Captain may I have a reading please?

  • If you don't mind, may I have a general life reading?

  • I feel your lifepath lies in the direction of the sciences, (medical I think) - you have a gift for investigation and research and for finding new ways of doing things. You will make a lot of money through your discoveries and will gain much acclaim. You will greatly help mankind to advance in knowledge and will meet a fellow scientist who will be your soulmate..

  • Direction of the sciences? That's funny, because I could never see myself being a scientist or anything like that. Are you sure that's me?

    That's great to know that I'll greatly help mankind to advance in knowledge though.

  • Yes, you just need to 'apply yourself more', as school reports say. 🙂 You have vision and many innovative ideas. So you've never thought of being a doctor - you do have healing ability. But I see you more in research for cures.

  • I really have trouble applying myself honestly.

    I've thought about being a nurse, not a doctor or scientist.

    I've been told I have healing ability.

    It's nice to know that my life path has something to do with making a difference.

    Though I never would of thought that my life path has to do with that.

    I want to be a lawyer, and I was planning on actually putting in all the work and effort to become one, even though devoting myself like that would be difficult and would drain a lot out of me though I knew I could do it, but it'd be worth it only if I was going to enjoy that career. Should I not pursue that Captain?

  • Of course the final choice is up to you but I feel you lower your standards because you don't believe in yourself and your abilities enough. I feel you are aiming way below the possible target for your life. For example, you think of being a nurse because you don't believe you could achieve a goal of being a doctor or scientist. not that being a nurse is a lowly profession - it's not but not as much as you are capapble of.

    Being a lawyer I feel would crush your spirit because of the hardships and painful situations you would encounter and the people you would have to defend. At the moment you are thinking of the aspect of helping others but you don't realise what tough circumstances you would have to deal with on a daily basis, especially if you went into criminal law.

  • You're right I do lower my standards and I don't believe in myself or my abilities.

    I down myself a lot.

    I know I'm capable of a lot, I just don't know how to put things in action.

    That gives me second thoughts and makes me know that I wouldn't want to devote myself and be a lawyer because I don't want it to crush my spirit, which it most likely would and I don't want that for myself.

    If I decide to be a doctor or scientist, what kinds of classes what type of school and what type of things whould I be getting into to pursue that field of career?

    Captain thank you for everything. Greatly appreciated.

  • You would have to apply for medical school, I guess or look into a degree. Research it on the net or ask around to find out exactly what is available.

  • May I have a general reading, .Thanks in advance ... Bless you for your insight ..

  • Wheezey, please start your own thread so as not to get mixed messages here.

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