rigid viewpoints and opinions, release the need for an audience, and to become less judgmental of yourself and others. Your goal is to develop a deeper understanding of your own inner process and that of others, using your gifts of studiousness, steadfastness, and caring.

    Rooster5's husband - You are here to use your naturally expressive energies to give rise to a unique form of creativity. You are gifted with a facility of mind that manifests itself in a quick wit, the enjoyment of language, and technical proficiency. It is your task to put these skills to some extraordinary and productive use, to put your ideas into action so that you may contribute something original to the world. You must learn to hear your inner voice of inspiration, your intuition, and to act upon it. When it speaks to you, you know it in your heart and it is for this that you truly live. Feeling spirit moving through you, you become your most authentic and are best able to ignore your ego's demands. To accomplish this rather lofty aim, you must learn how to become a channel for ideas or creativity that is greater than yourself. This level of inspiration comes from only one place - you must learn how to communicate directly with the Divine. Doing everything the same old way will never really satisfy you - it is your fate to express new or possibly untried approaches whether in the arts, politics, education, or even simple everyday tasks. Use your tremendous need for physical activity and your creativity to help quell your restlessness and boredom. Your core lesson is to develop a means of communicating directly with spirit and to lose the need for recognition. Your goal is to operate from an authentic source of inspiration, using your gifts of mental facility, passion, and originality.

  • Snow74 - You came here to learn the lessons of responsibility. Coming into this life with a freedom-loving and rebellious nature, you rail against all limitations. Thus, it is your nature to avoid responsibility. However it is precisely the duty and accountability derived from the acceptance of responsibility that will fulfil your destiny and lead you to a true sense of independence. You may have a kind of manic fear of being controlled by others - you must learn not only to free yourself from such control but to realise that ongoing negative reaction to authority is itself a form of being controlled. Having no reaction at all to authority may be the real freedom for you. This path calls for you not only to throw off the yoke of self-imposed fear of restriction but also to give birth to an inner sense of responsibility through discipline. Your core lesson is to know that fighting limitations is in itself a form of limitation. Your goal is to develop self-control and discipline through the acceptance of responsibility, using your gifts of honour, expansiveness, and fairness.

  • Captain, blagodarya (i.e. 'thank you ' in Bulgarian) :))

  • February 23, 1997.

    Thank you, Captain! 😄

    I've been waiting for something like this.

  • January 4th 1959. This could be helpful!

  • Wow!

  • ReeseyReese, your destiny is to discover for yourself the nature of beauty and what, at the deepest levels of your heart, you truly value. To do this, you must become more of an acute observer and appreciator of the world around you. In the process of doing so, you will recognise an ideal or ideal form of beauty and make it your guiding light, your polestar, that becomes the very foundation of your being. Though not necessarily artistic yourself, you have the task of sharpening and shaping your aesthetic sensibilities and putting them at the service of your inspirational ideals and visions, whether with regard to the arts, to political and economic structures, or in other life areas. Your strongly sensual side will aid you by enhancing your physical senses and perceptions and your search for an ideal will help to develop an incisive mentality. Your core lesson is to establish aesthetic values through discrimination and analysis. Your goal is to manifest your idealised vision, using your gifts of passion, sensitivity, and commitment.

  • Karean, it is your destiny to learn to mute your ego drives so that you can become a part of what goes on around you rather than forever demanding to be at the centre of things. You are here to develop a greater understanding of, commitment to, and concern for others. You are gifted with the ability to implement your visions and, by developing a deeper compassion, you have the potential to create a better world, working towards a greater good - whether for your family, your community, or society in general. Learning selflessness is difficult for you, entering the world as you do with a radiant energy that attracts attention and inspires admiration. But in order to grow spiritually, you must learn to direct the spotlight away from yourself and onto the more important concerns, ideas, or causes of others. Your core lesson is to place the good of the group ahead of yourself and release the need for ego and vanity affirmation. Your goal is to be worthy of the trust of others, using your gifts of a goals orientation, courage, and idealism.

  • Thank you so much, Captian.

  • Wow Captain, thank you! You are spot on! That is pretty miraculous, thank you very much for your guidance

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