Mom arrived Parcel Post and is now traveling

  • i know, sounds a little strange, but to be perfectly honest, it has been a great comfort to have her near us even as bone and ashes. She sits next to her beloved where he can reach down to give her a pat. We lost her past July at 82. She was donated to Wright State University for study, When they finished, she was returned as ashes and Pop had to sign for her upon arrival. While some don't get it, I can only say, the transition was easy as far as the ritual associated with being viewed and buried.

    For us, its as though she is near us instead of laying in darkness, cold and restricted where no one goes to visit.

    Currently she is on a road trip spending time with each of her children, silly as it seems, I can open the box, untie the bag and run my hands through the fine grains of what was mother.

    It is comforting.

    How would you feel?

  • A thousands pardons, didn't take notice I placed this in Astrology...grey moments..yikes!!

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