What Did You Come Here to Learn?

  • Captain, I haven't been on the site for a few weeks now and today I went on and i read your post on lifes lesson and you are once again 100% accurate.Thank you Captain,I like to come to this site and share,correspond,and learn from everyone.And you are one of the most sincere,and knowledgable people that brings me back on this site and brings a smile on my face each time I read your posts. Thank you Captain.

  • Good evening Captain,

    I have a request for a friend named Allen 6/25/58 and myself (Susan) 10/13/50. Thank you so much.

  • Opalten, you are here to let go of your preconceived notions of truth, goodness, and beauty, and by getting back to basics, enjoy a fuller experience of life. You were born with a highly refined, aesthetic sensibility and a rather detached approach to life. However such a viewpoint might hold you back from more full-bodied experiences. Often your ideas of what should be get in the way of appreciating what is. You are challenged to shed much of your idealistic baggage in order to grapple with life in its most real and unadulterated form. You can sometimes be emotionally numb - you live and love, but only according to the rules and standards set by others, rather than according to what you feel. Often you don't know what makes you happy and may even have given up trying to find out. Your core lesson is to live each moment to the fullest. Your goal is to fully realise the experience of living, using your gifts of sensuousness, directness, and intuition.

    Allen, you were born with a powerful nature that needs to assert itself and control most situations. You are here to gain insight into how power works and how to use it in the most intelligent manner. Although your need to express power is usually more unconscious than calculating, this path will teach you that the possession of conscious awareness and the insights gained from it are more powerful than all the brute force in the world. If you can open to the world more fully and with heightened awareness, experiencing its enchantment in your daily life, you will learn that an appreciation of beauty is more important than having control. Your core lesson is to fall in love with the beauty of life and communicate it to others. Your goal is to develop a full consciousness of the world around you, using your gifts of charisma, creativity, and persuasion.

  • Good morning Captain, if you wouldn't mind, my birthdate is 7/24/60. Thanks for your time.

  • Hi! What a wonderful topic for the Spring! I think I know what my karmic lesson is ...I wonder if you can divine it Captain?

    My birthday is May 13, 1975, 10:15 pm Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Many thanks,


  • Good Morning,

    Mine is 3/29/1956. I seem to communicate with you on page 33 on each forum. Interesting.

  • Good Morning! And thank you very much! 🙂 Many blessings are coming your way! 🙂

  • August 24th, 1988

    Thanks again Captain!

  • Hey Captain if i'm not to late to request a reading my birthday 08-24-1982 thanks

  • Hi Captain. dob 12/8/55 . Thanks

  • November 23, 1967 5:17pm Mpls., MN

  • Captain, My birthday is April 1, 1960. I was born at 1:11am in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • ooooh another fun one.... Ive always had a general feeling of what it might be.... but then again I could just be crazy 🙂 12/31/1976

  • Piranha, you are a sensitive soul who is sometimes overly aware of the harsh reality of life. Rather than retreat from this truth, however, you are called to engage in the world and actively seek solutions to the variety of problems or issues you may encounter in day-to-day living. To better enable this process, you must release your fatalism and to adopt a more optimistic approach. Throwing yourself into a variety of situations and crafting imaginative solutions, you will become adept at logistical planning and interpersonal relations that may lead you, ultimately, to considerable career success. The challenge is to apply those skills to yourself and your inner life by addressing all that needs to be transformed within you on every level of mind, body and spirit. Your core lesson is to generate a positive attitude and can-do approach. Your goal is to become a creative problem solver, using your gifts of soulfulness, practicality, and thoughtfulness.

  • Lamaestra13, you are a tremendously energetic individual who came to this lifetime to overthrow established systems and institute new ways of viewing or doing things. You are a dynamic personality who is passionately enthusiastic in leading the charge in any of your many causes or battles. Reform has many meanings - in one respect, it represents a revolutionary toppling of existing conventions or organisations; however, it can also mean a return to a more traditional approach, sometimes after an extended period of innovation. Moreover, it also implies 're-creation', an act of creativity that gives something a new or more vital form. You will be called to involve yourself in all the aforementioned aspects of reform. In order to do this, you must first deeply involve yourself in the status quo, for only by understanding the traditions of the past and present can you make revolutionary corrections that will be of benefit to all. In this respect, you are both a master of tradition and a potent force for change. Finally, as much as you would prefer otherwise, you must not be content to merely change society but are also destined to learn how to reform your own moral and value systems. Your core lesson is to commit fully to your causes, projects, or even another human being. Your goal is to be a catalyst for change, using your gifts of courage, intelligence, and originality.

