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  • Emergence i really hope your feeling better i must of caught the same bug been sick since Monday that is one thing i really do not like is being sick coarse i do not know to many people who do .I did get the flower beds finished and planted .Well today is my second day of being a single man and working own putting it behind me but i have been by myself for 15 months anyway sorry i am just not in a good spot today but you eat you some of that home made soup i make real good soup and drink a lot of fluids and get a lot of rest OK Delbert

  • Good morning/evening all,

    Hope your feeling little better today Emergence and Delbertc......sending healing thoughts to you both! xx

    Todays card:

    "Write down what your life would be like if you were completely happy. And then check several times daily whether your thoughts, your words and your feelings are supportive of your Ideal life.

    Remember: your words, thoughts and feelings form your reality!!"

    much love joy and "wonderful creating" to you all...



  • Good Morning/Evening all! I hope you are feeling better Emergence and Delbert! Praying for you all. I'm happy we have each other. This is from Joel's daily news letter.


    Father God, thank You for the gift of life. Thank You for the good plan You have for me today and for my future. Teach me to enjoy the journey of life, to embrace each day with joy and enthusiasm. Help me to see the blessings of every moment You have given me. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

    "Its going to be a great day, just wait."

  • Beautiful pics Aunt Buck, my grandfather lived in Oregon, I never got to visit there but you are making me wish I had.

  • Great prayer Poetic, you always know just what to say.

  • Thanks RC, hope all is well.

  • much inspiring stuff to go on. Love the stories, the quotes the messages of divine healing. I can't possbly comment on all except to say thank you for helping stay on track and remember what is truly important.

    I never thought of my beach as magical but it really is. It just fills my soul with happiness and gives me the strength to carry on another day. I cannot every get enough of it. Every day is a blessing but to live on the beach and look at that every day of my life would be nothing short of heaven on earth for me.

  • Namaste. I honor the place

    in you where the entire universe resides... a place

    of light, of love, of truth, of peace, of wisdom. I honor

    the place in you where

    when you are in that

    place and I am in that

    place there is only one of us.

    -- Mohandas K. Ghandi

  • Hey family,

    Thank you for the beautiful healing thoughts and prayers. How lovely. I am very grateful šŸ™‚

    Still feeling sick but getting a little better, I just need to rest for a day or 2..

    The past few months were HELL and thinking back, I am surprised that I haven't been sick at all throughout those months. I guess my body need some attention now, finally...

    I believe that being sick is always a blessing. I know I am letting go of all the negativities in my body now and making space for all the positivities to enter / return into my life. Getting rid of the old and welcoming the new šŸ™‚ Life will get better, I just knew it.

    By the way, I have started a new thread entitled "New Moon and Mercury Retrograding". I have posted my experience there. Feel free to visit and post any events experienced during this period. We can always discuss them together.

    Will be back soon, all fresh and bubbly šŸ˜„

    Lots of love to all!

    x x x

  • Yes emergence you will and i miss that bubbly and shaken them legs LOL you know i believe to that asking Michale to cut the ties was a release of all the negative energy i had inside of me for the last nine years but i will be glad to get back to being and better . My new has begun and emergence you have a healing light you can let emerge into your body and feel its healing power .just relax take about 5 deep breaths exhale slowly and think of your body and this healing light entering you feet and moving up threw your body emerging its self threw out till it reaches your head.Enjoy have a great Day

  • Good morning/evening all,

    The card that came out today is one that a lot of us have had problems with at one time or another in our lives,

    I have been learning that if we have "stuck" and false beliefs about money, you know, the ones we maybe always heard as children like "money is evil"..."we can't afford that" "rich people are bad"....all that sort of rubbish, we have problems of money flowing to us!.... but we could do so much good with if it's in our hearts and we were able to, I was bought up with many wrong beliefs about money, just like my parents most likely were, but I am trying to change my beliefs on it and hopefully attract enough for me to be able to create a life of doing what I would love to do and that is open a Crystal shop with a little Reiki Healing room at the back in a beautiful inspirational peaceful place near the sea....thats would be my bliss! and is what I'm trying to manifest into my life.

    When I have a little money to spare,sometimes at the end of the month, I just love the thrill of leaving a Ā£5 note attached to certain items such as on a packet of nappies in the supermarket for maybe a struggling mum to find, or a Ā£5 note inside the job section of the local newspaper in the hope someone whos looking for a job to find, and just maybe this Ā£5 could be the means for the person to get to pay for the travel that interview!....the first time I came across an article about doing this sort of thing I was so excited about it, it gives me great joy to do it, I never look back to see who does find it, I just love the thought of it brightening someone's day, I have often thought if I ever did hit the jackpot I would take holidays and leave "a little paper trail", but seriously I would love to be able to do that, and some other things that maybe relieve some people of their "stuck money energy thoughts"....

