Leoscorpion, need your advice, if I may.

  • ok emergence

    gonna read your post thoroughly tomorrow night LOL

    have to go have late dinner. work early tomorrow.

  • Thanks Leoscorpion 🙂

    Please take your time, no hurry.

    Enjoy dinner and have a great work day tomorrow!

  • OK Emergence

    I just got back. Here is what I see, within the period 2010 – mid 2011 :

    Your job situation is not as good, probably has been like that since mid 2009. But after mid 2011, the closer you are to 2011, you will find improvement : be it new job that suits you, same job but better pay or promotion or even better environment. I would suggest, if you are not employed or not happy with job situation, keep looking and improve your skills/talents it will be all useful after mid 2011. When it comes to money, it seems you are protected somehow, maybe you receive financial help, winning of some kind, inheritance, gain from investment (if in business), but after mid 2011 money will run out so do your best to save before this happens. It does seem family situation has been experiencing problem, it might actually started in 2009, be it health, education, social status, legal etc. You may need to be there for your family. You also need to watch for your own personal situation, be it love/work relationship, health, friendship, all areas in your life. Be in constant guard within this period. Take cautious in everything you do, even if it is only simple ordinary things.

    About Kundalini, I and someone else I have referred this meditation to, both of us have been experiencing spiritual improvement. In her case, if I remember it is psychic power. In mine, I literally experienced health renewal. I was exhausted and stressed out after work that night. I decided to try kundalini meditation for the first time. I have been doing Hatha Yoga for over 9 yrs, Kundalini yoga for over a year, but never Kundalini meditation before. So it was first try and it wasn’t perfect but I wasn’t rushing it. Now, it is said that the affect of the meditation can be felt outside meditation. And it did. I went to sleep and was awaken late at night when hubby woke up to get some midnight snacks. As soon as I woke up, I felt so much pain. I couldn’t move. It was like a cramp, but all over my body, from head to toe. I couldn’t even scream because my neck was stiff. 5 – 10 mins of that, and when it was over, the pain, headache, stiffness, a little bit of fever I had when I went to sleep – was gone. I never had that kind of cramp before all my life. Yes if I had cold shower I would have cramp, on my leg, knees, maybe. But far from all over my body.

    My friend, on the other hand, started receiving guidance. She has been telling me things that either came true, or things that I never told her. I met her online, so we never meet and she doesn’t live where I live. We have only became friends last month, actually which is also the first time we knew each other. She wasn’t much of a ‘seer’ before, in fact I was the one that kept seeing or hearing things about her. It was rare occurrence, but it happened. Now she is the one that sees and hears a lot more than I do LOL so whatever psychic powers she had before, it is increased. On top of that, she also does breathing exercise to help balance it. So I think she keeps it under good control. Kundalini is very powerful, yoga or meditation, if you don’t know how to control it, you might collapse. As far as kundalini yoga, I met my guide this way and see spirits or power animals too.

    As for now, try keep at Zen meditation. Give me a shout if you are done with Zen and want to advance with Kundalini, yoga or meditation. Better yet, start a new thread, sometimes old threads are gone from my list so I won't see it even if it's back up again. Take care.

  • HI Leoscorpion,

    Hope you had a great day at work. Thank you so much for the reading.

    You are right, job situation turned bad in mid 2009. I am a freelancer now, working from home.

    Doing well at first but not anymore since end 2008. I am not giving up though, still staying positive because I love what I do and I am putting all my effort in it.

    Wow, I was giving this setback to bounce back up in a few months but you see improvement only in 2011, that is a long way from now. Thank you for this warning. I will be very cautious and keep on doing my best.

    I feel it too that somehow I will be okay financially. No idea how because I am really broke now but I won't be in more trouble than I already am. And you confirming it too that I am protected somehow. This is giving me a great relief. I can focus more on working hard to earn money without having to worry every night and losing sleep thinking if I can pay my bills next month.

    Family and personal situation - you are right on. One problem after another. Thanks for alerting me on this. I will make sure that I am cautious and will keep my eyes open.

    To sum it all, nothing looks colorful now, really hitting rock bottom and I believe there is no other way but to bounce back up again, just not sure when. In the meantime, I am staying positive and do whatever I can to make the situation bearable.

    Kundalini meditation sounds really exciting. Also the experiences of yours and your friend from practicing it. It sure offers lots of benefit to oneself is done well. You can count on it that I will ask for your guidance in this meditation once I am done with the Zen med. Let me master this one first 🙂

    Thank you Leoscorpion for all your time. I can never repay your kindness but if you want my friendship, it is yours to take 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • you take care now emergence

    sure more friends is better

    freelance, is like a business, it takes maybe 3 - 4 yrs to finally make something

    get second job if you can, anything to keep you afloat and help you save. every little bit helps.

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