My Message of GRATITUDE to ALL who help us on this site!!!

  • To everyone on this site who is selfless and gives a d**** about all of us,

    I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts, talents and gifts that you share with everyone. I just recently had an awarence of how challenging it might be at times to be blessed with your gifts. You open yourself to people and give freely of yourselves to help a bunch of strangers that want, want, want and give of your energies out of kindness and love. Somedays I am sure people are not grateful or kind back, people are funny like that especially when facing realities or receiving honest answers that don't fit the box they have put themselves into. Thank you for taking time out of your busy days, from your jobs, your families, and interests and being selfless to help us on here. You give insight and wisdom , clarity to issues that we see only upclose but not the big picture. You give some of us peace, or show us things that we need to work on about ourselves. I have received so much from the short time visiting this sight and I am in awe how dedicated some of you truly are with the number of threads that you respond on. Thank you for having patience and not being detered by those that say things that are not pleasant in response to your candor. Thank you for giving us tools to spiritually grow. I hope others will post their messages of gratitude under mine. I am not going to draw attention at this point to those who have helped me, but u know who u are bc u are a person that took a moment to respond to my posts,( sometimes sane and prob. sometimes insane to others lol) and I have much respect for you! What patience you all have ! I hope you are all blessed, and the Karma that is rightfully yours is showered on you tenfold! PLEASE DO NOT POST A REQUEST FOR A READING UNDER HERE! THIS IS MEANT TO BE A POST WHERE YOU CAN SHOW AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE FOR ALL OF THOSE IN SERVICE TO HELP OTHERS!!!!

  • Great thread ckdgh703! Thanks to all for wonderful advice, support, help to learn and grow. Wonderful people here...readers and those who don't read but who take the time t o offer support. Such a lovely place to visit and share ideas with open-minded and caring people.

  • I have asked many people here for help, sometimes with trembling heart for fear of hearing 'bad news' but I have always been aware that this is what may come as an answer. All the people here have always responded with kindness and love. thank you people for all I have got from you.

  • Yes I too find this to be a great site. I was lead here in my time of need and I posted and I found help. People took the time to read my post and were encouraging and honest. I am glad I posted. Thanks again and may God bless and keep you up. I wish the helpers here sustenance and abundance in their life. May their cups overflow!

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  • Thank you for your thank you´s. it warms!


  • I have been reading this forum for about a year now but I just signed up recently. I have learned a lot from other posts I read in here. I try to spend an hour a day to read this forum

    It is true, there are many good and caring people in here. Whenever someone is in need of help or advice, that person did not have to wait long for a reply. There is always someone who is kind enough and stretch out their hands.

    This forum is like a sanctuary to me. Now my time have come that I need some guidance and I have asked for help from a few for readings. Life is hard right now for me but I know, with a little guidance and my patience, I will get pass it smoothly.

    Thank you all for sharing.


  • May each and all of you who assist those requesting GUIDANCE, assistance, COUNSEL, a shoulder, ETC., be BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE.

    For myself, I have received some assistance and also, patiently await responses to other inquireries as I am fully aware how each of these responders DO HAVE A PERSONAL LIFE.

    I know from experience, how much energy can be expanded when doing this wonderful spiritly assisted work.

    Thank you. May you recieve an abundance of FLOWER PETALS OF YOUR FAVOURITE FARGANCE.

    i aplogize if at times i do not respond quickly for guidance recieved. sometimes I have difficulty locating the thread.


  • I'm new to the forum too, but have already had the wonderful pleasure of meeting so many caring individuals who truly are Divine in their own Spirits. Thank you to each of you who have provided me encouragement and have been concerned for my own well-being as I do angel readings and practice my gifts. I've heard from many of you who have received readings, and it reinforces my life's purpose which is such a joy.

    Angel blessings to each of you, and I look forward to being introduced to many more members as time passes.


  • Angelreader,You have been an angel!There are so many people here who are immensely gifted AND compassionate.I feel blessed to be on this is a source of constant guidance and learning,even just to read the threads.But above all it is overwhelming to see so many sharing their knowledge generously and selflessly.

    In Love and light

  • I am so very gratefull for the people on here who have been there for me in my darkest hours. Threw this forum i found a little hope and a reason to go own and to hang own to what i beleave in and that maybe i can give back in return that has been so freely given to me you loved me enough to care. Thank you so very much Delbertc

  • This thread is a great idea, I also want to thank everybody for their friendship, support and advice.

    Wishing the best for all of you!!

  • Happydoc! You changed your screen name....I like it! Also love the photo. Is that your dog? Looks like a golden retriever. they are such beautiful and sweet dogs.

  • Hello everyone,

    This is a great thread. There are many wonderful and kind caring people here.

    I am grateful for all who share there talents and support to all of us. This truly a wonderful forum with many gracious people.

    Thank you all for sharing, be blessed all:)

  • I want to weigh in too. I had my first reading here back around Thanksgiving and those 2 ladies helped me know I was on the right track and there aren't words to express my gratitude to them. Then in January when my beloved yet troublesome dog had to be put down, I came here for answers and got some much needed comfort from some other people. Again, words can't express. I hope Thank You will suffice.

    HAPPYdoc, I too noticed you changed your screen name and I am very happy for you!

  • LOL Hi stonyeye, yes I changed my screen name, I dreamt of it, someone on my dream told me to change it... unfortunately I dont remember what else they told me 😞 LOL

    Hopefully they remind me again on my dream... I keep asking for advice LOL

    Yes that's my dog, I love him very much he's very sweet!! He has a very expressive look and He's funny!!

  • oh lctdog thanks for your words!! I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog... are you going to get another one?

  • Happydoc, thank you. I will always have dogs I hope. I had 5 others at the time, 1 since has been adopted by my firend's daughter. I help in rescue, especially pit bull and Military Working Dogs when I can so dogs are a huge & wonderous part of my life.

  • You can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard you just might find, you get what you need!

    A useful tool and comfort zone, the forum, where we as individuals are unique in our own way, sharing our highs and lows and embracing those who reach out for help and giving it back.


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