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  • Here's another one. I have thought about ashes off the top of this cliff but I keep thinking about the scene in the Big Lebowsky where the ashes fly back into someone's face and know...the beach will be just fine. LOL.

  • Good Morning all, I love all the daily meditations from everyone, here is one I got this morning, or read this morning from the Circle.

    Enjoy this week's meditation.

    Great Creator, Holy Mother God, we love you!

    Today I acknowledge my passion for life, the life that I Am.

    Through my passion for life

    I see and feel and know

    I Am All the Goodness Love and Joy that I seek.

    As a fragment of God's pure essence,

    I AM the miracle of my life,

    and I know that what I am seeking is my self.

    The miracle I Am is true valid real and worthy,

    because I am real, and my vision is Good, whole, perfect and worthy.

    I know that I Am the Love, Peace and Joy

    that God envisions for me every day

    and thus I can never be apart from my Greatest Good.

    I now merge my vision with God's pure vision,

    and miracles happen

    for me by me and through me every day!

    I AM the miracle of my life.

    It is SO, because I declare it to be so!

    Hope you enjoy and believe! 🙂

    "Today is going to be a great day." 🙂

  • Thats from Ahlia's circle group.

  • I just read this to myself and it was so perfect for my day. I also was standing outside my back door smoking and as I looked at one of the huge 100+ year old cedars in my yard, the limbs glisten and mean glisten...tons of little iridescent rains drops on the limbs and it is so beautiful. I tried to take a picture of it so that I could share but my phone won't allow me to do that. I think it was meant just for me. I hope that you find your rainbow drops today and have the peace and love you seek. Today IS a GREAT DAY! Blessings and love to all.

  • How beautiful Aunt Buck! Aren't we special!! I'm include everyone in my prayers. Let's be happy, or lets choose happiness!

  • ... WONDERFUL!! uplifting words Poetic and AuntBuck!!!, I needed this today....

    heres the card I shuffled and picked for today:

    "Do you enjoy the company of positive, loving people who spread joy everywhere? If so, you feel the same as the Universal Spirit. It prefers those people as well. Not because it dislikes the others, but because they close themselves off".

    so, wow! how appropriate this card is for today after reading what positivity is posted.....thank you for uplifting me today!

    much love and joy to all!!



  • I meant to say that card was picked out of pack before I came on.....I just love it when things like that happen, I feel blessed to be amongst you all....

    Have WONDERFUL day/evening everyone


  • Goodmorning all 🙂

    That is lovely, Hopeternal.

    That card was meant to jump out from the pack, it was a sign.

    Maybe just for you or maybe it is for all of us!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day.

  • When I woke up this morning, I turned on the radio and started my usual morning conversation with the angels, asking them to continue guiding me and give me the strength that I need, this song came out. I listen to it and I took it as a sign that I will be okay. The angels are looking after me. I want to share this song with all of you here. Enjoy 🙂

    "That I Would Be Good"

    that I would be good even if I did nothing

    that I would be good even if I got the thumbs down

    that I would be good if I got and stayed sick

    that I would be good even if I gained ten pounds

    that I would be fine even if I went bankrupt

    that I would be good if I lost my hair and my youth

    that I would be great if I was no longer queen

    that I would be grand if I was not all knowing

    that I would be loved even when I numb myself

    that I would be good even when I am overwhelmed

    that I would be loved even when I was fuming

    that I would be good even if I was clingy

    that I would be good even if I lost sanity

    that I would be good

    whether with or without you

    Have a great day where you all are!!

    Lots of love

    x x x

  • Good morning all! Perfect card Hope Eternal! Positivity is the key to happiness!

    Thanks Emergence, what a message, in spite of whatever we are still good! 🙂

  • I just found this story on another site, I thought it was funny but inspiring, the author channels with the Angel Gabriel. I hope you like it.

    My Initiation with the Archangels by Shanta Gabriel

    Who Did You Say You Were?

    “Is this an earthquake? Has lightening struck nearby?” The intensity of the light behind my closed eyes is brilliant, and the room is shaking in a way native Californians interpret as an earthquake. Slowly, a growing awareness begins to register on my conscious mind, “I live in Hawaii, where earthquakes and lightening are rare occurrences. What is going on?” I wondered. Though I have been trying to focus on the woman lying before me on the massage table during a healing session in my living room, the golden light shining behind my eyes was awakening my curiosity.

    Allowing my eyes to open to a slit at first, they popped wide when I observed the radiant visitor at the foot of my table. The source of the room’s unnerving quakes was a glowing figure standing in golden light, with wings so large they reached beyond the ceiling. Remembering my client happily breathing deeply on the table, I resisted the impulse to scream and fall backwards. I needed to stay calm so I would not cause her alarm.

