What Did You Come Here to Learn?

  • Iteska, your life purpose is to take your fertile imagination and visionary abilities and ground them in pragmatism. A dreamer, you must develop the assurance and conviction to deal with the here and now. Because your mind is so highly philosophical, your struggle to ground your thoughts and make practical use of them is not an easy one. You may be forced to become intensely pragmatic, involving yourself in the financial and operating details of life, both at work and at home. People with your particular calling can be found in fields as diverse as the military, accounting, and the arts, where you are asked to develop a craftsmanlike and common sense mastery of your area of expertise in order to provide something tangible to the world. Whether it is your livelihood or not, you are an artist and poet. You can manifest some pretty big dreams because you were born with drive and persistence, and you will learn in this lifetime to make things happen. Your great blessing is your belief that anything is possible. Your core lesson is to discipline yourself to set tangible goals and adhere to them, and release your reluctance to put down roots. Your goal is to literally manifest your dreams and visions in reality, using your gifts of faith, creativity, and insight.

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you so much for the insight! I certainly do have a "lesson to learn in commitment." Career wise it's fairly simple to continue on the path I have chosen for the past 10 years. i feel passionate about helping others through counseling psychology. On the other hand, in my romantic and social life, I tire quickly, become bored, and long for more adventure at a rate of every 4 - 5 years. At present I am consciously committed to my relationship and the family we've forged. It feels right, for once.

  • Mom2jess, you were born with a powerful nature that needs to assert itself and control most situations. You are here to gain insight into how power works and to learn how to use it in the most intelligent manner. Although your need to express power is usually unconscious rather than calculating, you will learn that the possession of conscious awareness and the insights gained from it are more powerful than all the brute force in the world. Power is only one type of energy in the universe, and the preoccupation you have with it can severely limit your life experience. If you can open yourself to the world more fully and with heightened awareness, experiencing its enchantment in your daily life, and releasing control to a Higher Power, you will learn that an appreciation of beauty is more valuable than power. By bringing this awareness to others, whether by words or example, you will encourage them to raise their own consciouseness. But you rarely give your power up easily and often adhere strongly to your own point of view. Your core lesson is to fall in love with the beauty of life and communicate it to those around you. Your goal is to develop a full consciousness of the world in which you live, using your gifts of charisma, creativity, and persuasiveness.

  • Oh my god... that... was completely right. That explains a lot! That explains my life completely...

    You've made a believer out of me, Captain, not only this, but your 'Vibes' comment was very right also.


    Next step: Meditate. Learn to use intuition. Eventually connect with higher self.

    I have plenty of free time in my hands, I can meditate in any position, provided I'm comfortable, correct? If I can manage to meditate for like 3-4 hours a day it should be very helpful. I would like to at least get the first results(don't know what kind of results) within a month or two.

    Except when I talk about these things with my friends they think I'm a lunatic.

    Do you happen to know some forum where I can make some online friends, to chat about these things on MSN or somethin without being made a fool of?

    (Not ''friendship'' websites... I dont plan to meet these people in real life, just that I dont have any people to talk to about these things in real time. Since I'm into science -med school-, my colleagues aren't very interested in things other than... well, science. But I try to keep myself looking at the city from the air, instead of in the middle of the buildings with all the cars going around and making noise. While I do enjoy science, and like to know how things work, science -or science as I know it- does not let people know why things are the way they are, or why they work like they do, it just limits itself to state the material facts.)

  • HI Captain,

    I would love any insights that you can come up with. Your vibe reading was very inspirational to me, thank you! 6-16-64 . Thank you again for your time and sharing your gifts with us.

  • Hi Captain

    My DOB is 03/04/59 thanks

  • Aye Captain - Do I walk the plank now or later 🙂

    You are so dead on in everything you said. Some days I feel so "heavy" even within my optimism. Could be my religious upbringing fighting me all the way on what I FEEL to be true. Can't deny and cannot hide.

    Tell me this (regarding tarot, astrology, numerology-divination in general): Are more people feeling lost these days? Or, are more people open to finding the way to be found???

