Angelic, Ghostly, Songs Once They Start They Don't STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello All, Geez for the life of me I cannot make the singing stop. I keep hearing a female's voice singing/humming a song. I' am not exactly sure if this is one of the female ghost's in my home or if this just so happens to be my Guardian Angel or Guide? I suspect if this was my Guide or Guardian Angel then I was see them. I reminded myself that when in meditation I asked to please to start hearing my Guide "Amanda's" voice and to start being able to have her talking to me as a way of communication. I am not so sure now if this is the aftermath of one of the ghost thinking that was meant for them,lol. Before, I normally did not hear ghostly phenomenon only on a few occassions and it wasn't but a brief word. I guess I should have listened to my friend when she said that I need to learn how to shut it all down, once it starts it can be a real pain in the but in your daily life especially, when your doing the most intimate things! So, what do you think and if this isn't angelic how do you shut it down, or if it is angelic what do you suppose for?

    Thanks in Advance



    Please exscuse any and all spelling and grammar mistakes, because I am in a hurry and have no time to proof read! sorry

  • Good Luck!

  • Dear Devine,

    If it's angelic, all you have to do is ask for it to stop. Say it's too loud for you, and they need to mute it for you. In an instant, it should happen because you asked. If it doesn't happen, then it's not your angels. And you need to do two things.

    First, tell the entity singing to leave and STOP. You are more powerful this this entity.

    Second, call on Archangel Michael and ask him to come and carry this noise out of your head and make it disappear. Then when he does, thank him for doing it.

    If you feel ghostly spirits in your own home, you need to talk to them and tell them to go to the light. Ask Michael to protect you in your home and to please come to your home and escort all of the lost souls out so they can move on in their own spiritual journey. He will escort them, one at a time, until they are gone and you have peace.

    Angel blessings to you,


  • Thanks Beth, It did finally stop! I'm assuming that it is a female child, her name is Sharron and she died in a fire. She connects with me in ways of showing me she use to practice ballette. For some reason or another these other ghost will not talk to me. Althou, few have come to me in dreams, showing me weird events which I take are what may have happened to them. The only times I have heard them at all is not through an actually one on one intelligent conversation, just mostly noises, I hear my name being called, the singing, etc. I have asked them if they want my help, some of them I think do, but not the others which I am working on getting them moved on out!

    Thanks I should of known better that it wasn't my guide, Not too say the singing was horribly bad just a little too long! If you get my drift! lol

  • ~Poetic555~

    lol Good Luck! I take you have had many experiences in this topic! lol Thank the good lord it did stop, my husband was starting to think I was going nutz!

  • Now that I do think about it a bit more, I realize the singing started after I was singing a favorite song to my daughter! Maybe Sharron just thought she was going to sing too and become my own little music box (all day,and night) !

  • Dear DevineEvanescence,

    You can help Sharron by telling her to go to the light...and asking Michael to send his angels to help guide her to cross over. She is wanting to be near you...and you can help her join her extended family and move on her own spiritual journey by letting her go. Tell her it's okay. She needs to know this from you.

    Angel blessings to you and your family,


  • angelreader~

    Thank You so much! I send out to her my deepest sympathy, As I know all to well how it must feel being alone and lost. I will pray for her, and tell her to go into the light, I will know that she will be alot better once she crosses over and see's her extended family waiting for her! Bless You all !!!! ~+Devine+~~~~~~~~

  • For some reason she hasn't gone through the light after I have explained this too her before! Do you think that by her not hearing me tell her that it will be o.k., this is why she didn't go through the light?

  • Dear Devine,

    Just repeat yourself. Tell her it's okay. Ask Archangel Michael to come and help her cross over. That she has many who love her waiting for her. She can hear you. You are more powerful than she is. She may be afraid, and needs help. Michael is the angel for the job! You can ask him to help her...and you may "feel" her leave, or her absence will be your sign.


  • She has crossed over!

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