Absorbing Other People's Energies?

  • Gorgeous Taurus I have my moon in Cancer too ,and it is very painful at times:)

  • I'm so glad I found you all I've been suffering for so long I just can't stand it. Thankyou for sharing your tools for dealing with these issues

  • could you please let me know what plants i need

  • Gjay--

    Yes, I have been more sensitive. Some days it's like I've been on a ten-day drunk and wake up with a hangover. Luckily they are few. I have had to let go of certain attachments in my life as they seem to have served their purpose. I am moving on in many aspects and it's a little scary to me. I am changing. Some people around me are having a hard time accepting it. One thing I learned that hit home like a hammer on the head was learning that narcissistic personalities are drawn to empaths. Where they feel no emotion, they feed on the emotion of an empath. The result is toxicity in the extreme. I have recently been through a relationship with someone with this personality disorder and it was like being sucked dry. Learning about this was one of those "Ah-ha!" moments. I'm thankful that I was led here and to all of those who enlightened me to who I am. So supremely grateful...

  • Yes...this is also my journey I just need to deal with the transitioning I been on the relentless treadmill/cycle of allowing these old relationships back in out of lonelyness

  • This is great stuff!

    I am just discovering my empathic abilities, so this topic is very timely for me.

    I was reading an earlier post that stated it could take years to get past negative energy. It brought up a memory for me, when I was verbally attacked by someone in 2005. It was so brutal that I lost my voice in less than 24 hours. The funny thing is that I wasn't the one who was doing the yelling!! The experience drained me so that I became physically ill, literally. But, it seemed as though my "attacker" got stronger in a sense. Although, I kept trying to be peaceable and merciful, they would not let up and the negativity got even worse. It felt really dark and I had to walk away from the person...

    Point is, for three years the bitter words that were spoken to me would periodically re-emerge. I would have to fight it consistently. But, I did find that once I had truly forgiven, it lessened. Now I can talk about it without getting so upset.

    The experience has made me wiser and more selective about who I allow in my space (and life). I also am more mindful of what I am thinking at all times. I am Cancer, Aries moon (another psychic sign). I am highly sensitive and intuitive. I learned a valuable lesson about trusting my instincts, especially if someone's energy doesn't feel right.

  • Archersbow...I just read your post after submitting mine.

    Wow...the person who verbally attacked me has a personality disorder (undiagnosed). I wondered about the connection between my losing my voice and their yelling. It made no sense at first (in the natural). So thanks for sharing...you've given me an "Ah-ha moment"!

  • Archersbow,

    the 10 day drunk is so funny, I know exactly what you mean, can't count the times I've woke up and said "man do I feel like I have a hangover!"

    I have also let go of many people in my life over the last 15yrs, it was all kind of unconscious on my part, just felt like the right thing to do, now I am much more aware which really is helping, its been amazing finding out how unconcsious I can be, I think its a coping mechanism. Now I need to work on getting rid of some stuff..yard sale time.

    Oh the narcissistic thing is a wierd one for me. I know we all have narcissistic traits, but my husband's family tends to show very little emotion, has the elitist behavior, etc..which is all fine, but my husband is the one I wonder about every now and then with a bit of trepidation. He is this wonderful, smart, funny guy...but there's that lack of emotion at certain wierd times, and all of my emotion kind of thing. I don't normally give it a thought until I hear the word narcissistic...then some little alert goes off....hmmmm I definitly know exactly what sucked dry feels like, I'm just not sure yet how it happened, so still have much work to do 🙂

    So thanks so much for this, its helping so much to hear everyone, knowing I'm not crazy (well kinda, but the good kind) and the tools are so great, I feel so much better already having only done them a few times, but am grounding, running energy, and shielding so much better now after visiting the ascension and grounding threads. I just feel so blessed to have found forum, its so cool. xoxo 🙂

  • thanks to the great people on this site , its not as bad of a problem for me now as it was before.

    the advice they gave has helped a lot but just them explaining what was going on with me has helped the most i think.. i am more careful and put up the shield as needed when i remember if im going to be around these neg people. being winter time has helped and the realestate business is very slow, i stay home more.

  • leoscorpion--

    Oh thank you so much for posting that! You know some time ago I went into a shop and bought some white sage because I was moving into a new place and wanted to cleanse it because of the last place I lived in. I haven't as yet because it feels so peaceful here and the cat loves it(good sign). But now I know what I need to do. Thank you for all the suggestions!