  • RememberingAries, that IS interesting, especially since I have a 33/6 personality according to numerology. Another interesting point is that we both have come to learn the same lesson -

    You came here to learn the lessons of responsibility. Coming into this life with a freedom-loving and rebellious nature, you rail against all limitations. Thus, it is your nature to avoid responsibility. However it is precisely the duty and accountability derived from the acceptance of responsibility that will fulfill your destiny and lead you to a true sense of independence. You may have a kind of manic fear of being controlled by others - you must learn not only to free yourself from such control but to realise that ongoing negative reaction to authority is itself a form of being controlled. Having no reaction at all to authority may be the real freedom for you. This path calls for you not only to throw off the yoke of self-imposed fear of restriction but also to give birth to an inner sense of responsibility through discipline. Your core lesson is to know that fighting limitations is in itself a form of limitation. Your goal is to develop self-control and discipline through the acceptance of responsibility, using your gifts of honour, expansiveness, and fairness.

  • HiddenDiamond, your calling in this life is to find someone or something to which to devote your life. Sacrifice and struggle are no strangers to you, since the devotion required of this path is uncompromising. You tend to be somewhat enigmatic and solitary, and are fond of puzzling over conundrums or philosophies at length. Often this is just a way of sorting through what matters to you. Soulful, with an unusual personality, you may have to search far and wide for the object of your devotion before you find it. Your journey begins with a spiritual search, often prompted by the feeling that something is missing in your life. Your devotion to your cause can bring you public acclaim for your singleminded attention and courage, even though you may have suffered social rejection at some earlier point. Your core lesson is to be able to hear what your heart is telling you and release the tendency towards self-pity. Your goal is to find a person, cause, principle, or deity to which you can unreservedly devote yourself, using your gifts of discrimination, sensitivity, and humour.

  • Vixenbeauty82, you are here to learn to release your need to be in control and to find your inner sensitivity. In matters of finance and money management, you are especially gifted. A born executive and manager, you may spend most of your energy seeking career advancement, to the detriment of your emotional life. You take charge and like to be in control - structure, standards, and ironclad rules are second nature to you. You must open up to your own feeling nature. Learning to be tender with your burgeoning emotional life will help you discover your capacity to offer tenderness to others. Being aware of and valuing emotional connections to others - such as building and caring for a family (either a traditional one with a spouse and children or one made up of friends or coworkers) - will be your greatest fulfillment in this life. Your core lesson is to learn to be gentle and to lose your fear of expressing your feelings. Your goal is to lose your fear of expressing your feelings and examine childhood memories to find the cause of your emotional repression, using your gifts of capability, dedication, and commitment.

  • Cathylee, you are here to use your naturally expressive energies to give rise to a unique form of creativity. You are gifted with a facility of mind that manifests itself in a quick wit, the enjoyment of language, and technical proficiency. It is your task to put these skills to some extrordinary and productive use, to put your ideas into action so that you may contribute something original to the world. You must learn to hear your inner voice of inspiration, your intuition, and to act upon it. When it speaks to you, you know it in your heart and it is for this that you truly live. Feeling spirit moving through you, you become your most authentic and are best able to ignore your ego's demands. To accomplish this rather lofty aim, you must learn how to become a channel for ideas or creativity that is greater than yourself. This level of inspiration comes from only one place - you must learn how to communicate directly with the Divine. Doing everything the same old way will never really satisfy you - it is your fate to express new or possibly untried approaches whether in the arts, politics, education, or even simple everyday tasks. Use your tremendous need for physical activity and your creativity to help quell your restlessness and boredom. Your core lesson is to develop a means of communicating directly with spirit and to lose the need for recognition. Your goal is to operate from an authentic source of inspiration, using your gifts of mental facility, passion, and originality.

  • MoonMoth, your destiny is to undergo a journey of exploration and discovery, one that often involves others. You are called to follow your curiosity in order to reveal new knowledge or understanding, both for yourself and society as a whole. You were born with pioneering and leadership abilities that, when combined with your great breadth of vision and idealism, can result in some significant discoveries. Though accomplished in the art of diplomacy, you have a number of lessons to learn about relating more intimately that will play themselves out in the group endeavours called for by this lifepath. For this is the path not of a maverick but rather of one who works with others to accomplish an often lofty mission. Your core lesson is to learn to relate to others more closely and release the need to do things yourself. Your goal is to expand your own knowledge, and that of others, through exploration and discovery, using your gifts of strategic planning, generosity, and intellectualism.

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