    Todays card that set all that off in me is:

    "If you never seem to have any money, check your opinions about money. Maybe you think unconsciously that having money = sad? No wonder money is not attracted to you!. Think about positive associations for money and focus on the good and beautiful things you can do with it."

    much love, joy and happy thought's of money!! lets us all feel the abundance thats always there just waiting for is our birthright to be "joyful and abundant"



  • Dearest Hopeternal,

    Thank you for the message above! That is certainly true.

    Funny is, I received this article in my mailbox today and I will copy and paste it here for all of you.

    It might be beneficial to some and a great reading for the rest šŸ™‚

    I always believe in giving, not matter in what situation I am in.

    If I have just a dollar in my pocket, I will share it.

    For I believe in this;

    "What you give out, Universe will make sure that it will come back to you in multiple."

    Hopeternal, keep on doing what you are doing and the Universe will make sure that your dreams will come true one day :).

    Lots of love

    x x x

  • This is a long winded article lol, but I find it interesting.

    This came in my Inbox this morning, great morning reading for me!

    Enjoy reading! I hope you will like it too.

    I am going to talk about another wealth

    Attraction tool that I have used over the years to magically multiply my own wealth. As I said before, wealth attraction is not something that you can achieve overnight, if there were such techniques that would allow you to do that, those techniques would be best avoided. After all, what you want is a way of life, a way to experience abundance in your life in an easy and effortless manner.

    What I am trying to do is to help you form a series of habits that guarantee you to be rich.

    And whatever I suggest you do, I have already proven is working in my life. So do your work, form these habits, you will soon see an abundance of wealth manifest in your life. I have received lots of positive feedback and thank you notes since I published the first two wealth attraction tools. People are already making incredible progress with these techniques. They are working, but only when you use them.

    As you read the title of this section, you probably have already guessed what I am going to talk about. Yes, this is a topic that has been taught over the centuries. Those who applied it in the correct way have made fortunes and lived an abundant life.

    Yes, there is a correct way to apply the technique of tithing, and there is a wrong way.

    Unfortunately, most people are doing it the wrong way, and wonder why they don't see any results, and most of them stopped tithing with disappointment.

    If you have tried, but did not make it work, don't feel disappointed. I am going to show you exactly how to make it work magically for you.

    And if you have already made it work, I am going to tell you how to make it 10 times more effective. Sound exciting? I am serious, if you do exactly what I tell you to do, this is going to make your life so much better and make you so much happier, and certainly your wealth is going to multiply fast!

    First thing I want you to understand is the flow of energy. If the modern scientists are correct (they are probably very close to the real truth), then this physical world is nothing but energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything is energy, fire is energy, water is energy, your body is energy, even the stone is energy, and certainly money is also energy.

    And energy flows. If you want to have the energy of money to flow to you, you must make yourself a channel that allows the energy to flow. Imagine yourself being a channel, your must have an inlet and an outlet. Most people focus on the inlet, but forget that without an outlet, the energy will not flow. If the energy of money came to your channel, but could not find an outlet that it can flow through, then it will rather choose another channel that has an outlet.

    Does that make sense? Well, all you need to understand is that money is energy, you must keep it flowing. That's one reason that you should not be negative about spending your money. Spending your money is one of the ways you can open the flow. And a better way to open the flow is tithing your money. When you give away your money to others, you open a channel for more money to flow to you. Remember energy always flows.

    Then how much should you give? Remember the power of ten that I mentioned in the Wealth Attraction tool No.1? There is a magic power of increase embedded in this number, make really good use of this magic number to grow your wealth. Most of the books on this topic suggest you to tithe 10%.

    And this is also what I recommend you to do. It might be hard for you if I suggest you to tithe 10% of all your savings, and then start by tithing 10% of your monthly earnings. When you start seeing the benefits, you will want to tithe 10% of everything you own. ?

    You might say that you cannot afford to tithe because you are in deep debt. Well, I say you cannot afford not to tithe. If you keep doing what you have always been doing, you will keep getting what you're always getting. If you are in a situation of debt, I want you to read the following conversation I had with a reader recently.

    The reader told me that she has been paying for a debt for 3 years, and recently she became unemployed, her spouse had to pay the debt on her behalf. And she asked me for advice to get out of the debt. Here is what I replied to her:

    "...what you need is a shift of focus. Ask

    yourself: You have been focusing on getting out of the debt for so long, has your situation got any better? If not, why should you keep doing what is not working? If it does not help to focus on the debt, change your focus, then everything will change. Focus on something that you can do to make more money, focus on something that you already have and make it grow. What you focus on will expand, it is your choice to choose focusing on debt or focusing on the little one penny in your pocket. There is a world of difference in this simple decision. Focus on what you have, and be grateful for it, the universe will give you more. The little penny will grow with your proper intention and focused attention.