    Perhaps, a culmination of them both?

    Warm Regards,


  • Captain,

    Afterthought on my part: I have a 13 yr old daughter, so much like me...only better.

    Could you do a reading for me on her, also? And maybe give me some insight on what role I am to play in guidance towards her destiny. I feel we are so intertwined and I struggle between setting her free and holding her close.....how much to tell and when to listen quietly.

    DOB: Dec. 3, 1996 Robbinsdale, MN 12:11pm

    Thank you ( in advance) .... MoonMoth

  • HiddenDiamond, your spine has to be straight when you meditate so that your chakras are aligned.

    If you give me your email address, I can send you some sites where you can find some information and maybe some friends.

  • RocknRollGirl, you are destined to find a way to emerge from the shell you hide in and to express the more feminine side of your nature by becoming more compassionate, nurturing, and loving. Prone to emotional dormancy, you must learn how to reach out to others, thereby allowing yourself to share your unique brand of magic. Goal and career-oriented, you are called to let relationships be the centre of your life. You will learn lessons on love and loving, and as you learn, you will open to the enchantment of everyday life. As your emotional life opens and flows, you will blossom into a person who gives light and divine guidance to others. Your core lesson is to move into the light of a relationship from the shadows of a solitary life and release the need to be self-protective. Your goal is to reach out of yourself and touch those around you, using your gifts of psychic ability, generosity, and inspiration.

  • Amused59, your destiny is to learn to mute your ego drive so that you can become a part of what goes on around you rather than forever demanding to be at the centre of things. You are here to develop a greater understanding of, commitment to, and concern for others. You are gifted with the ability to implement your visions and, by developing a deeper compassion, you have the potential to create a better world, working towards a greater good - whether for your family, your community, or society in general. Learning selflessness is difficult for you, entering the world as you do with a radiant energy that attracts attention and inspires admiration. But in order to grow spiritually, you must learn to direct the spotlight away from yourself and onto the more important concerns, ideas, or causes of others. Your core lesson is to place the good of the group ahead of yourself and release the need for ego and vanity affirmation. Your goal is to be worthy of the trust of others, using your gifts of a goal orientation, courage, and idealism.

  • MoonMoth, i believe that many people on this planet who used to be fence-sitters are now being forced to choose between the darkness and the light.

    Your daughter - your life purpose is to develop a sufficient level of detachment to be able to comment on the lives of those around you, lending insight into the workings of your society. You were born with the desire to illuminate, correct problems, and right wrongs - indeed, such work is your destiny. You will discover your unique ability to observe, analyse, and reflect on others (both your intimates and your community) thereby lending insight into the psychology or sociology that is at work in various situations; once adequately articulated, this will guide and inspire. However, you must first learn to temper a sometimes overzealous and childlike enthusiasm that can hinder the kind of impartial analysis needed here. Your core lesson is to cultivate the discipline of emotional detachment necessary to do the work of this lifepath, and to release your overly high standards that you impose on yourself and others. Your goal is to share your keen observations in a gentle, helpful manner, using your gifts of exuberance, thoughtfulness, and persistence.

    MoonMom, your daughter is an eccentric type of person and her more unusual or exotic qualities and inclinations may serve as a distraction from her impulse to be perfect. She can be far more passionate in thinking about a particular subject or cause than in actually being involved in it. The same idealism can spill over into her personal relationships as well and she will put an interesting or unusual friend or family member on a pedestal as a means of avoiding greater intimacy. Her challenge will be warming to a greater involvement with others. It may be many years before she slows down and mellows enough to develop her more introspective and spiritual side but once she does, she will be rewarded with a greater depth of perception and experience. If she doesn't allow unrealistic expectations to blind her to reality, she will undoubtedly rise to the top of any chosen profession or chosen field of endeavour. She can be the mastermind behind many a creative project if she can contain and control her restless spirit and inability to commit to anything for very long in order to establish herself in a career.

  • This post is deleted!