    My mind was racing, as the emanations of power from this winged being streamed across the room. “Who are you?” I ventured in a silent whisper to the glowing apparition. A booming voice in my mind answered, “I am Archangel Michael.” I looked again at the radiant figure blocking my view of Diamond Head and the ocean beyond. I gazed up at the being whose wings were as wide as the patio door before they disappeared through the ceiling in gold light. I could feel the molecules in my body rearranging themselves. I was being called into an unfamiliar realm, and if I had not already been on my knees, they would have buckled. My client sighed, and I came back into the present moment. It was time to complete our session of the healing work I had been doing for years. My last thought to the one who said he was Archangel Michael could best be interpreted as, “Right. Thank you for sharing, but I’m busy now.”

    My conscious mind felt as if it were turning flips. There was no reference in my background that included angels. I had no church upbringing as a child. As an adult, I studied a Hindu tradition that cautioned against being lost in visions that may represent the distracting illusions of the ego rather than true spirituality of the heart. The likelihood of an archangel appearing in my living room was too overwhelming for my rational mind to contain, and I felt intimidated by that massive Angelic presence threatening to rock my world. As I helped my client to sit up, she commented on how well she felt while noticing the breathing problems, which had brought her to my table, had disappeared. I never mentioned my celestial visitor. I also did not say anything to my husband later in the day, since he had already made a reference to the confusion he experienced with my “esoteric side.” It appeared that I might have finally gone around that mental bend in the road to the place my family was sure I had been heading for many years. Yes, I was a wanderer on the path of higher consciousness, an explorer of spiritual belief systems, metaphysical truth seeker, and what some called, a hippie. Never mind the fact that it was now 1988 and I was over 40, and still wondering what I was going to be when I grew up. I knew that I had a path to follow and that my work needed a spiritual purpose to feel meaningful. I just did not know the form this calling was going to take, so I had been making prayerful entreaties to the Universe.

    The visitations from Archangel Michael continued for the next year during the most intense sessions of my healing work. I kept up the prayers for my soul’s purpose to be fulfilled, and pretended not to notice the large winged being in my living room. Clients often commented on the radiant glow of golden light, but I never acknowledged the source of that radiance. I did not try to engage him in conversation, and just kept scrambling to find a grounding place in the material world of Honolulu after years of ashram living. A visitation from an archangel was not fitting even my wildest plans for a clue to my vocation in life. Looking back I can acknowledge the shift in my healing work with the arrival of Archangel Michael. The vibrational frequencies in my form of bodywork had taken a great leap, but I was still too intimidated to explore the meanings behind the gift of Archangel Michael’s presence. I could focus on the profound light enhancing my work, but could not reconcile an angel in my already emotionally turbulent world. It was most likely the attention I was giving to my emotional state that hindered my exploration of the mystery of an archangel’s presence in my life.

    During this time, questions about my marriage were rampant. This upheaval mirrored the great changes on the world stage. After the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the structure of the USSR collapsed, the Berlin Wall was torn down and it seemed as though the structures I had been so sure of, on many levels, were now crumbling. Though often confusing, it was also a heady time as the realization of possibilities for peace on earth, and new beginnings of global awareness for environmental action became more prevalent. My husband and I discussed divorce and made a decision to not only stay together, but to buy a condo on the windward side of O’ahu. Possibly this provided even more distractions to keep me from exploring the world of the Angelic Realms.

    Finally in 1990, while meditating in my new living room, the now familiar golden light flooded the field behind my eyes, only this time my heart felt like it was melting into a pool of love. The angel standing before me was nearly faceless in the bright light, and once again, his wings arched grandly beyond the cathedral ceiling. This time his eyes drew me to him in a new way, and I felt no fear. I heard him say he was Archangel Gabriel, and that he had a message for me. He proceeded to give me a series of exercises that allowed me to receive inspired communication from a light-filled world of love and compassion. These messages soothed my emotional bruises, filled me with hopefulness and a deep inner peace.

    For years I wrote from this inspired place during my meditation times filling journals with wisdom and truth. Still I was quiet about these experiences, rarely sharing the information. When I did, my friends were very positive and encouraged me to create an outlet for this work. I decided to print small inspirational message cards. When I asked Archangel Gabriel what I should call them, I was told, Angel Messages. He then informed me that the name of my new business was to be “Angelic Dimensions.” Then one of my friends showed me the cover of Time Magazine from December 1993 since I did not read newspapers or watch the news. I was astonished that a national well-respected magazine would have a beautiful angel emblazoned on its cover, with the caption: The New Age of Angels. 69% of all Americans believe in angels. What in heaven is going on? The angel trend had officially begun. The world was finally ready to hear what the angels had to communicate, and many would make mega bucks on corny angel trinkets. In 1994 my first advertisement to launch the Angel Messages card sets was mailed to new age retail shops in the form of a flyer that said, “Help from above for your bottom line.” Out of 4000 mailings, I received 400 orders, an amazing 10% return, and my new work in the world had been revealed to me. I was out of the metaphysical closet admitting that I not only could see angels, they were talking to me.