    Ideas and opportunities will appear when you make this little shift. And remember to express your gratitude when they do show up."

    That is also what I want you to consider if you are in similar situation. Focus on what you have and be grateful for it. And one way to express your gratitude is to give away 10% of that you have. If you earn $1,000 this month, give away $100, if you earn $100, give away $10. The value does not count so much, what counts is a shift of mindset that allows more money to flow to you.

    If you withhold the money, you will probably stay where you are. But once you start giving, everything will change. I am speaking from my own experience, I have been practicing tithing for years, and I have been seeing how my money grows with tithing. And every time I give, I am 100% confident that the money will come back to me multiplied. Please, make this a priority for you, start this month, tithe 10% of what you earn, you will be surprised how the money will come back to you in the most unexpected ways.

    The next question is where you should tithe. If you read any books on this topic, they will suggest you to tithe to places where you receive spiritual help and inspiration. Well, this is good. If you believe what is taught in your church or monastery is helping people change their lives for the better, then give your money to the church or monastery. This is good. Another place you want to give your money is the people that you think need your money the most. This will give you a sense of confidence that your money has been put into good use. And you won't regret the tithing. When I first started tithing, I gave my money to a charity based in the US Dedicated to helping hungry children in Africa and other parts of the world. I felt great every time I donated my money. I knew that the money was going to help many children in parts of the world that are not so well-developed, and I also knew that the money will come back to me multiplied.

    On 12 of May, 2008, an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale hit Sichuan province in China. Tens of thousands people died in the earthquake, and tens of millions people were affected. This is one of the biggest disasters that has happened in the past 30 years in China.

    I knew that these people needed help, and they needed continuous help over the next 5 to 10 years to rebuild their homes. Since then, I had begun to donate my money to the earthquake relief each and every month. If you like, I hope you can help these people too by tithing your money to them. You are not only helping these people, you are also helping yourself to grow your own wealth. If you want to help, you can check out the Chinese Embassy or Red Cross Society in your country. If you are in America, this is the Red Cross Donation page for the Sichuan earthquake.

    You can also donate through China Red Cross Society. Here is their English website:

    Ok, now you understand you should tithe at least 10% of your income, and you also know where you could donate your money to. The next part is what confuses most people.

    Should I tithe without a string attached, or should I tithe with an expectation for a return?

    Well, you should do both. You should tithe without a string attached, and at the same time expect a return. This may sound contradictive, here is what I mean. You should give the money away and expect nothing in return from the source that you give to. If you give your money to your church or to a charity, don't have a slight expectation to get something back from them. You should give freely without asking anything back.

    This is what I mean by tithing without a string attached.

    On the other hand, you should expect a return from other sources. This expectation will tell the universe to bring the money back to you in a greater amount. And you can make this formula more powerful by employing the power of magic number 10 as I have been telling you again and again. When you give your money away, expect 10 times or more money will come back to you. And remember to give thanks to the universe. If you really follow what I am saying, you should see how powerful this technique is, it combines the power of tithing with the "Magic 10" formula I told you in the sample issue. It will make your money grow fast when you use it.

    Here is a summary of the tithing formula:

    1. You should always keep your money flowing 2.

    You should give away at least 10% of what you earn no matter how difficult your current situation seems to be 3. You should give your money to a place that supports your spiritual growth or somewhere needs your money the most 4.

    You should tithe without a string attached 5. You should expect 10 times more return from other sources

    Use this formula starting today; you will see your wealth start growing FAST!

    I look forward to hearing your success stories.

  • Oh WOW!!....fabulous article Emergence, I couldn't remember the name for what it was called.. "Tithing"...thats it!, I was searching for the name of it before my first post today but couldn't find

    one thing I haven't done is given 10%, mind you 10% of what I get,( I live on benefits through disability I'm afraid) maybe less than what I stick on those nappies and in the job I think I may have got it wrong by not expecting anything back!!...looks like I should, I just revelled in the feeling of giving it...and the worry of getting caught was also bit funny, would they have believed me that I was PLANTING MONEY? and not trying to steal the nappies.... I must look very suspicious rumiging around in my bag looking for the glue stick

    I have to admit I used to want to see who found the money, it was so tempting to hang around, but I didn't, who found it should be no concern, that is the universes job to help put it in the right hands, I do recommend people to give this a try, it really does feel good for the soul. it lifts my spirits no end!!

    Thanks for what you said about my dreams coming true...I wish this for you too and all our friends on here! xx

    much love and joy!