    The last two days I have been bothered with a terrible pain in the left side of my neck. I just woke up with it. I now found out that it was because my mother has pain in the same place. I have often felt another's physical symptoms, even my daughter's labor...Yes, that could be the culprit--you were rendered speechless, no? When the person attacked you? Maybe when you're by yourself you could have a conversation with the attacker and verbalize what you feel. Shout back. I think that would help to lesson that person's "power". I use parenthesis because abusers are just little children inside. Picture them as a kitten with a lion's roar.

  • Sapling--

    I hear you. I almost let someone back in who is not goof for me. So glad I resisted the urge to merge out of lonliness. Strength!!

  • Thanks for the advice, Archersbow...that's sweet of you!

    I am over it now. It's been five years this year. I am not a yeller, although at times I wish I were. I release energy through "vigorous" exercise and creative endeavors, as a natural "alternative" to expressing my Aries (fire/ moon) energy. I like to say that my Cancer (water/ sun) energy puts out the fire 🙂

  • Oh my God sapling,archer's bow,atirro 42...I can so relate to all that you say..this is an Aha moment for me!

    Sapling,handling any plant and nurturing any life feels good!

    Atirro42,I am ALWAYS struck speechless when an aggressive person shouts at me.Whenever ive shouted back i get so furious i make myself very sick.I will try the visualization suggested by archer's bow.blowing into a quartz crystal helps.as does understanding why we fall for narcissists ,why we give away our power to those who abuse us emotionally and suck us dry.Baybena ,on another thread showed me the relevance of childhood patterns with parents,in understanding ourselves.Archer's bow I used to absorb others pain too till i learnt Reiki.It helped me channel energy.

    Its feels good to share w all of you!

    Love and Light

  • suramya--please direct me to resources concerning Reiki. I have heard of this but would like to delve into the topic. Thank you! Blessings.

  • Suramya - I feel you!

    I would be interested in learning about Reiki, also. I am going to research it. Thanks!

  • I just found another interesting thread that has set me rethinking.Its called 'on protection'a nd its by the captain,in this forum.

    Reiki resources are everywhere but because it requires attunement,you have to learn it from a reiki master,in person.Without receiving attunement,it is not possible to use reiki.So you may have to contact a reiki master in your area.

    However,this is not the only method of healing available.Yoga,meditation and alternative healing techniques,even good old exercise...all are helpful.

    all the best Archer's bow and atirro42!

  • I used to absorb other peoples pain and thoughts - but have become cleansed and strengthened by receiving the "latihan"-force. The energy that I have received after becoming a subud person. It is healing. Even without doing anything. The service is there all the time (the healing service). The healing has changed me into a new person. Noone bothers me anymore. With that I mean that other peoples energies dont bother me anymore. If I do feel bothered by someone, I just move away from that person, since it would then be a disturbance for my inner peace and block my healing. I love the healing.

  • Thank you, suramya. I will definately look into this. Yes, I read Captain's "On Protection" post. It makes sense that fixating on negative energy would serve to feed or increase it's power. Like attracts like. One of the universal laws. On the opposite spectrum, I also think that which we deny will serve to grow tenfold if we don't confront it and allow the energy to be translated into something positive. Concerning exercise--so true. I have a tendency to become nervous without it and often go on a "walkabout" to clear these energies. Or dance! Or Tai Chi, which combines movement and meditation. Best to you also, s.!

  • Man, so Much good advice on here! It makes alot of sense!

    I can definatly relate for it taking years to recuperate. And letting go is the best but not the easiest thing to do. Everytime im in nature I feel regenerized, its amazing. I never realised how much i effect people sometimes. If im in a bad mood, it resinates emensly. If im in a good mood everyone around me is in one. Everything yall have described sounds just like expierences have been through. There are time when i can feel pain from others, and imagine taking their pain away, and miraculously poof! The last relationship I was in I think is waht put me over the edge for the last year! I put so much into it, but all my energies went out of wack. I always felt drained! Always. Have any of you been able to heal wih your hands? Kind of feel heat, and imagine the pain gone while in contact? I understand that would be reiki but Ive never been Attuned myself. Also on the personlity disorder thing, Sometimes dont you feel that way? Especially in a group of people, with all the feelings and energies going around? But once you get away its like a huge sigh of relief, but just drained. Thanks for the advice , see I was born on june 20th, im a cusper. I always forget whats in there, gemini,cancer, sag, capricorn, and I think aquarius? something else. leo.


  • Any advice for that crazy mix?

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