    For four years, I had a wonderful small business dedicated to inspiring people with messages from Archangel Gabriel and bringing peace to earth. In retrospect, it also would have been useful to ask for a profit from the Angelic Dimensions for my very earthly company. In 1999, after my business went into bankruptcy and we lost our condo, my appendix burst, a divorce was imminent, I was in a car accident and menopause arrived, I would remember ruefully the guidance at the beginning of that fateful year: Just when did you think you would need faith? Angelic humor was reminding me that it is easy to have faith when things are going well, but having faith in that which is unseen is really the key to happiness. During the painful time that followed, I knew I was being guided through the unknown. I have since realized that I was never truly alone no matter how it felt at the time. Now ten years later, I have used some of the messages I received from Archangel Gabriel and put them into a book published in February 2009 called The Gabriel Messages. I am receiving messages from Archangel Gabriel again on a regular basis and they have found a new creative abode through my blog. Though my life has taken some interesting turns, I am happier than I have ever been.

    I believe that Archangel Michael was the advance courier for my work in the world, as he has been for so many people who feel like they are becoming spiritual warriors. As we work together with others to anchor more Divine Light on the planet, it brings the energy of Heaven to Earth leading to spiritual evolution. The Archangels are available now in a way they have never been in recent history, if only people are willing to listen. The earth has been receiving unprecedented angelic light and healing energy that can bring encouragement and support to the hearts of all beings. The power available from the Angelic Realms strengthens our core spiritual energy so we can stand up for the truths we believe in, and bring greater understanding and positive change into our lives. The love of the angels can provide depth and meaning to hearts that are starving in a world where overemphasis on the material is the norm. The angels are here to open doors to a refined state of Truth and uplift our hearts and minds. With the help of the Angelic Dimensions we can connect to the child like spirit within each of us, and offer hope to the confused adult within us in need of direction. I truly believe we are in the midst of an evolutionary shift allowing us to bring value into our personal lives, more interest in peace to all hearts in the world, and healing for the environment. We have been gifted with a magnificently beautiful planet, and have the opportunity to serve the Creator of this earth with the profound support of the Angelic Realms.

    Perhaps you will consider a visitation in your life? Try inviting Archangel Michael into your living room. You may be surprised at the blessings that take place.

    Shanta Gabriel

    P.S.: I know it's long.

  • poetic555,

    Thank you! This is a wonderful reading. Especially for someone who is lying on the couch in her living room right now, suffering from a bad flu 😞

    Been calling Archangel Raphael for his healing energies though and have been spending my time blabbering words to Archangel Michael. Not sure how else I can past my time with this flu attack.

    Will be back again hopefully tomorrow, hope I am well by then.

    Lots of love to all and stay safe!

    Have a great evening

    x x x

  • Good Morning/Evening all,

    Poetic555 that was SO wonderful and encouraging to read...thank YOU very much for posting this.....

    I just love coming to this thread, it's the first thing I do, well, after waking and feeding my dog....oh, and getting my cup of reading these stories and quotes set me up wonderfully positive for the day ahead.....

    Emergence I'm sending healing loving thoughts to you to help you relax and heal that flu of yours....just tell it "Thank you for your visit, but you may be on your way and leave now" never know it might just strange isn't it, but I find myself believing all the stuff thats out of the ordinary nowadays!!...lets face it, just thinking and believing just from our ol' brain cells like we always have in the past haven't got us very far eh!!

    Todays card I pulled:

    "No teacher can be as good, as knowing, or as able to help you on the way to a more fulfilled and happier life as the teacher within you. It is wise to invest a lot of time in being in contact with your inner teacher. You will find them in the silence."

    I loved todays card, hope you all do too!!......

    Much love joy and blessings to you all, have great day/evening.



  • Thanks Aunt Buck for the poem by Ralph Marston. Very powerful.

  • Emergence I hope you get better soon, drink lots of fluids. Good Morning! Hope Eternal I love the card of the day, I am so trying to get in touch with my inner me. "Today is going to be a great day." Just Wait!

  • Aunt Buck, what a blessing it is to have a beach so beautiful close by, I live near Fort Lauderdale Beach and used to go out every Sunday but haven't in years. It is not as beautiful as your beach, your beach looks mystical. I used to love to travel but haven't in a long time, I have to get my Passport. When you have your home on the beach, can you imagine waking up every morning to that view? I would never leave! "Room Service." 🙂 Just give me coffee and a few danishes and a good book.

