A love that grows deeper...with a Taurus man

  • I have been heavily engaged with a Taurus man born 04/23/1971 Fort Worth Tx 4:36pm and myself born 06/15/1967 Dallas Tx 12:45pm. We have been seeing each other now for 5 months, although a long distance relationship, he always takes time to come and visit me and we talk for hours on the phone every night. He has been wonderful for me and we are at the point that it would seem the love between us is ever growing deeper and deeper.....He has taken me out on many trips to travel together and is the most wonderful and romantic cook at the same time. I can honestly say, I have never known another love like this. We are not happy to have to be without each other, his reason is due to his job, though he has a house and property here. I know in time we will be together and patience is a virtue, but God knows it is tough. Our hearts are aching to be together, that much is true....... I think the distance has given us a chance to appreciate each other even the more so and love keeps growing more and more all the while......I am hoping and praying this is the one, the one I want to love, protect and cherish, forever and always.

  • This relationship is best for companionship but not good for love. Your friend enjoys how much you are attracted to him - it boosts his ego. But he does not like change so, if you are desirous of moving forward, he will stubbornly resist, being content with the way the relationship is. He likes moving around and meeting other people and spreading his charm to many, especially women. He does however enjoy hearing about your latest adventures and exploits and you admire his powerful approach in career matters. But as a child you likely had a tendency to idolise authority figures and now as an adult, you can project these feelings onto your capable friend. A complex emotional situation can thus arise. If your Taurus man is unresponsive to your needs over a long period of time, you will seek solace elsewhere, though staying tied to your primary relationship. This will work as long as your Taurus man does not find out about your affairs. He enjoys freedom himself but not in others - a double standard. The strengths of this relationship are its charm and its fun. The weaknesses are possible unfaithfulness and a growing heaviness.

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