Absorbing Other People's Energies?

  • There has been discussion on another thread on the topic of solitude. I require a certain

    amount of time to myself. It may be because I write or because when I'm around other

    people, it's hard not to absorb their energy--which is great if what they're giving off is positive, not so great if it's negative.

    Can anyone else relate?

  • I am an empath like you. It is hard at times. I am especially vulnerable in crowds so I avoid them if possible.

  • Over the past 20 years I've worked in offices with some of the most negative people. I tried to steer clear of them but it seems they would seek me out. I thought at first that I was giving off negative energy but essentially it was my empathy that seemed to draw them. I've always tried to look on the bright side and give positive responses. I do think that being in certain negative environments can be such a drain especially on those who are more empathetic.

    I didn't know there was a word for it "empath" until now. Interesting. Should empaths avoid certain occupations such as the food service, medical or legal industries?

  • archersbow>>Can anyone else relate?

    Sandran712>>Yes..I have to avoid crowds.I can feel other people's emotions.I am a Cancer sun Pisces Moon and Cancer Rising.

  • archersbow>>people, it's hard not to absorb their energy--which is great if what they're giving off is positive, not so great if it's negative.

    Sandran712>>I can't get near the cheating Scorpio thread on the boards.Because they just suck any good energy out of me.Self Absorbing people over there.Negative energy there for me to be around.I just stay away.

  • Littlelioness, it's not certain industires that have to be avoided but certain people with negative attitudes. Unfortunately they are everywhere. But you can protect yourself with white light or by surrounding your work area with negatiivity absorbing things like crystals and plants.

  • The Captain>>absorbing things like crystals and plants.

    Sandran712>>I think it was Leoscorpion told us to use a certain color crystal for good energy.Where do you buy these crystals?

  • New Age shops or on the net. You have to cleanse/charge them yourself.

  • Thank you, all. Guess I'm lucky that I can work at home. But what about

    certain family members, lol?? It seems as though certain members

    literally suck the life out of me when I'm around them.

    Yes, crowds really bother me.

    This town is conservative and leans to

    the right. I'm thinking of moving, especially with the high-charged political

    atmosphere lately. I just feel so uncomfortable here. There is a subtle

    pressure to "conform". It's beginning to look like "Stepfordville".

    littlelioness, wow I thought I was giving off negs,


    Captain, I am just learning about crystals. I have a

    fascination for gemstones and their qualities.

    Sandran712, I also have

    Cancer Rising, but you as a triple water sign must be very sensitive to various vibes!

  • I am gemini/cancer. Very empathetic, I stay away from coruds. But ive learned to send positive energy to others, besides just taking. I forget my rising, moon signs and others. But also sometimes I tyhink I tyake on a lil to much negative from close friends or relatives and make it my own. That doesnt always help

  • This is a great topic, and bringing up some interesting memories for me. I have always required alone time my entire life, and just thought everyone did, for creativity, recharging, comunicating with the spirit world etc... However I have never really felt alone. I used to always talk to my entourage (not sure why I assume there is quite a few, I still say we, instead of me) one day walking home from school I was talking to them when a kid made fun of me for talking to myself, I thought he was the wierd one, surely he new I was talking to the spirit world, (eventually I realized not everyone talked to spirit), the kid did make me uncomfortable and I quit, in public anyway. I still don't know who is there but I'm definitly not alone, its never really ocurred to me to question who is there, just now that seems a bit wierd, so guess I'll ask for some guidance on that one, they give me guidance in dreams. I definitly get wacked out from some people, generally crowds aren't as bad for me as specific people, and the phone can just wear me out. When I was young my mom could have really awful moods, when I would walk in the house I would know before I ever seen her by the feeling and the darkness if she was having a bad time. I just assumed it was her, and anyone would be able to feel that energy. Later in life I just appreciated her for helping me be more sensitive to energy, I now realize it was me, and not every one feels other people's energy. Just recently I discovered a website describing empaths, that was an eye opener for me, it really described me well. I still need to learn more, but have been trying to get back to my energy work. Centering, grounding, running energy, clearing chakra's, shielding. For me I think the shielding is really important, and I have been feeling better. Not sure, but I think I may be getting more sensitve, seem to get wore out more often these days. I do have crystals so will get those out and start working with them . I am wondering if any of you are feeling more sensitive lately., I don't recall this toll being taken on me when I was younger. I would feel different energy, but not tired after. Thanks for posting this Archersbow, quite an important topic. 🙂

  • GJay --- This may help: http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=5125&replies=80

    In case the address disappears you might want to locate the thread Ascension, 2012 . Check out the other addressTheCaptain has posted there. I felt the same and thought it to be just getting older. I'm still turning over everything posted, but the underlying message should resonate.

  • yes-I have always felt this-being in sales I can almost feel a negative stream of thought sabotaging my delivery...I imagine a" zipper "that I pull around me to counteract and act as a force field

  • archersbow>>Sandran712, I also have

    Cancer Rising, but you as a triple water sign must be very sensitive to various vibes!

    sandran712>>I am very sensitive..Especially at feeling other people's thoughts.And I can feel people's situations on the board.and that is why I need to back off sometimes.Or I will fall into that negative category.If I start picking up off the board and then pass it to real life..I'm in trouble...lol

  • Thank you Laie4, got the site and will be poring over it, think that will give some great insight. Will look up more on ascension, yeah I started thinking it was my age or something physically wrong with me, then thankfully found some empath descriptions and lightworker I really resonate with these descriptions...it was a relief. Also seen a thread the Captain posted awhile back "feeling ungrounded", think that may be a great bit of info as well. Peace and Blessings to you Laie4 🙂

  • Hi GJay!

