Lost Wedding Ring

  • I got married this last September and in December I had a get together at my house and took my ring off after developing a rash on my finger from washing dishes. I remember where I put it and remember thinkin that I needed to put it back on but I never did. We have done outrageous things to try to find it. I am just devestated that it's gone.

  • mandm0305

    Hiya. Well I lost a ring it was a garnet ring my mum bought me. i had it for years since i was 21 and I lost it in my house and i was devastated.

    My best firend Vanessa had passed away. i asked her in a dream where was my ring and she said its fallen behind the green chair. I have an Edwardian green chair and I pulled it out and there ir was behind it lying on the floor.

    Soooo if you have lost anyone and they are in the spirit world ask them to tell you where it is. Please let me know if you find it I would love to know.

    Alternatively if not and if u have Tarot ask the cards.... do a 3 or 6 card spread and focus on your lost ring. They might give you a clue......


  • My father died last July but I haven't seen him in any of my dreams yet. I have tried and he just won't come. He never met my husband so I would love if he could tell me where it is. I have never had my cards read either...

  • Please persevere. I lost my best friend as you know and she took ages to come through to me. A few years and yet we were so close. I was told she had not wanted to go and had to go to The Halls of Learning to be taught how to accept that she would never see her loved ones again.

    I never thought about it before but when we lose someone we lose one person. She lost everyone her family her friends her lover and she couldnt accept it so she didnt want to come through.

    Your dad will in his own time appear in your dreams.. he will be able to find the ring. maybe not yet. please dont give up hope if not your dad maybe another spirit will show you.

    Your dad may not be ready yet



  • I finally saw him in a dream two nights in a row. He wasn't himself though, he was perfect in body which was good to see since he died of cancer but he was socailly awkward and wouldn't speak to me. He spoke to his brothers and sisters and acted normal with them but I can't hear the conversation they were having I can see it but can't hear anything.

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