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  • Goodmorning all!!!!

    Just a line I would like to share today,

    "Do not fear mistakes for you will know failure. Do not fear love, for you will know happiness."

  • Denise and Emergence....very very wonderful.

    I'm currently sitting and watching my favorite pastor on TV. (Yah....never thought I'd hear those words come out of my mouth either...) Joel Osteen. His message for the day is to so inspiring. It is about work your hardest but enjoy your life harder. Life is for living....not stressing out, ignoring your family and friends and yourself for the pursuit of a job. He stated he would rather make less money and be able to enjoy his family and friends. Spend the time enjoying your life and the people in it. Show them how to enjoy the simple things in life. The free things. Work will always be there...your friends and family who love you the most....won't always be. Appreciate the people in your life. So today, I want to say that I truly appreciate the people in my life, on line and in person. You make me believe in myself and show me the way to happiness and fufillment. Thank you all for who you are and what you give me. I only hope that I can give you as much as you have given me.

  • Thank you, AuntBuck

    And you have given us so much too. I am happy to be a part of the receivers of your wisdom.

    I am young still ( 33 lol) but I might have seen more of the world and life than people of my age. One of the things I have learned is, money is not the answer to everything. We can have all the money we wanted if we work hard for it but money cannot filled the empty space you feel in your heart or in your soul. It can never make up for any loss or any pain. I would rather give up what I have (monetary wise) in exchange for more time with my grandparents. They passed when I was still in growing up stage. I was just a kid who known no other parent's love besides the love from them. But I believe they are in better place now and they are always near me to guide me and to show me the right path to take. They taught me not to FEAR life or I won't be able to go far and achieve my dreams and goals in life. I will always be thankful to them for the person I am now.

  • Emergence - I missed knowing my grandparents. My parents immigrated from Germany in the early 60's. I was the only child born in the US. I only had my close family. Parents, sister and brother. I never knew what it was like to have Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. I knew of them and I did meet them but with a language barrier, it was difficult to ever feel comfortable around them or ever get to know them. My children....oh they know their grandparents and spend lots of time with them. My sister and I are both that way. My brother recently cut ties to the family but he was at one time like that also, we are extended but still close knot. You were lucky being able to know them. To me, my relatives are names...mostly without faces....

  • Hi AuntBuck,

    Yes I am indeed lucky. I am lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful grandparents who gave me nothing but love and devotion. I wouldn't know where I would be now if they hadn't took me from the hospital when I was 20 days old and brought me to their loving home, where my aunts and uncles ( still young and single then) lived too. It was a big house, full of love and laughter. I was adored.

    They gave me everything - love, education, clothes, toys, money etc etc. I didn't lack of anything. But as much as they are generous with everything, they didn't forget to discipline me. I was never a spoiled brat. They pampered me but at the same time, they can be as strict as the discipline mistress from my high school lol.

    Now, I still have my aunts (3), uncle (2) and cousins as my immediate family. Although I live 1000s of miles away, across the ocean, I never stop missing them or thinking about them. I make a point to come back home as often as I can. Whenever I am back home, I will visit my grandparent's resting place and sit there for hours, to tell them what I have been up to since my last visit. Most of the time, it was like a confession but I think, I am always seeking their blessings in everything I do.

    I bet you are wondering where my parents are. Well, they are very much alive and we do have a few contacts with one another. They were career minded people who were not able to raise me when I was born, so my grandparents stepped in and took the responsibility instead. I am so glad they did. But anyway, I prefer not to get too deep into this issue. I am just glad for what I am now.

    My inspirations...

  • ah....Emergence....very blessed. Very blessed in deed. šŸ™‚

  • AuntBuck - I'm with you, became a Joel Osteen fan myself. My mom probably got a chuckle out of that. I agree his messages just feel like he is speaking directly to me sometimes. I love that! And he is so right, we have to appreciate those in our life more than "stuff". How many people miss out on getting to see their own children grow up because they are so busy working so they have a good life that they seemingly miss the whole thing. I've always provided the best I could for my family and often times to excess ( I realize that now) but in doing so I'm aware of times I've missed out on, times you can't get back. When I watch my granddaughter these days I stop what I'm doing and it's her time. People wonder why she seems to like me so much, I sure hope she does but I think it's simply that I give of that time to make her time with me special. We do mundane things like empty the dishwasher like everyone else does but we also read together and she loves characters voices, I've never "eaten" so many plastic meals in my life but it's what she enjoys so we do it. I figure if during these trying times I can't do that much than nothing else is much worth doing either so I try. All of you here, wow, you are just such a God send to me. Like so many others I say I stumbled across this site but deep down I know it was more than that, I like to call divine intervention.

  • Good Morning all, I love Joel too!