  • My DOB: 9-24-1937

  • Thank you Captain so much your amazin

  • Thank you Captain. You are really amazing.

  • Captain,

    Well said, once again. I find your insights "intriguing"...for lack of a better term. Although I have been using this site off and on for many years now, yesterday was the first time I've ever participated in a forum. This is my year of "change" - 2010, new choices with better decisions. I'm quite looking forward to the adventure ahead 🙂

    Thank you again--MoonMoth

  • Wow….That is so “right”. It was similar to what I myself had felt, but to see it in writing. I do firmly believe that my big lesson is on power. I know that right now I am sort of failing my lesson there. For the longest time, almost as long as I can remember I have been afraid of this power. So my reaction to my fear is to avoid it at all costs. I often defer my decisions to someone else… prefer for someone else to take charge and lead. I am so afraid of making mistakes, that I choose not to lead, choose not to assert my power. There are moments in my life where I do almost give it up to the higher power. People around me say that they can feel and vividly see the change. One person even described it as when I walk into a building or a room.. my presence almost demands attention and respect. I asked a few questions on that and the person told me it isn’t anything specific about me but its like my whole aura changes. When I feel confident and am in what I call a “more me” mode I can see how people change around me… they seem to pay attention… to listen… to want to be near me and get to know me. This really made me consider the power thing. I was about to say that I do give up my power easily, but now I realize that by me not taking control of situations and giving everything over to other people I AM still in charge, and have the power. If it doesn’t line up with my point of view, or my desires there is no way a decision of another person will change my mind. I only give in when I have no personal preference to the situation. Holy cow. Holy cow… Holy cow. How did I never see that before? In my own personal development with my therapist we are working on the last two sentences right now…I am thankful for everything in my life now. Even the struggles as they help me become a stronger person. I realize every bad thing that has happened in my life really has taught me something… even if it is a matter of holy crap you can stand up for yourself and not have a meteor land on you LOL. I honestly feel as though I am in my last push of personal development and when I get past these “struggles” I’m facing now it will almost like reaching the top of a hill, and the down side will be a little less strenuous and I and I can let myself be free.

    Thank you so much Captain… you truly are a beautiful person, and thank you so much for sharing your gifts.

  • Good morning Captain,

    Thank you so much for the reading. It helps with the way I'm always feeling. I know I have a lot of things to share with others. I'm launching a new Reiki business this year and I know this info will help.

    Love and light,


  • HI Captain,

    Thank you so much for your time and energy. I feel very blessed that you have an amazing gift that you share with all of us. I was quite surprised by your insights, tho after rereading them a few times, not really, for they made perfect sense to me.

    I have gone through alot in my life, and I had closed off my heart for a very long time. The man who I was with before we broke up, actually was the one to melt my heart. I had locked myself up , both physically and emotionally for many years, just caring for my kids, working, surviving. I do feel that every relationship I have had , has been a learning experience for me. my wonderful sister and neice have given me crystals, taught me about lighting candles, and the phases of the moon , when to ask the universe for things.

    I have met a wonderful man , who is very kind, very sweet, very generous but very busy. I am at the moment working on myself to not let his busy schedule play mind games with me and my self confidence. he is busy because he has is busy and no other reason, something I remind myself of daily. It is time for the healing I need to be able to move on to find what I have been looking for my whole life.

    as for your comment on my pyschic abliities, I feel things, I have connections with people, I have seen a ghost a couple of times and I do sense him following me where I work. my kids laugh cuz I will just feel something will happen and it will. I knew you replied to me, yet I couldnt tell you how I knew. I have been told by a friend of mine, who we have unfortunately lost touch, she senses I do have a gift. I am torn with wanting to deepen this and pursue and it being afraid of it. I was brought up in a very strong religious back ground where you didnt mess with spirits, astrology , tarot, ect. But the older I get, the stronger my feelings, senses, connections are becoming. Do you have any suggestions for me on how to go about deeping this sense?

    Thank you again for your time and your caring nature. I wish you much love and blessings.

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