My Message of GRATITUDE to ALL who help us on this site!!!

  • Hello all I came to this site in my darkest time not having anyone to trust with my fragile self, not understanding what was happening to what I thought was a confident and independent woman, knocked into the valley of darkness which I had never experienced. with the help and love of you kind and loving people slowly lite and insight reach me in the dept of despair, Even though I post very little, I have learned so much about myself just reading your replies to others. I could go on and on. TO ALL OF YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  • Soapmaker, aren't animals amazing! After Sheba went I noticed a couple of the other dogs doing some of her behaviors that I hadn't ever noticed them doing before. I ask them when this happens "are you channeling Sheba now?" For such a little dog (36 lbs.) she had such a huge presence. I know what you mean about the vet too. McKenzie has found herself in quite a bit of trouble in the past and off to the vet we go. She's fine when I'm with her. I can do anything to that dog, but take her away from me? I have to go get her out of their kennels myself because they have her labeled as a biter. Poor dog doesn't have hardly any teeth left, she was very undernourished when I got her and I think that's a big part of why. I find my oils to be a wonderful part of my first aid kit.

    Well, I don't want to distract further from this thread. I posted a request for an animal communicator when Sheba died and you see for yourself how awesome the people here are. The people who responded were so kind and helpful and really helped ease my mind and heart. Again, thank you.

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  • I want to say a special thanks to chris, hanswolf, highpriestess, and leoscorpion, whos insights have brought me clarity in confussing times. Thanks for your altruism, it will be remembered and appriciated always.

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  • hey lctdog and soapmaker those are great stories regarding pets!! I didnt know they also can come back... on december 2007 I had to put down another dog (in my parents house) but I cried a lot... it was very difficult... I'll post another thread so we can share there about pets!! see you there!!


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    This a GREAT topic, and you put it so beautifully! I have only been here a short time and have learned so much, its really difficult to express with words how amazing this site has been for me. Everyone is so wonderful, the readers are such a great example of giving and showing us how to use our gifts, the people asking the questions are so brave, and even the negative ones teach too. I have gone to psychic schools and studied my whole life and the learning here is beyond anything else I have encountered. Thank you all so much. What a blessing you all are! Peace, Love, Light, and many Blessings to everyone!

  • Ditto! This site and the many wonderful human beings I've encountered touches my heart, gives me hope for humanity (for real). So selfless it's my Dear Abby and I always, always get the help or answers I'm looking for. You guys are doing wonderful "good works" here and your blessings will return to you a thousand fold! How wonderful that is for us who need help sometimes in our darkest hours. Big Blessings to all of you! Peace, Love n Light!

    P.S. I learn something almost everyday.


  • May each of you continue to support each other as you assist those seeking guidance and assistance.


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