  • Denise, what an encouraging message!

  • Thank you Aunt buck and Poetic555...

    the last post I did was especially meaningful for me...I so needed to be reminded of "we are never alone" in everything we choose to experience in this lifetime and its lessons it brings can feel unbearable at times and we can feel lost...but the knowledge that your angels and guides are around you at all times is a comfort indeed....

    much love and joy,



  • Denise...most definitely. When we are our saddest it is because we have chose to remove ourselves from the world. When we spend our time in solitude when we are hurting and only allow our thoughts to pervade our soul are we are punishing ourselves. When we move back into the world and allow the love in we see that while in pain, we can receive more love. That is what heals us....and moves us forward. Sometimes you need the strength of your friends and family to lift you up from the depths of despair back into the light of love.

    I know that I was miserable when I stuck to my self...laying in bed and crying and alienated myself from the things that I love. This time....I chose to get out of bed and move back into the light and when I did...God brought me here.

    RC....not only will you remember the times with your granddaughter and how much joy she gave you....she will remember how much joy you gave her. Ask Emergence....

    Joel caught my attention late one night and I continued to listen to his messages. Read his books, listen to his tapes and I was fortunate enough to be able to go see one of his sermons in person. He is inspiring...very uplifting and I get what I need every time I listen to him.

  • Hi friends,

    Wishing you all a wondreful day / week!!!!

    My inspiration for today - SELF WORTH

    Here are some ways to become more engaged to your own self-worth.

    Set time aside each day to daydream about what it is you really want. Be open to how you feel and how your thoughts progress. If anything makes you uncomfortable, focus on that for only a moment and then remove it and begin daydreaming again where you left off. The more comfortable you become with your new desire, the easier it will be to obtain.

    Imagine that you are approaching a wall. It can be as big and tall as you like. On this wall is written what it is that is blocking a particular desire. Acknowledge what that block is and decide if you are willing to keep it or let it go. When you decide to let it go, find a way around this wall. Climb over it, go around it, find a way through it. On the other side of the wall is what life will be like once the obstacle is gone.

    If you are hiding behind a situation or person, imagine what it would be like if they were to step aside and let you have what it is you want. Get comfortable with the idea of making the decision to move forward with your desire and notice what feelings it generates. Common feelings will be fear and nervousness. These are normal. Keep imagining a successful outcome and you will stay motivated to move ahead.

    Guided imagery allows us to test an experience we desire. It can help us make changes we want more easily. When you become comfortable with your desire, your conscious and unconscious minds work in unison to put it out to the universe so that you receive it faster.

    As you do these things, you will find how much of your self-worth is tied into your reality. Becoming engaged with your self-worth can help you manifest your desires, bringing prosperity into your reality quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. By committing to stepping out from behind other people or negative circumstances, you can employ new strategies to help you have the life that you desire.

    Lots of love!!!

  • Emergence, Blessings and thank you for this message on SELF-WORTH.

    I have been working with a counsellor ,EMDR, on re-establishing my self-worth. Today's information is what I needed today.

    Blessings beyond measure


  • lovingsilverwings,

    You are certainly welcome! I hope this message is beneficial for your assignment today.

    All the best of luck!!

  • Goodmorning my friends!!!

    "The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration."

  • Good Morning my friends! Food for thought:

    The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you'll never find it.

    C. P. Snow (1905 - 1980)

  • Goodmorning friends!!

    (Goodmorning to you too poetic555!)

    Inspiration message for today,

    "Doing what I love serves others. I live in the present and I am willing to change. I do not let the constraints of my ego keep in rigid, negative ways of living my life. I am flexible and positive."

    Have a blessful day!! Lots of love.

  • Words- The cuts that run deep.

    Have you ever thought about how words have power?

    Not the written word but the spoken one. Have you ever heard how you address others or the impression you make on those around you.

    Our words have a tremendous effect on those we interact with everyday. What we say to others

    both positive and negative changes the way others see themselves. A word of encouragement can

    change the lives of people. Its how we learn to find our place in the world. Its how we see ourselves accepted and find values in what we do.

    Harsh words only hurt others. They do not go away but remain buried in the mind of those they are directed at. Especially those we care about. Most of the time the we don't even know we have said them. But they can have a profound impact on others.

    Encouragement, kindness, and love. These type of words are the building blocks of our self-esteem. They not only make us feel good but give hope and acceptance of who we are. We get to choose how we use our words. Give some encouragement or kindness to someone today. Watch the smile on their face. Its free and it feels good to others and ourselves.

    Blessings and peace

  • "Miracles happen in my life each day. With each breath my body heals and repairs itself without the need of drugs or surgery."

  • Good Morning, not here yet! Will be back soon. šŸ™‚

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