I apologize to my comments this morning

  • Hi, I'm new here and I really think it would be nice to have a taurean chatroom for the everything taurus forum. Hello everyone and I look forward too getting in where I fit in. 😉

  • And u post this on a threade like this? hon u need to go under the forum astrology or anything goes forum, subject admin n post what u like to see. here i doubt admin will see ur suggestion.

  • Hi The Captain. 🙂

    I was thinking that perhaps it was because you are humble and like to advice people and help people, that you did not mind seeing people behaving badly. Like saying: "Oh, it is nice to see yet another person who could need my help." 🙂

    But anyway I do see you as kind and humble and understanding. And you are good with words.

    And another "anyway": I understand the correction that you gave her choice of words: Not the forum, but some threads. That is a positive way of seeing it. How positive a person you are. I actually did feel the whole forum was polluted by negativity the last weeks. Now you have worded it differently. Thank you. 🙂

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