Absorbing Other People's Energies?

  • Oh YES I avoid energy sharing in general. I mostly because I don't get back enough to balance what I would give away. Most are inept at giving because they are unaware of themselves. And most conflicts I have with other people comes from absorbing their energy unintentionally. If they are manipulative or distrustful- I buck (I'm an Aries), but those people , again, have NO idea what they are doing and that THEY are the conflicts' sources.

  • Serious 7 you are an empath and healer I think so you are actually healing with your hands ,not imagining it!It used to happen to me as well.Reiki uses light as well as symbols to heal,but I guess all of you sensitive people can heal without formally learning a system.However,I think its important to remember that healers are channels ,of the Universal love and energy,the ego should not be involved.and also if you generate excess energy you should be able to ground it at the beginning aqnd end of each session.Visualizing a cord from your tail bone to the center of the earth and touching the earth are some ways to do it.

    Also did you all notice how crowds or being even in a seminar situation feels. I cant sit still with a group of people for very long.Have to isolate myself and go out in the fresh air or washroom for a walk.Used to think im claustrophobic but now I think it comes from being empathetic.

    serious and archer's bow,ive thought about how having a physical relationship with energy vampires drains one at a very deep level. Isometimes used to feel psychically invaded.dont know if this is an awkward topic:(I am trying to work on my issues and learn why Im attracted to and attract aggressive and manipulative people!

    Ive given up on conflict sources.Am working on myself to be able to handle such people and still be able to love everyone without expectation.Its too much some times:)

  • suramya, I can feel myself contract in group settings. Very uncomfortable. And I remember when I was on stage, waiting for music that I felt a tremor through my whole body. I could have sworn that the audience could see me shaking. But once I started singing and really getting into the emotion of the song, all I felt was elation! Very important that we have a passion such as this as a release, I think... Psychic Vampires--a good name for it.

    Serious7--yes I agree that you have a gift for healing. Also yours is not a "crazy mix". Do you know that you are more balanced because of these different energies? Embrace who you are and embrace your gifts(I say this because this is what I've struggled with!).

    Blubi--I'm curious as to the energy WE put out. Does that energy create a disturbance in others? Sometimes I feel like the wave that somehow creates a Tsunami.

  • Well I too am trying to live and learn with my empathic nature. I'm a Cancer sun, Cancer Moon and Scorpio Rising. Ironic how most of us are water signs.

    Absorbing people's emotions is one thing, you seem to be able to go away from that idividual. I've identified that I feel others when they are not around as well. Grounding and clearing practices must be maintained in order to stay healthy. I've found when I don't and think "oh I don't have time today" I do worse. I too work with crystals and have experienced their aid.

    But what I'm also sensitive to is the planets, I can't seem to avoid them and haven't figured what triggers except for the moon. And lately, for the past several months have felt unusually aggressive. I felt as though I wanted to stick my foot up someone's a**, for no reason at all. I couldn't understand why, until I discovered that Mars has been in the sign of Cancer for since the aggressions started. Although I can't prove a link between my mood and the planet in my sign, that is what I've observed of myself and what I know of myself.

  • Oh my, Cancer ascendant here, crabbylove (lol, like your un). I've recently stuck my foot in "it", that I know and when that happens I suffer the consequences big time. All you can do is try to make amends and make a note to yourself. I laughed out loud when I read "stick my foot up someone's ***". I was reminded of the character in 'The '70's Show'....Hmm, I wonder if mood changes aren't just picking up other people's vibes from a distance. I know that I feel other's physical pain when they aren't close to me...

  • Crabby ive felt aggressive as well. I always find myself calm during a full moon though? The definition to me is that a Psychic vampire is someone who can drain energy. Now on some instances that person may not be aware, so it all depends are you visually giving or taking. I always try to imagine giving little waves of bright light to people, and try to avoid the negative. Which is not impossible just improbable in this day and age. It does help tp lighten the mood though just to be in good spirits. I do love feeling the dirt between my toes and find a grea release in that! Thank you all for the advice! I appreciate it alot.

    And thank you for the loving energy Archer :). Thus the empathy!

  • And for some reason it does come naturally! Always feeling a need for aid and comfort. I love being there for people, I just have to watch out for those who over use.

  • Welcome! I have to be so careful of my moods because they affect my son, who is autistic. He picks up on my vibes so readily. Thank you for that image "waves of bright light", serious. As an artist this visual seems to resonate with me very strongly.

  • Wow this has been eye opening to me. I have often wondered why I feel so drained after being in crowds of people or with someone that is very negative. I can have all the energy I could ever ask for and be feeling on top of the world and go talk with someone that is down or negative and leave feeling completely drained of all energy and feeling down meanwhile they are feeling better. I can feel great and go shopping for half an hour and have to leave because I feel totally exhausted mentally and physically. Could this be because they are taking my energy and I don't know how to reenergize myself? I love to help others and they seem to be drawn to me when they have problems. I just don't know how to keep from draining myself.

    Lately I have been getting strong "feelings" that something is about to happen to someone and a couple days later I find out something tramatic has happened. I don't know how to channel these feelings or how to grasp how to use them. I don't think it is just coincedences because it has happened to many times to many different people. The "feelings" are getting stronger especially over the past couple of years. Where can I learn more about this?

    Lots of Love, van

  • Hi van--The Captain's threads on Grounding and also Ascension I'm sure will help you. Her advice is inspired by the divine but her feet are planted in the earth. Many threads have touched on empathic topics lately. I see all these threads as interwoven and interconnected to what is happening on a personal and global level at the moment.

    It's not that people are "sucking" the energy from you (unless they are the few who feed off others emotions) as much as you as an empath feel their energies on a deep level and this is what is so draining. I have only just learned of this myself in the past week! This is why I started this thread. It was the vehicle which led me to the discovery! So I defer to others who are much more knowledgeable. Please go to these threads and stop back here as there may be more posts. Blessings.

  • archersbow>>Welcome! I have to be so careful of my moods because they affect my son, who is autistic. He picks up on my vibes so readily. Thank you for that image "waves of bright light", serious. As an artist this visual seems to resonate with me very strongly

    Sandran712>>I am the same way.My son is autistic.He cannot talk. I am Cancer Sun~ Pisces Moon~ Cancer Rising.My son is Aries Sun ~Aries Moon and Saggitarius Rising.

  • Hi Sandran712--my son also Aries Sun. He is mid-range in functioning. He can talk but has trouble communicating. If he wants something, he asks if I would like it. He is bright though. When it comes to "getting" a joke, he doesn't miss a beat and he has a great sense of humor. I think that our kids are bright but the wires are jumbled in the centers for communication. Just think of the courage it must have taken to choose to incarnate in this way.

  • archersbow>>If he wants something, he asks

    Sandran712>>Boy I wonder what that sounds like.My son cannot talk at all.Now sit and think a minute.... and picture living with a person who cannot talk for 24 years.I know I was born first of course.But,...then I wonder why I was given the gift to read someone without them talking and now I know why..I was given a gift to read a non verbal or verbal person..If I had a choice.I'd pick the non-verbal one...LOL

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