  • I love both of your contributions today Hope Eternal and Emergence. Hope Eternal paying it forward is what you are doing and what a original idea, you are an Earth Angel for many. Me and my best friend had an argument about tithing recently and I asked a question of the Universe and the message I got back was Intent. She tithes to her sister's Church which is fine and she wanted me to Tithe their also, I told her I preferred to do something different with my money. Good works are just as important. I'm going to post the answer, I got! May money continue u to flow to us all. You both are right though, in another reading I was told that money was seen as an Energy of exchange by Heaven! Have a great weekend! šŸ™‚

    Here is the answer to your question about tithing/good works:

    "Such a refreshing question! A giver at soul level and one I am very proud of. There is no "wrong" way to love another. Your intentions are pure and you will be guided to do whatever your Spirit chooses for you. Tithing just to "tithe" without love in your heart -- but a sense of "duty" -- is not pure love. It's based out of fear of ME. What will I do if you don't tithe? But tithing out of a sense of goodness, giving to those who need your help and you are able to offer it, then that is what I look for. What's your intent?

    As for good works, that is a given. If you do good works, you are on the path of the Divine. Again, what is your intention in doing them? If you are looking to score brownie points, then you are not driven by all that is good. You are again driven by fear. Life is not about "brownie points". Life is about doing what is right for you and for your fellow man, for your fellow animals, for your fellow Planet. What is right for you isn't right for your neighbor. But your INTENT is the same. I love intentions. They transcend words and deeds. They are ME at my best. And they are you creating your life.

    Now, what's your other question? You are not being greedy! I'm here to answer your questions. So ask!"

    Angel blessings to you,


  • The above is the response I got on my question, take care! šŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much Poetic for saying such a wonderful thing to me!...

    good on you to tell your friend what you feel right, in where you choose give, It's a personal thing isn't it, no one really has the right to say or ask where you maybe place your money for benefit of others!!,

    but the joy I feel leaving my money in those sort of places is so heart warming for me, this may not appeal to some, and thats ok, they just do what they need to do to give them their joy!

    the response you got from Beth was SO good, all of it! especially the part where she said.." just to "tithe" without love in your heart -- but a sense of "duty" -- is not pure love.. SO TRUE!

    I truly believe if it is just given for self gain I would not feel the same joy that I do get....that would be extremely sad for me!!....what I need to do now is be a bit more creative on finding other places too to leave my Ā£5 notes!!....any thoughts or Ideas?....

    much love and joy



  • Wonderful articles. I am guilty of saying too frequently, "we can't afford that." I think the $5 notes are a wonderful idea because I know I' ve been in the store before and was scrimping to buy those diapers and formula. I need to get rid of my fear of not having enough. I've definitely shifted my conscious since being unemployed. I was worried about not having enough money to support us while I go back to school and one of the greatest things that I discovered was by letting go of that fear...I know without a doubt that we will be fine and that money will flow into my life the way it needs to be.

    So, my question is....if you really are living on a shoe string budget...isn't donating your time just as acceptable as donating your money? I know that I will start donating some of my money because I know that it is right and I want to help people, but now that I have more time than money, I would like to contribute that way also. What's it say about that?

    Love and blessings....

  • Part of my shift of consciousness came about from reading a book by Dave Ramsey. First and foremost he advocates that you donate 10 percent of your money before anything goes into bills or savings. His book really really changed my life and the way I think about money. I just loaned the book out to a friend so I'm glad that you posted this reminder here.

    Here's my daily inspiration. I picked up a book on numerology at the Library the other day and started reading before bed last night and this quote just really stuck with me and I knew I had to post it here.

    "When something goes wrong, you must think to yourself, this is not meant for me. Something much better will be shown to me if I just look for it and accept it. Look only at the negative side, and you will see and attract nothing but the negative."

  • I believe that if you want to does not matter what you GIVE.

    It can be money, things, time, effort etc....

    GIVING is a GIFT, it can come in any form, shape and sizes.

    Honestly, my financial is really tight right now.

    All the money I have are all in my trading account, that is how I generate my income.

    I won't be able to take the profits out for a few months, at least for another 2-3 months.

    But that won't stop me from sharing, I can do it in other way.

    I have a neighbor here with 5 children.

    She is a single mum, her husband left her with the kids a few years ago.

    Usually I will buy stuff for the children or give them some pocket money.

    But since I am not able to at this moment, I give the children food.

    I have enough food in the pantry to last me a year lol ( I love to stock up haha)

    So what I do is, I will cook extra 2-3 times a week (because I have the TIME to do it now).

    I will bring the food over to their house in the afternoon.

    That way, they can save some money on food and spend it on something else.

    Lots of love

    x x x

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