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  • Thought I'd share this Mary Oliver poem today:


    You do not have to be good.

    You do not have to walk on your knees

    For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

    You only have to let the soft animal of your body

    love what it loves.

    Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.

    Meanwhile the world goes on.

    Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain

    are moving across the landscapes,

    over the prairies and the deep trees,

    the mountains and the rivers.

    Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,

    are heading home again.

    Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

    the world offers itself to your imagination,

    calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting --

    over and over announcing your place

    in the family of things.

    I wish for us all that we might see our places in the family of things, and know that no matter how lost we may feel, in truth we are already home.

    blessings, gd

  • "A challenge is an opportunity to grow spiritually. It will strengthen your soul and make you a better human being. Welcome this experience to let your spirit grow."

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Good Morning/Evening, Love it! GD/Emergence! Have a special day today!

  • Here is confirmation!

    Every day is a good day.



  • Goodmorning Poetic555!

    Everyday is a good day! (I agree!) 😄

    Have a wonderful one!

  • Such awesome words. The love just oozes around here, you can't deny it.

  • Hey Girlfriend! Missed you, glad you are feeling better!

  • "May you live every day of your life. "

    Jonathan Swift

  • Good Morning/Evening all! Wanted to share this info:

    How To Tell Fear From Intuition

    Signs of a Reliable Intuition

    Conveys information neutrally, unemotionally

    Feels right in your gut

    Has a compassionate, affirming tone

    Gives crisp, clear impressions that are “seen” first, then felt

    Conveys a detached sensation, like you’re in a theater watching a movie

    Signs of an Irrational Fear

    Is highly emotionally charged

    Has cruel, demeaning, or delusional content

    Conveys no gut-centered confirmation or on-target feeling

    Reflects past psychological wounds

    Diminishes centeredness and perspective

    If you’re en emotional empath, it can be especially tricky to ascertain which fears are authentic, helpful intuitions. Because you tend to absorb other people’s emotions, you may pick up their fear and think it’s your own. To avoid this, always ask yourself, “Is the fear mine or someone else’s?” One dependable way to find out is to distance yourself from the source. Move at least twenty feet away. If you experience relief, it’s likely you’re perceiving another’s fear. Although it’s fine to absorb courage and all positive emotions from others because they’ll strengthen you, you don’t want to absorb negativity. Move away, and keep releasing extraneous fear by exhaling it until the feeling passes.

    Taken from a book by Dr. Judith Orloff.

    Have a blessed day!:)

  • Good reminder poetic.

  • poetic, I am feeling better. Still not well, in a weakened state for sure but definite improvement as you can see by my motor mouth here. LOL How about you? You feeling ok?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I feel great today, been going to sleep really early, still praying for you every day, the sickness is going around the Universe just read it this morning on that site, look under "thankful." I don't have any plans for this holiday weekend and that's a bummer! I'm going to a "jackpot" Party tonight, ten lucky winners will get 500.00 in free play. I'm hoping, praying, trying to meditate on having a lucky ticket, will let you know tomorrow. My buddy here was just very sick too, purging.

  • Zephire you are an empath too? Thats why you don't feel well. I'm so sorry, I'll pray you get better too! "This too shall pass." 🙂

  • You have to learn to ground yourself and protect yourself with White Light to keep negativiy away, it's amazing lately I can't stand to be around negative people, I back away and stay away. It really bothers me too.

  • I sure know what you mean about feeling tired and it going around. Whenever illness or issues attack the body it zaps your strength or that's how I feel anyway. Thank you for your continued prayers, I really mean that. I guess when we deal with health matters it sort of puts the other "stuff" into perspective as not quite as important as we thought it was in the first place. Had lunch with my bro yesterday, poor guy lets me vent all over him about the home front but when all was said and done he just said, "you are doing what you are supposed to, no one can fault you for that." Kind of nice to hear it in person. I tell him all about you, my pals who keep me from going insane. Isn't if funny how people spread out all over can feel so close. Wishing you much luck at the jackpot party. My finances are feeling a bit weak too but I know I can't focus on the lack, you see I'm learning.....LOL

  • Good for you RC, if I win, I will share. What about going back to school? There is lots of free money out there for grants, especially you are a displaced home-maker, you get to keep the change after tuition. Something is wrong with this thread, I could not click on page 43, had to start from one and click, click, click. I tell everyone about you guys too, some though I don't bother cause they wouldn't understand. This is important don't know how or why but the future will reveal it to us. 🙂 "Today is a great day." Go outside if it's not too hot.

  • Poetic, thanks for the boost of confidence. School? I don't know I think about it from time to time but don't think that is exactly where I'm headed if you know what I mean. I'd love to go back don't get me wrong. I used to tease my daughter that she & I could graduate from college together, she didn't much like that idea. Maybe it'll be with my granddaughter but if it's meant to be it'll happen. There is a glitch with the thread, have encountered it on some others before too. Hey things are looking up, maintenance got the AC working that 's a plus. Will take the rest of the day one step at a time, think I need to just take it all in and see what comes my way.

    Have a great day. As for the holiday weekend, no plans here either I'll probably be checking in on all of you.

  • Move Past Your Mountain

    you have stayed long enough at this mountain"

    (Duet 1:6, NIV)

    Let me ask you, do you go out each day knowing that favor is already in your future? Or have you gotten stuck in a rut staring at a mountain of disappointment, setbacks or difficulty?

    That's what happened to the people of Israel. They were headed toward their promised land. They had big goals and big dreams, but along the way they hit some setbacks and had some disappointments. They got so discouraged that they gave up on their dreams and just settled where they were. One day God said to them, "You have dwelt long enough on this mountain." He was saying, "It's time to move past this and embrace the blessing in your future."

    I believe God is saying that to each one of us today. You've been where you are long enough. God is saying, "This is a new day. Get your fire back. Where you are is not where you're supposed to stay." If you'll be determined to move past your mountain, He will lead you and empower you to live in favor and blessing in every area of your life!

    A prayer for today:

    Heavenly Father, I give to You every area of my heart. I give You my questions, my disappointments, my doubts and fears. I choose to trade my sorrow for Your joy. I choose to press past my mountains so I can embrace the promises You have in store for me. In Jesus' Name. Amen

    From Joel's daily newsletter!

  • Poetic, loved that, thanks for sharing, I'll have to tell my brother. The other day he called to tell me he had a flash, he saw my dad with him they were walking toward the beach and he could see big gray mountains out in the water like at the horizon, there was a lot of gray in what he saw and he heard my dad say "There's no mountains out there." I told him I felt dad was telling him he was struggling to achieve or overcome something large that was not really a challenge. No effort seemed needed, why must you climb a mountain that doesn't exist. I will pass your message today along to him, perhaps it will help.

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