What Did You Come Here to Learn?

  • Your karmic lifepath represents the growth or spiritual development that is your particular purpose or goal in this lifetime. Whether you actually seek this growth, taking your destiny into your own hands, or not is up to you. If you do not, however, your spirit may languish and its evolution may be slowed. Of course much like any traveller on a long journey, it helps to have a map or star to steer by.

    So give me your birthdate and I will consult Gary Goldschneider's book "The Secret language of Destiny" about your particular life purpose and what goals you have come to achieve. Then it's up to you to decide if you've reached it or not.

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  • Ok Captain, now this one is making me a bit nervous...not sure why...maybe its the lanquishing..hmmmm My birthdate is 10th December, 1958 Weaverville, California USA. I could really appreciate a star to assist my steering a bit more thats for sure. Thank you very much Captain. Peace and Blessings to you 🙂

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  • 12.20.70

    Thanks for all your insight, Captain. It is most appreciated.


  • Moonalisa, your lifepath is the Way of Consolidation. You have come to secure your sense of self and learn to stand firm in who you are. You have come to learn to be more grounded, operate from a core of strength, deal resolutely with your emotions, and toughen your ego in order to be fully in charge of your life. Your core lession is to establish psychological and psychic boundaries, and your goal is to create a firm internal structure and identity using your gifts of empathy, and compassion, and financial astuteness..

  • GJay, you are destined to share or impart some unique expertise or experience with others - sometimes simply the wisdom achieved by living. You do this by acquiring or developing a system of knowledge or skill early in your life. Your core lession is to discover that the best leaders are also teachers and that the best teacher guides a student to the student's own conclusion. Your goal is to lead and teach democratically while also considering the feelings of others, using your gifts of positivity, diplomacy, and self-sacrifice.

  • Mimi1230, you came here to learn how to release all that has outworn its usefulness to you. Born with the tendency to hang on to habits, people and things, you will find that learning to let go is a highly individual, not easily acquired, and finely nuanced art. Your reward however will be a lightening of spirit as you put aside self-imposed negatiivity, worry, and crushing responsibility. Your core lesson is to practise unflinching and objective self-assessment. Your goal is to let go of all that does not serve the highest and best in you, using your gifts of courage, hardiness, and realism.

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  • Azaza12, you are here to break down the emotional barriers that keep you from sharing your feelings, ideas, or concerns with others. Sensitive, though often closed and secretive, you came into this lifetime with a talent for shrouding yourself in mystery; and so adept have you become at hiding your true nature that you may not be sure of who you are or what you really feel. Your core lesson is to learn to trust. Your goal is to strip away the defenses you built up to protect your delicate nature and reveal who you are to both yourself and the world, using your gifts of observation, sensitivity, and diligence.

  • Mine is October 22nd 1969,

    Thank you Captain in advance for your time

  • This is amazing, I just finished some input on Archersbow's post regarding absorbing energy, and I had some interesting child hood memories come up, that I believe are going to be helpful. I was more comfortable with my knowledge when I was a child, it was just so natural, knew I had guidance and everything..very cool. Thank you so much Captain. You are AWSOME!

  • Hello Captain, the offering is appreciated. I am May 25, 1952, Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Thank you...

  • G'evening Captain ,

    I would love to know my Karmic Life path , and if I am on the right track or not . I have been told a few times as to what my is , but I feel the road leading to it ,will have a few roadblocks .Probably of my own making not doubt . I guess I am one who needs a lot of reassurance . My DOB is 7/20/63 . I very much appreciate you time . I truly do :O). Your have such awesome treads ! Thank you :O)

    Take Care and God Bless ^A^


  • Hi Captain.

    My date of birth is December 28 1932.

    Your input will be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Good Day to you Captain 😃

    I request a karmic lifepath consultation on behalf of my bff, his dob is 6 July 1968 and one for me too, dob 21 May 1964. As always, thank you for your precious time.

    Have a beautiful day 😃

    God Bless

  • Morning Captain 🙂 I would also like to know my karmic lifepath consultation my

    DOB is May 19, 1978

    Thanks and have a nice day!!

    P.S. I had a dream about changing my name here at the forums to something not sad... so I'll go and see if I can... I think it will be "gratefuldoc" LOL

  • Here I am... LOL sorry I had to change everything 🙂

  • hey-my birthdate is 6-20-66-ny-thank you !

  • Aha..love the dovetailing of articles you're posting for us....the Karmic Lesson to learn is definitely a signpost I've been so much desiring to be able to see. Now I feel my personal roadmap has a destination circled, thank you! My birthdate: 2-21-1952.

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