Oh My Gosh! ..The Forum sure is becoming a Battle ground...

  • For some people who have Hissy Fits , when they don't get the answers they want to hear . Talk about negative vibes .Good Lord !

    I just had to express my feelings about that .. no disrespect intended to anyone .:O)

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless Everyone ^A^


  • My perception is that there are far more polite positive people earnestly seeking to learn more about themselves and the world than there are negative psoters. But those who express negative views or feedback are here to help us learn too so they should be respected. Fights only go on if other people prolong them by responding.

    Let's remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • I guess I should just shut my mouth . I was just expressing my opinion too .

    No disrespect intended .


  • I did indeed include you in the right to express an opinion.

    But why are you so upset because I express mine to disagree with you?

  • Captain , I am not upset that you express your disagreement with my opinion . I felt I was being reprimanded for what I had posted and felt badly for doing so .That is why I posted a apologize . It was not my intention to upset anyone or point fingers and I apologize for that too . Anyway no worries .

    Have a good day and evening

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^

  • Doves46, please know you are not Alone and what you see and what you know IS valid

    Hold on to your truth

  • No worries ..I am ok with everything now ..


  • Dove honey why censor urself? u have a human right that says free thoughts. why violate that?

    some threads on here HAS been a battlefield. So dont stop calling what u see is as that.


  • Doves

    again, no worries

    opinions, as many have said, are like armpits

    everyone has it LOL

    as long as you are not rude or disrespectful, go ahead express it

    I don't know which threads you mean

    but I've been on the receiving end too

    sometimes I ignore it, sometimes I get back at them

    conflicts are facts of life

    we have it in real life, so why won't it happen online?

    in any forum I've been, - well I've been on many since 1998s

    there is always disagreement, arguments that become heated, escalated to conflicts

    again, what matters is what we learn from conflicts

    not the conflict itself

    just be respectful when expressing opinions

    but doesn't mean you should lie

    say it as it is but just don't call names because it;s not necessary

    I hope I don't offend anyone by saying this

  • Doves, I know that I have and will probably continue to offend while expressing my truth, a consequence of going off on all four hooves, lol. Don't apologize unless you have truly been

    verbally abusive. We all learn from people's honest opinions. Not to express them is like putting

    a bit on Spirit. So run with the wild ponys!

  • My point was that Dove (and everyone else) must allow others to express their opinions even if they appear to be negative, just as she herself wants her opinion to be heard. The negative people are the ones who need our help the most. It's hardly realistic to expect any forum or anything in life to be all 'sweetness and light'.

    Also I feel she was exaggerating about the negatiivity as most posts here are very positive. I think it disrespects this forum and the good people who contribute to it to say it is some kind of 'battlefield' when in fact there are just a few minority posters who get surly and rude.

    So Dove please respect my right to disagree with you and do not turn this into a way of getting attention.

  • this doesn't involve the forums...but in real life..people can be downright rude, selfish, righteous etc...but yet I noticed something about these type of people who think they have a given right to mistreat you...if you ever confronted them with facts of their behaviors towards you...they will breakdown in tears...etc ...etc...its like they can hurt people with their words and actions and yet..if it happens to them..its a big..deal...same with gossip...people love to put others down..but won't own up to it...when others confront them with the truth...

  • Captain you are so right and such an inspiration!!

    I am not excluding others of course. you all are my teachers

    but I totally agree that negative responses help us to grow for better. its just a matter of perspective.

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