I apologize to my comments this morning

  • in regards to the forum being a battle ground . I will keep my thoughts to myself from now on .

    I am sorry everyone .


  • I apologize for my comments... I mean .sorry typo

  • Dont worry Doves46, it's sort of true, everybody here say what they think, good or sometimes not so good... we are all human 🙂 at least that I know... LOL smile!!

  • Doves46..You have no reason to be sorry. speak your mind as it is your right to do so no matter what anyone else tries to impose on you as right and wrong. Unfortunately the mix of personalities, topics and opinions will always cause a stir with someone. It is a forum and as such we are not always in agreement with one another.

    No one empowers you unless you let them. There is no shame in the comment you made. It is what it is, the subject matter grows old and in time,will be abandoned.

    Please don't be silent in your thoughts because others try to shame you..

  • I'm confused. Dove, you don't want negative people expressing themselves and you didn't like me disagreeing with you but you still say you think everyone should be able to express themselves?

  • Hello my forum friends,

    I spose the main thing is, expressing one's self in a tactful manner, mindfull of not hurting feelings, but if that's not avoidable, being gentle.

    I don't know which comment you're referring to Dove, but I do get the sense of you being a kind hearted soul that means no harm.

    I think we are all here together to learn from each other; it's no coincidence we've all crossed paths at this time. I see the forum as just another medium/class time at Earth school, where we have an opportunity to learn more lessons in love, acceptance, patience, grace, forgiveness and humility from each other. So, if we get up each other's noses', think of it as an honour to be used in such a fashion by the Universe, giving and receiving lessons!

    It's like a time from school when the teacher's looking for a volunteer to role-play a part in drama, or just in class. Except, we have been hand picked for the part to help each other learn.

    Hard to see it that way when feelings are hurt, or tempers are flaring. Helps me make sense of it all, anyway:-)

    Warm friendship,


  • Captain ,

    I guess I was confused too . No worries all is ok .:O)


  • All is well everyone Thank you ... no worries :O)

    Take Care and God Bless ^A^


  • WitchWoman,

    Eloquently said..so true to fact.

    Thank you for sharing that, it's the only thing that makes sense.

    Acceptance, patience, grace, forgiveness and humility.


  • Thanks GemTwin!

    I was inspired by your previous post:-)

  • Dove, honey wy retract what u saw n thought? some threads DID resemble a battlefield. No question. So why at all apologize? Do u really wanna censor urself expressions? Your human rights such as free thought speech etc???

    Now im the confused one as to why would any censor themselves regardless of state of mind n emotions?


  • Hi Doves. Dont worry about what you said. You were stating the truth. In fact, many have left the forum, probably because of that.

  • I read your other thread

    I didn't see anything wrong with your statement

    some threads just happened to be filled with negativity

    this is normal, any forum you go to, you will see threads like that

    what matters is what we learn from conflicts, not the conflicts it self

    don't worry about expressing your opinions

    everyone has theirs

    unless you are being rude, calling names - then of course people will be upset

    but you are never like that, not that I know anyways

    so don't worry OK

  • Doves,

    NEVER apologise for speaking your truth. When you speak your own truth you are staying true to yourself.

    You are right, some of the threads have been an absolute disgrace and I certainly won't be apologising for saying that. Some of the carry on by apparently grown up women has been unbelievable. You were right. BUT so was Captain, yes I agree with her that everyone has a right to their own opinions and of course people are going to disagree. But I think what you were getting at and what my point is......it was the way and the manner in which some people express their different opinions and disagreements. We can disagree and still be civil about it.

  • And just to finish my two cents worth, I noticed that most of the negativity came from people who didn't get the responses they were hoping for to the questions they asked. Unfortunately life doesn't always give us what we want and how we want it. We can't MAKE people feel for us the way we want them to feel (and I should know!).

  • There is a lot of wonderful information to be found in this vast group setting. We look for input , ideas, strength and courage to do the right thing, or at best, just someone who will listen.

    Take what you need and leave the rest. Do so with kindness and appreciation. It may not be what you hoped for as NO one person has those kind of answers. If that were the case, we wouldn't be here reaching out to one another allowing bonds to be formed.

    The best experience we can hope for is living the life we are given, learning along the way, the lessons, paths and choices we make on our journey, sometimes we stop and ask for directions and if we need a key to the restroom...lol

    It it so easy to be lead by others who can stir a pot until it boils over and every where you look, they are there to add more water.

    Turn it down to simmer and have a cup of tea to think it over..

    Now Go Take On the Day!

  • Thank you GemTwin52 for pointing out what some forget........take what feels right and leave the rest. If you ask for a reading, you don't have to agree with what you are being told, but do be grateful and appreciate the time and energy the reader has given to try to help you. That's all it is about, just some common courtesy. If you feel you have all the answers already and know what is what, then don't waste time asking for a reading to blast those that give you a different answer.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Everyone ,

    I just wanted to say Thank you for all your kind words and advice . Life is a highway huh ..and there will always be many bumps along the way and sometimes messages we get have a tendency to get messed up . I also wanted to say that I very much respect Captains words and advice as well . I think she is great :O)

    I appreciate all the advice that everyone had given me ..Thank you so much ..

    Have a great day .

    Take Care and God Bless you in all that you do ..


  • Dove, it was your wording I was disagreeing with - you said the FORUM was becoming a battleground (meaning the whole site) when in fact it has only been a couple of posts where there have been disagreements. And although people should not be rude, I can understand why being told that something you had hoped for for a very long time was not going to come true could make you feel very mad and sad and want to lash out at those who crushed your dream.

    We are all going to have to toughen up this year and get used to battling negativity because coming world and personal events are going to push us to the limits of our strength.

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