What Did You Come Here to Learn?

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  • Captain, mine is 29/12/1989

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  • 1/10/86 if you will sir.

  • I don't think I asked about this before, so this could prove interesting. April 24, 1962. please, thanks.

  • Please do mine 05/08/1969 ..... Thank you 🙂

  • oops that's May 8th 1969 .... Thank you.

  • Rufsy, you came here to learn how to release all that has outworn its usefulness to you. Born with the tendency to hang on to habits, people and things, you will find that learning to let go is a highly individual, not easily acquired, and finely nuanced art. It is particularly hard for you to be objective about the people in your life. Your reward however will be a lightening of spirit as you put aside self-imposed negatiivity, worry, and crushing responsibility. More than many, this is a progressive path, one that must be taken a step at a time. Each release is a small victory that will lead to another, so that over time the process becomes easier and your psychological load lighter. Ultimately, you will transform yourself and, discovering the capacity to break the ties that bind you to the earth, you will spread your wings and soar unfettered into the sky as you learn to live in the moment. With a newfound joyousness and sense of freedom, you can influence those around you in a positive way. Focusing on your metamorphosis must become your chief priority, then. Your core lesson is to practise unflinching and objective self-assessment. Your goal is to let go of all that does not serve the highest and best in you, and to release your need for suffering, using your gifts of courage, hardiness, and realism.

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  • Alfied, you are a powerful and creative individual who believes that you came into this life to build something of lasting value, to contribute a body of important work to the world. 'Formidable' is a good description of you as is 'stubborn, driven and tense'. Few can equal your attention to detail, discrimination and analytic ability, or your capacity for focus and concentration - when you invoke these traits to achieve a goal, nothing can stand in your way. But you must learn that your self-worth does not reside in your work or your creativity. Rather, you must learn to find a sense of satisfaction with yourself, independent of your achievements. You were born with an intense, hard-driving nature. You can be demanding and expect the best of yourself and others. Learning when enough is enough and how to be satisfied with the results of your labours is crucial. Though often quite successful, you tend to undervalue yourself. However difficult you find it, adopting a 'live and let live' approach will give you a generally more relaxed attitude to life. Then you will be blessed with something you yearn for - a sense of contentment. This contentment is your life's goal, then. Your core lesson is to find a more relaxed approach to living by releasing any identification with your work or creative end products, using your gifts of discernment, productivity, and sensuousness.

  • RCDreamer, you are here to learn how to face any challenge or problem without backing down. To accomplish this task, you must develop the ability to set your resolve and make a commitment. You are multi-faceted, and on the surface life seems to come easily to you, as if you were born under a lucky star. You are often not aware of how easy certain skills or talents are for you compared to other people. However, you tend to lack resolve and prefer to take the path of least resistence. Moreover, as you often lack the determination to see a job through to the end, the quality of your work may suffer, making it difficult for you to advance in your chosen career. You may pay too much attention to what others think, preventing you from cultivating your own beliefs. Without a more fully developed value system, you may lack a sense of self. Your core lesson is to stand up for what you believe in or for those you love. Your goal is to take up any challenge and not back down, using your gifts of toughness, an action orientation, and skilfulness.

  • Jbp858, you are here to let go of your preconceived notions of truth, goodness, and beauty, and by getting back to basics, enjoy a fuller experience of life. You were born with a highly refined, aesthetic sensibility and a rather detached approach to life. However such a viewpoint might hold you back from more full-bodied experiences. Often your ideas of what should be get in the way of appreciating what is. You are challenged to shed much of your idealistic baggage in order to grapple with life in its most real and unadulterated form. You can sometimes be emotionally numb - you live and love, but only according to the rules and standards set by others, rather than according to what you feel. Often you don't know what makes you happy and may even have given up trying to find out. Your core lesson is to live each moment to the fullest. Your goal is to fully realise the experience of living, using your gifts of sensuousness, directness, and intuition.

  • Thanks Captain, something worth pondering.

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    Would it be possible to get input for a friend of mine? His birthday is 8 Nov 1951. He's been going thru a bit of a hard time lately -- it's on again, off again with his lady of 10 years and he's feeling a bit down.



  • LeoLady53's friend - Your life purpose is to take your talent for structuring your ideas, work, and life and to extend it beyond mundane concerns and average thinking into the structuring of universal or spiritual ideas or inspirations. Moreover, it is your calling to teach your theories to others so that they can be put to practical use. To do this, you must learn to orient yourself to the metaphysical. No matter how practical or down-to-earth you may be, you must strive towards the higher realms of consciousness, transcending time and space to push your powers of discrimination to the max so that you may perceive a kind of order in the chaotic realms of spirituality, philosophical or political ideas, even conceptual systems. This may require a period of retreat or reflection to gather ideas followed by a return to everyday life with an understanding of higher concepts in tow. Your core lesson is to overcome your propensity to seek emotional security in the small details and routines of daily life. Your goal is to structure metaphysical or theoretical ideas into a format that is easily understood and can be applied by others, using your gifts of devotion, practicality, and spirituality.

  • Thanks, Captain! As always, you are awesome to give so much of yourself.


  • Hello Captain

    Can you please tell me what my destiny is in this life? DOB 9/15/63 Thanks so much!!!

  • Songofsharon, you are here to delve into and assimilate the content that lies in the realms of your unconscious. As career-minded and ambitious as you may be, you must overcome your fear of being different from others in order to pursue your own individuality. To do this, you must undergo a sometimes frightening process of examining your inner life, dreams, fantasies, and imagination, as it is there that you will discover the wealth of inspiration that will allow you to live an authentic life. Though you will never give up your orientation towards the practical or your literal/linear-mindedness, you must release your need for material security and draw on the imagery found in your imagination, expressing it through some form of artistic endeavour. Your core lesson is to vanquish the fear of your own unconscious and to release the need for material security. Your goal is to tap into your creative fertility, using your gifts of resourcefulness, determination, and originality.

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    Thanks for your words of wisdom! At this point in my life I know I won't be traditional in the sense that I think I should be, family, husband etc . I still have to accept that part without remorse. What I fear is the material security, I don't have any. A career, yes but wealth no. Is it your saying life will take of itself if I'm creative enough? Pursue what inspires me? It's funny, alot of artistic visionaries are like that and I'm so traditional in thought. Will I be able to survive this way? A dreamer of sorts?

  • Songofsharon, you must get your priorities straight - first must come the creativity and a love of what you do and then will come the material security, not vice versa.

  • YES, now I understand. Thank you so much!!!

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