    Good to hear you found both of those sites!

    Peace & Joy!

  • hello all..i feel this is a great thread and perfect places for us senstive empaths to discuss trouble,solutions and ideas on how to better heal and helpt hose around us..i am a cancer moon sign and i am a huge empath and can feel people's energy without them noticing or realizing..i ve been told by scorpio GF that i need to be careful on how i take and give my energy. I was not aware of this energy and taking of ..until later in my life i am now 27 and trying to figure out how to perfectly manage and balance these gifts..blessings to all, here and yes i agree with the above posts..there is an acscension going on and our powers and gifts are coming out stronger and stronger so we can master them in time : P ...lovely time indeed

  • hi archersbow

    I'm not empath, but pretty much about cleansing and protection, here is what I do for 3 years

    I don't know about colorful gems (I think Sandran mistaken me with another Leo LOL)

    but when it comes to gems, mine I got them from ebay, it's uncut and affordable.

    all these below, work for me especially when living with other people .But to each their own. you can pick and try what suits you, until you find better ways :

    first. clean your environment

    use sage incense, lit one or two every day. take it to each room in your house, try to go around each room corner to corner. after all rooms are done, leave it by the door (one at front one at back) or you can leave one at any room you feel like it (not necessary but you can). I am told that sandalwood incense will do, if you can't find sage, but I never tried it myself or if I did, not for long and only if I'm running out of sage and waiting for more supply.

    second, clean your self from lingering negative energy. use the gems It's quartz crystal, clear (not colored). Clean them every day, with salt under running water. no need to use handful of salt, just enough amount and no need to rub the crystals aggressively. You only clean the surface, so just a quick rub will do. tap water is fine, if you can't find fresh water, it has to be running that's all. then let the crystals air dry. when they are dry, blow your breath onto each corner of the gems. this way gems will work for you. when you blow your breath, pour your lingering sadness/worry/despair/anger onto the gems. Energize the gem as often as you can. find a place where the sun light can reach it and leave it there for two hours at least. The sun, like fire, is a great transformer. it will neutralize negative energy in the crystal.

    third protect yourself at all times. visualize white/blue light around you, hold on to this visualization when communicating with people, whether by phone, email or in person. the light will return negative energy back to sender and allow positive in. this way no more negative energy can attack you, and gives you time to work on the gems to neutralize negative energy that has been lingering around you for some time. don't share your gem with others, keep it safe. don't even let them touch it. the gem will absorb negativity you pour onto it and transform it, if the other person touch it when it is working, they will be hurt.

    Four, understand the concept of energy. we all live under the same universal law. what we send out will be returned to us. we all make mistakes. what you have to do is look back to the past, make assessment about yourself, be honest about the rights or wrongs you have done to anybody including yourself. learn from them and close the door to the past. make amends when necessary or possible. we all have been wrong before and to certain point, have sent out negativities towards someone no matter how small we thought it was. the more negativities we send out the more we get them back. so we suffer from our own negativities and negativities that others send us (which the universe will send back to them, but nonetheless they do hurt us). some energy can linger for years, depends on the intensity and the frequency it is sent. start to live your life in positivity from now on. refrain from dwelling in the past, anger, sadness, jealousy, wishing bad things happen to someone, despair, regret, revenge etc. revenge belongs to the universe. you don't have to pretend or fake a smile when someone wrongs you, lies, pretentious, denials are negativity. you can however, say, 'I am human being. you don't need to do this to me' or ignore them and move on. let the universe do what it always does.

    Five, Live your life in balance. nurture your physical and psyche. with the physical, you know you can go with balanced diet and routine exercise. do the same with the psyche. the psyche is link to the universe guidance, don't ignore it. you can find free yoga./meditation videos online. or go with your beliefs. read spiritual books that interest you, they are chicken soups for the soul.

    To calm you down whenever you are nervous or hard to control your anger, get Bach Flower Rescue remedy. any homeopathy store has it. you can also calm yourself down by saying This Too shall pass, repeatedly until you regain comfort. this also works when you start feeling down and negative energy tries to drain you or someone's action makes you want to send negativity towards them.

    Use affirmations, say it any time you want, out loud or in mind. Something like "I am positive. I will stay positive. I am protected. The universe will provide me all the help I need" or make your own. This is called reprogramming you, pretty much taking you to calm state and help you focus on the work you are doing. Don't fret if you feel down or fail, stand back up and try again. The affirmations need to include the request for universe help, for the universe help is the best support we can get.

  • i pick up other people's emotions and tend to isolate too. I can feel things when i get close to someone and if they are really depressed, I wake up feeling really depressed . If they are angry, without talking to them I feel agitated. It goes as far as wearing the same colors on the same days as those I am open to without planning, to food cravings, and even dreams. The dreams are where I pick up the most energy and emotion, the ones i have that predict events that come true. I always can read people to the tee, what they are feeling and predict their next move or event. I feel for you, bc I have to avoid certain chaotic people bc I can't handle the intesity of emotion. and I can't handle their negativity. It is draining. I know I am not describing things well, But I totally relate a hundred percent.

  • This is a great thread.I am just a little empathetic but of late (since last two years),I feel these traits/qualities are more pronounced.Or maybe im just noticing my reactions more now.negativity feels like a punch in the stomach,deflates me completely.Leo Scorpions guidance has come in very useful and I practice all those things regularly now.to some extent just being aware of energy vampires helps ,but white light visualization is especially good.Nature walks and gardening and also taking care of animals(abandoned,stray) is very energising for me.The awareness of being drained by one's family came as a big shock but all awareness helps i guess.its great to read the views of everyone here!

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