  • Hi Hopeternal,

    Thank you for sharing the message with us. It really reflect on the way I am handling my life at this moment. To be a teacher to myself and to listen to the voice in me. Thank you!

    Thanks for sending the healing thoughts to me as well. I am blessed to have so much friends sending me healing energies at this moment. Somehow, I am feeling a little better.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Thank you! Oh yeah, I just had some home made soup and a cup of hot tea. They are really easy on my stomach and I need something edible and easy lol. Time for the medicine now!

    Have a great day!

    Lots of love to all.

    x x x

  • Oh and my message for today;

    "I trust what I think. I do not define myself by what others think. My self worth and value is intrinsic and not able to be altered."

    x x x

  • Poetic555..thank you for such an inspirational story! I love reading about visitations from heavenly entities. It does inspire me spiritually.

    Emergence..I am sending good thoughts your way and praying for a complete recovery from your flu.

    I leave you all with wishes and blessings that today will be a day filled with joy, good health and love! ~~~~~May the angels bring peace and light into your lives!

  • Inspirational guide for all zodiac signs during the New Moon! ( yeah it is today till April 28th).

    If you need an infusion of energy to jumpstart your life, the New Moon in Aries on April 14, 2010 can help you launch a new path. Fire-sign Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac, so between now and the end of April is a great time to explore new activities and meet new people.

    One caveat is retrograde Mercury (April 17-May 11), a troublemaker in the communication department. To help keep your life on track, be sure to double-check/clarify your plans, discussions and agreements.

    Aries: Ready, set, go! It's time to go for that dream you've been contemplating. Whether you want to advance your career, start a diet or attract a compatible relationship, the New Moon in your sign is sure to help you attain your aspirations. Having a target to aim for will help you focus your energy.

    Taurus: If you feel unusually stirred up and antsy for a fresh start, it's the New Moon at work. Now is the time to do the groundwork for a goal you're set on by getting prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. You'll be at the starting gate a month from now, when the New Moon in Taurus propels you down the track.

    Gemini: Want to energize your social life? The New Moon can help you meet people who will become meaningful in your life. Old friends will bring joy as as well. Your social consciousness is also being activated, so you might find yourself getting involved in a project that improves your community -- and beyond.

    Cancer: The New Moon brings a new cycle of career-related activities. It's time to focus on your goals and take some steps to expand your work. Because your reputation is being empowered, it's an excellent time to connect with the public to promote your expertise. Colleagues can assist you, so use their know how to enhance your projects.

    Leo: If you're feeling especially adventurous, it's undoubtedly the influence of the New Moon. It's time to explore new mental, physical and/or spiritual territories by taking a trip, enrolling in a class and/or joining a spiritual group. What's more, your intuition can provide a window to your future, so be open to guidance from your inner voice.

    Virgo: Get ready for some steamy sex as the New Moon energizes intimacy. But first you may need some time alone to heal any emotional wounds that keep you "safe" from love. Focusing on eliminating attitudes, habits and material junk that stymie your emotional freedom will bring fulfillment, both in and out of the bedroom.

    Libra: As the New Moon energizes your partnership/commitment sector, it's time to spice up your relationship with your significant other. Improving your connection through shared activities will energize your bond. If you're solo, the New Moon will help you get clear about commitment, which will help you attract a compatible partner.

    Scorpio: You're all fired up during the New Moon, not only in the boudoir, but in seeking out opportunities to expand your work as well. Getting organized will help you streamline your daily routine. It's also a good time to revamp your diet and exercise regimen -- just in time for summer fun!

    Sagittarius: Girls and boys just want to have fun during the New Moon, and that means plenty of romantic opportunities. If you're involved, fire up the candles and hot tub for some romantic recreation, in whatever form turns you on. Your muse is working overtime as well, so seek out ways to capitalize on your creativity.

    Capricorn: Home projects and family activities energize you during the New Moon. Clearing out the junk and revamping your home décor will boost the positive feng shui in your environment. Showing off your hosting skills by throwing a party can bring satisfaction. It may be time to mend some family fences, too.

    Aquarius: Your brainpower kicks into overdrive during the New Moon, which brings out your need to express yourself. It's time to promote your ideas and share your wisdom and expertise with others. Learning something new will bring satisfaction. And you may need to take a trip to appease your inner travel bug.

    Pisces: Seeking out moneymaking opportunities during the New Moon can pay off in a boost to your bank account. Blending your passion with some practicality can help you find ways to improve your cash flow. Just don't let a spending spree unravel it all. It's also time to prioritize by focusing on what's important to you.


    Okay, I really need to go to bed now. Head is thumping bad!

    MorningGlow ,

    Thanks for your prayers,hun! With the New Moon and the Mercury retrograding, I am sure on the speedy road to recovery!

    Lots of love!

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